The Highlands County Tea Party remains one of the most active in the state and possibly the nation. Like many others, it began in 2009 following a February 19, 2009 rant by Rick Santelli. It happened on a CNBC broadcast from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He asked why “…more Americans don’t start their own tea parties…?”

Shortly thereafter, a group of a dozen or so residents gathered at a Sebring tavern – Beef O’Bradys – and began the Highlands Tea Party. Over the years it has been fueled by like-minded organizations such as “the Grassroots Grannies,” “The Highlands Voters League” and “Americans for Prosperity” among others.

We still meet each week, with guest speakers to inform and educate. Now, the group also is organizing with committees to re-form America in the mold set by our founders and outlined in America’s Constitution.

Our meetings are held each Tuesday evening at the Vietnam Veterans of America Center at 33565 Grand Prix Dr in
Sebring, Florida – which is behind the Wal-Mart store. Doors opens at 5:PM – Social Hour at 5:30 – Meeting begins at 6PM

  • Education is the key – This is The Tea Parties Objective!
    We are a conservative, partisan, patriotic, Constitution, GOD loving organization!
  • *We are a private party, we will ask those who create a disturbance to leave, everyone is allowed to
    make a comment on a subject but will be limited to 2 minutes, and
    must be on the subject matter that the speaker is presenting.

We appreciate donations. Although this is a volunteer organization, we have some fixed costs – ranging from the rental of the hall to the snacks served by our hospitality committee. We raise enough to give donations
periodically to charitable, youth a
nd patriotic organizations.

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