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February 20, 2018

5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Highlands County Commission Chambers
600 South 


Special Night Meeting Highlands County Board of Commissioners – Topic Phase III Sebring Parkway – Time 5:30 PM

Please plan to attend

February 27, 2018 – Col Mike McCalister – “America-One Nation Under God:” Get ready to be inspired and filled with love for our nation when you hear Col. Mike McCalister’s presentation.
March  06, 2018 – Eric Golub – Political Humorist. Return visit, Eric has spoken here 4 times in the past years.
March 13, 2018 – Gabriel Aviles – Christians United for Israel
March 27, 2018 – OPEN MEETING – Laurie Cardoza Moore had to reschedule Looking at a potential April date
April   03, 2018 – Alex Newman – Subject: Update on the Deep State;  You heard Alex before , Believe me, you do not want to
miss this!



Thanks to Terry Daniels for assisting all day at the Vero Beach Gun Show, we had a great day of ticket sales.
Show this weekend at the Avon Park Armory, we really need some help

It is hard to sell ticket with just one person, someone needs to hand
out the tickets, make change etc, while the other person confronts
potentialbuyers as they come in the door.

Ladies can help also

Current volunteer:
Saturday Morning – Bob Gilmore
Saturday Morning – Bob Wheeler
Saturday Afternoon – John Nelson

Sunday Morning – John Nelson 

Sunday Morning – Ray
Sunday Morning – Bill Rees
Sunday Afternoon – John Nelson

·  We have a busy active schedule, let see if we can get our
neighbors to come to our  meetings, Learn what’s going
on in your Federal, State & Local government! 

·   Please let myself or Bob know if you or any member is going
in for surgery, or has other issues we should put in our prayers.. 

TICKETS $5.00 Each
Only 800 Tickets printed by Vista Prints

Sponsored by Boom Booms Guns & ammo

PRIZE: M1 Carbine, Cal. 30, Semi- Automatic
W/Sling, 2 -30 Rd Clips,
2 Boxes Ammo,& Carry case
Carried by many veterans up to Vietnam War,
a much wanted prize by many veterans.
VALUE $475.00 Manufactured by Iver Johnson 

In Service from 1942- 1973 – (U.S.)
WWII, Korean War, Vietnam

{do not need to be present to win)

ONLY $5.00

Available at all meeting, Boom Booms Guns & Ammo
Contact: John Nelson – Chairman
(H) 863-385-8274
(C) 303-517-6395

We plan to attend 2 gun shows between now and drawing March 13, 2018:

Great American Avon Park Gun Show
Date  Feb 17th – 18th, 2018
Avon Park, FL
National Guard Armory U.S 27
Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Patriot Productions
March 10-11
Highlands County Fair grounds

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Obama & His Progressive Left Responsible For Mass Shootings – Not Guns

The latest mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed and over 12 were injured is yet another addition to the increasing incidences of violence and murder in the United States.
This latest shooting by a former student, Nikolas Cruz was not unique in any way since the shooter followed almost every detail of previous shooting incidents since the Aurora, Colorado Theater Massacre in 2012, from weapons used to the way it was carried out.
Cruz effectuated this terrorist attack while dressed in attire covering his face, reminiscent of what every ANTIFA member wears when they act out their violence.
Of course, we have the Socialists in Washington immediately calling for gun control, mostly in an attempt to look as if they want to stop this kind of violence, when, in fact, every single one of them knows that gun control will do absolutely nothing in curbing this type of behavior.
The reason we have these mass shootings in America isn’t that we have too many people with guns, but primarily due to the mindset of many young people in our country who have become literally detached from reality.   This mental condition is due to several factors from Progressive politics to an ever-increasing population of people who spend most of their time either on the internet, gaming, or both.
Leftist politics plays a large part in influencing the minds of such people.
The frame of mind which causes a person to commit such acts of violence has been concreted into the psyche of many in the US, especially during the Obama presidency. Under Obama rule, we saw a drastic increase in mass murder over any previous Administration. 
During the Reagan Administration, 1981 to 1989 there were 11 mass shootings, George H W Bush, 1989 to 93, 12 incidents, Clinton Administration from 1993 to 01, 23, George W Bush, 2001 to 09, 20, and under Obama, 2009 to 15, there were 162 incidents of mass killings, more than all the presidents combined before him. This, in itself, shows us it is the psyche developed by many via the NWO, neo-Nazi, progressive idealism instilled in the minds of many during the Obama reign.
READ MORE  Warning Went Unheeded, Again! Tragedy in Florida: A Letter from a Student…
Under Obama rule, mental confusion was deliberately sent out to the people of the US in many forms. Barack Obama and Progressives in Washington have managed to confuse many as to what restroom to use, what gender they may be, and even criminalizing certain races such as Caucasians by tagging them as offspring to slave owners and being one of the major blocks to his NWO agenda.
Progressives in Washington, many Republicans as well as Democrats, shared Obama’s vision to flood the US with over a million Muslim refugees whose ideology is 180 degrees from every Americans’ way of life. With Obama’s planned Muslim invasion, we witnessed pedophilia being the norm since most of them push for sex and forced marriage between adult men and children, some as young as 8 years old, Sharia Law in America, the abuse, and killing of dogs and domestic animals many of us cherish here in the US, American citizens being considered as infidels, the physical and mental abuse of women which is a normal occurrence in the daily lives of Muslims, and many more unacceptable traditions to most Americans.
Aside from the Muslim invasion, we have the invasion of millions of illegals, mainly from points south of the Mexican border who Obama not only encouraged to come here, but actually helped bus and fly hundreds of thousands into the US via the DHS. Currently, we have so many illegal aliens that were brought here during that time, we still have over a hundred thousand of them still living on various military bases scattered throughout the country because there is simply no room for them in our society.
READ MORE  PSYCH DRUG SHOOTERS: Florida school shooter “was on medication,” reports Miami Herald, just like nearly all other mass shooters
More confusion and moral decay were introduced to America by Obama in the attempt to redefine marriage as anything between a man and a woman. Now, apparently, many are even confused as to what gender they may be, or even going as far as introducing confusion by marking birth certificates and driver’s license as gender neutral in some states.
Over the past decade, we have millions of mostly younger people spending all day playing negative electronic games that glorify murder and various criminal activity, not to mention the anti-American propaganda all are subjected to via the media and Hollywood on a daily basis.
Barack Obama has literally destroyed the moral fiber of this country by demeaning traditional Christian values and Christianity as a whole in every aspect. In many of his speeches, we were subjected to the bashing of Christianity and the deliberate humiliation of Christian Americans.
What Obama and so-called Progressives still in power in Washington have really done is remove any moral barrier that would prevent anyone from carrying out acts of violence. Today, we witness groups like BLM and ANTIFA commit acts of violence on a daily basis.  Yet, according to the Left, it is necessary violence. What they neglect to mention is it is only necessary for trying to subvert those who believe in the US as a sovereign independent country.
Since Christian values have been demonized by these criminals, many no longer have any moral guidelines differentiating wrong from right. No longer is there a defined line that would hold one back from committing acts of violence.
READ MORE  Seriously, : Left-wing journalist says ABORTION is the answer to making sure babies don’t grow up to be school shooters
There is also the discipline factor that is sorely lacking in today’s younger people. Unlike previous generations who were taught discipline, today’s young people have absolutely none at all. In the time before Obama’s destruction of America, young people learned discipline with a stint in military service, at school, in Church, and more importantly, via parents. However, all of these factors are absent in today’s society, leaving many teens and young adults with no moral direction, and above all, an overall feeling of confusion and self-loathing.
Thus, it isn’t guns or weapons that are the cause of increasing violence in the USA today, but the lack of direction, discipline, and moral values that is responsible, and we have only the Progressive Left to blame for the decay.
Courtesy of Freedom Outpost
Tony Elliott is an established writer with articles in over 20 publications. He was a Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003. He was also a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990’s. BOOKS: Aura Visions: The Origin ProphecyEnviroclowns: The Climate Change CircusStrange Sounds: A Research Report


is a shooting, the Left proposes gun control;
but when someone is raped or murdered by
an illegal alien, the same people NEVER
demand border control.






  Yesterday we had breaking news about the Russian plane crash that happened 50 miles outside of Moscow right after takeoff and that killed 71 people on board including three people linked to Uranium One, Loop Capital and the fake Russian Dossier.
Since this story is so big, I wanted to be sure we covered this for you so you can follow along with what’s going on here.
Witnesses to the incident said they heard a loud boom right before seeing the plane in the air, with flames – crashing into a field just outside of town. The pattern of debris was widespread indicating the plane was blown up either from inside or possibly from the ground. The pilot obviously had no idea this would happen since there was no distress call meaning there was nothing alarming at the time of the explosion.
When Fox News reported on this, they left out some of the pertinent information such as who was onboard that plane. We have the passenger list right here and I will leave a link below to the PDF so you can see it.
It is a tragedy that the Deep State operatives and globalists in our government, working with other crooks around the world who are just as evil, decided the lives of these passengers were of no value and murdering them was imperative to cover their crimes.
The first was IvanOFF ANA-TOL-O-VICH who is the CFO of Rosatom Overseas – the Russian company involved in Uranium One mining. Some people who don’t understand the structure of big companies are unaware there can be more than one Chief Financial Officer of a company. Anotolovich was the CFO of the overseas division of Rosatom.
He would have had knowledge about the financial aspects of the Uranium One deal made with Crooked Hillary and Traitor 44 which is why this is significant and looks as if, since the release of the Nunes Memo, the Democrats and the Deep State are looking to cover their tracks.
Them there was another passenger, Ser-gay Pan-CHEN-ko was also murdered. He was the Russian intelligence operative connected to Uranium One and was “Source D” providing fake information for the dossier created by Christopher Steel which provided false information in order to get a FISA warrant on Carter Page, a volunteer for the Trump Campaign in 2016.
PAN-CHEN-CO also went by Millian Pan-CHEN-co and Ser-gay Millian. An article dated March 29, 2017 in the Wall Street Journal says he was the head of a Russian American Business Group and the source of the Fake Russian Dossier.
You have to remember, the Wall Street Journal is a liberal publication. They are not friendly to President Trump’s Administration and back in March last year, they were publishing this article on the Fake Russian Dossier and yet, even today, the lunatic left is still pushing Russia, Russia, Russia when it’s really Democrats, Democrats, Democrats.
Then there was Igor Gromov from Chicago, who was a Russian and an attorney linked to Loop Capital which appears to be the company used by many Democrats and the Deep State money laundering operation also linked to sex trafficking, MS 13 and Amalgamated Bank which is linked to the company providing G-4-S- security for the Miami Nightclub and the 34 B J Union which oversaw the Time Disposal Trash Company that caused the train crash carrying the Intelligence committee members to their annual retreat as well as the Hospital where Scalia and Seth Rich were transported for treatment.
Traitor 44, the Clintons, Russians and mobsters. This is per a Q Anon post which includes the public records of Gromov’s career and then there are many posts on Anon boards linking all of this together.
This does not appear to be a coincidence. It appears to be a hit job where 71 people died as a result of information 3 people had on Deep State operatives in the government. This is a global issue people.
After the release of the Nunes Memo, the 13 thousand sealed indictments and the subsequent arrests that have been made, this horrific action taken by the Deep State to silence people and send messages to others is unacceptable.
However, this will get much worse before it gets better.
As I’ve repeatedly stated, these events are not only false flags which are meant to distract us from the Democrats and the Deep State criminals, they are also meant as silencing factors.
According to Qanon – who – regardless of the thoughts of others – is very accurate – Gitmo is full and the second prison is being used now which we believe could be on Diego Garcia, another military base with high level security.
Thanks to some of the viewers last night on the live show, we are able to decipher some of the messages we’re getting from the Anon boards.
At this point, it’s important to remember, you’re not going to see Jeff Sessions come out and be flamboyant about his work. He’s not going to be tipping off the criminals. Mueller is on Trump’s side and isn’t investigating any Russian collusion. Mueller is in the spot where he must cooperate or face the consequences of his support of the Deep State and as he is able to see what’s really going on, he knows his fate would not be a good one.
Trey Gowdy is going back to being a Federal Prosecutor which is very helpful to the Trump Administration and the prosecution of key players in the destruction and corruption of past administrations such as Traitor44’s 8 years of total denial of the Constitution and what the United States stands for.
These people who are exposing this crime are in grave danger. President Trump, Devin Nunes, Jeff Sessions, Trey Gowdy, even Mueller himself are in the same kind of danger as this Russian plane that was blown up yesterday.
This is serious folks and it’s time to understand what’s going on here. These people have no issue murdering innocent people to cover themselves and their tracks. We’re in danger every day when we speak the truth, but it’s necessary as is our vigilance in the efforts to bring these crooks to justice and protect Americans and our country.


Trump Administration Just Made Final Decision on Transgender Student Bathrooms

By Caterine DeCicco
February 13, 2018 at 3:55pm

The Department of Education announced Monday it will no longer be investigating complaints made by transgender students regarding being banned from school bathrooms matching their gender identity.  Those students allege that the decision leaves them vulnerable to violence and bullying, according to The Washington Post.
In 2016, the Obama administration issued a directive calling on public schools to permit students to use the restroom facilities corresponding to their gender identities, rather than their sex assigned at birth.   The administration had determined that prohibiting transgender students from using public school restrooms of their choice was a form of gender discrimination under Title IX.
But in 2017, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions revoked this guidance, not long after President Donald Trump was inaugurated.
Although the Trump administration’s move was widely criticized by civil rights groups, who claimed that such an ordinance could endanger the welfare of transgender students, DeVos asserted that the decision was being left up to states and individual school districts. DeVos and Sessions argued that Title IX did not require that schools allow transgender students to use whatever restrooms they want.   Supporters of the Obama-era directive say that being able to use the restroom facilities of their preference is necessary for their safety and well-being.
Still, non-transgender students and their families have asserted that such actions are an invasion of privacy.
 “Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, not gender identity,” Education Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Hill told The Post.
“Where students, including transgender students, are penalized or harassed for failing to conform to sex-based stereotypes, that is sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX. In the case of bathrooms, however, longstanding regulations provide that separating facilities on the basis of sex is not a form of discrimination prohibited by Title IX,” she added.  The newspaper pressed Hill further, questioning whether the department would actually investigate such claims.
“Where (the Office for Civil Rights) does not have jurisdiction based on current law (the Office for Civil Rights) does not investigate,” Hill replied.   The Education Department’s move has been praised by conservatives, including those at the Family Research Council  “Family Research Council is pleased that the Department of Education has now made explicit what was implicit in their withdrawal of the Obama administration guidance on transgender students a year ago,” FRC senior policy fellow Peter Sprigg said in a statement to The Western Journal.
“The federal government has no legitimate role in regulating the use of showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms in local schools, and schools remain free under Title IX to separate such facilities on the basis of biological sex at birth.”  Sprigg noted that in most of the country, local school districts are also “free to address students who identify as transgender on a case by case basis, offering them reasonable accommodation to meet their legitimate needs without violating the privacy rights of the majority of students.”
 But others have criticized the Education Department’s action.
For example, Catherine Lhamon, head of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights under former President Barack Obama, called the department’s statement “appalling and deeply dangerous,” according to The Post.  “The federal courts have multiple times made clear that Title IX protects transgender students,” Lhamon said. “They just don’t have the option to say, ‘We just don’t apply the law here.’”
Despite Lhamon’s criticisms, DeVos has continued to insist that her department will not overlook bullying or harassment of transgender students in public schools.
 “Please note that the withdrawal of these guidance documents does not leave students without protections from discrimination, bullying or harassment,” DeVos wrote last year after rescinding the Obama-era directive. “All schools must ensure that all students, including LGBT students, are able to learn and thrive in a safe environment.”
The school bathroom debate, meanwhile, is part of a larger national debate over transgender rights in public restrooms and changing areas.
A 2016 article from Time magazine noted that even in the most liberal areas of the country, many people have concerns about the implications of allowing transgender individuals use the restroom of their preference.  In May of that year, members of a girl’s swimming team in Manhattan were too frightened to use their changing facility, after a “bearded individual” was seen in the women’s changing room. This incident occurred around the time that a new sign appeared announcing that visitors had the right to use the restroom consistent with their “gender identity or gender expression.”



Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmailThe goals of Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) include promoting proper legal immigration; enforcing existing immigration laws; strengthening our borders; building a wall on the  border between the United States and Mexico; opposing amnesty; defunding sanctuary  cities; halting H-1B visa abuse; prohibiting immigration from countries with terrorist problems where applicants cannot be properly vetted; ending the Syrian refugee program; fighting human trafficking; encouraging cultural assimilation; requiring proficiency in English; and revealing the truth concerning what the Bible says about the responsibilities of the immigrant, the government, and the Christian, as fully detailed in our books entitled, “THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION” and “THE CHRISTIAN AND IMMIGRATION”.


For Immediate Release                                                                             Contact: Jessica Moore

                                                     February 9, 2018                                                                                                     202-225-5792

Rep. Tom Rooney: “Help for Florida’s Citrus Industry is on the Way!”

Washington D.C. – U.S. Representative Tom Rooney (FL-17), a senior member of the House Agriculture Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement in response to the House’s final passage of legislation that includes disaster relief funding for Florida’s victims of Hurricane Irma:

“The package we passed today fully-funds my request to help Florida farmers and growers recover from the storm, providing a total of $3.6 billion to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, $2.36 billion of which will be used to make direct payments to citrus producers who’ve suffered hurricane-related crop losses last year,” Rooney said.

“In today’s political climate, any bipartisan breakthrough in Washington constitutes a miracle,” Rooney said. “I am glad Congress was able to put politics and partisanship aside and finally deliver a long-awaited lifeline to Florida’s iconic citrus industry. It is so easy for some to forget that five months ago Hurricane Irma decimated Florida’s Heartland. While many were able to resume daily life quickly after the storm, the situation facing Florida’s citrus industry has only grown grimmer.”

“I want to thank Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam for all his hard work in both Florida and Washington to shepherd this relief to our growers. I especially want to thank Congressman Dennis Ross for standing with our growers over the last five months and for remaining resilient in his efforts until this relief came through. The citrus industry plays such an important role to our economy and communities across the state. Today is a great day for Florida.”


2160 Rayburn House Office Building · Washington, D.C. · 20515

Phone: (202) 225-5792 · www.rooney.house.gov

This Week in the Office of Senator Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio - U.S. Senator for Florida E-Newsletter

This Week in the Office of Senator Marco Rubio

After months of advocating, and through my work on the Senate Appropriations Committee I secured disaster relief funding for Florida and Puerto Rico in the disaster supplemental bill, which was signed into law by the president today. Read my statement here. Watch my remarks on the Senate floor here.

On Fox News’ America’s Newsroom I discussed paid family leave, immigration, and the stock market.

I had a productive conversation with Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Senator Nelson about ensuring public safety after recent Brightline train accidents by implementing education initiatives and safety measures.

I met with former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, and discussed the importance of restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity amid Vladimir Putin’s illegal annexation of Crimea and the protracted conflict in eastern Ukraine.

In Case You Missed It…

“Rubio asks feds to crack down on Florida sober homes, drug rehabs” (NBC,2/6/2018)

“Marco Rubio touts his work on CHIP extension” (Tampa Bay Times, 2/6/2018)

“Rubio: Florida schools should end Chinese-funded education partnerships”(Politico, 2/5/2018)

“Ivanka, Rubio find a new project: Paid family leave” (Politico, 2/4/2018)

“Cotton, Rubio Intro duce Bill Banning Govt. Use of Chinese Telecom Devices”(Washington Free Beacon, 2/7/2018)

“Rubio and Nelson call for more funding to stop grasshopper sparrows from vanishing” (Miami Herald, 2/7/2018)

“Marco Rubio warns: Communist China is targeting US students” (Washington Examiner, 2/5/2018)

“Marco Rubio’s eye falls on a parental-leave solution” (Washington Examiner,2/6/2018)

“Rubio Takes Up Conservative Paid-Leave Plan” (National Review, 2/6/2018)

“Rubio asks Florida colleges to end deals with Confucius Institutes” (Florida Times Union, 2/6/2018)

“Rubio: USF should end ties with Chinese-run Confucius Institute” (Tampa Bay Times,2/5/2018)

“Sen. Marco Rubio warns China is targeting US university students” (WEAR,2/5/2018)

“GOP Critics Press Trump to Withdraw Nominee For Colombia Ambassadorship”(Washington Free Beacon, 2/7/2018)

“Republican senator presses Labor Dept on joint employment, contractor policies”(Reuters, 2/6/2018)

“El Senado federal deja para mañana votación sobre el presupuesto” (El Nuevo Dia,2/8/2018)

Bills introduced this week…

  • Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) and I introduced the Defending U.S. Government Communications Act, legislation that would prohibit the United States government from purchasing or leasing telecommunications equipment and/or services from Huawei, ZTE, or any subsidiaries or affiliates.
  • Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and I introduced a Senate Resolution calling for the immediate extradition or rendering to the United States of convicted felons Joanne Chesimard, William Morales, and all other fugitives from justice who are receiving safe harbor in Cuba in order to escape prosecution or confinement for criminal offenses committed in the United States.

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guyana2018 Mission Trip


Published on Feb 6, 2018

Mission trip taken in January, 2018 by Mr Ben Yantis For more information contact Mr. Yantis .

Congress shouldn’t enact immigration legislation rewarding law breaking or provides benefits and preferential treatment to illegal aliens ahead of legal immigrants.

Immigration Legislation Should Stress Border
Security and Enforcement, Not
Incentivize Bad Behavior

an 30th, 2018
Hans A. von Spakovsky

Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow  Hans von Spakovsky is an authority on a wide range of issues – including civil rights, civil justice, the First Amendment, immigration.
President Donald Trump’s immigration framework includes some key conservative reforms, as well as legalization and a path to citizenship for DACA recipients.stellalevi/Getty Image


Trump is the first president in decades with the political courage to take a needed stand on our illegal immigration problem.  Currently, almost a million unenforced deportation orders have piled up at the Department of Homeland Security. Congress shouldn’t enact immigration legislation rewarding law breaking or provides benefits and preferential treatment to illegal aliens ahead of legal immigrants.

At his direction, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security have resumed enforcement of our immigration laws. They are going after sanctuary cities that harbor criminal aliens; stepping up removals of illegal aliens; hiring more border agents and immigration judges; intensifying security efforts along the border; ending the unconstitutional DACA program; and restricting the entry of aliens from terrorist safe havens who pose a danger to our national security.

In other words, Trump is faithfully executing the law as written. He is the first president in decades with the political courage to take a needed stand on our illegal immigration problem.  That said, the immigration framework released by the White House last week raises a number of serious questions. For example, the proposed deal would provide amnesty and citizenship to nearly 2 million illegal aliens (and probably more), as well as citizenship to another 4 million aliens who aren’t even in the country yet.

Much to Like in Immigration Framework

Yet there is much good in the framework, too. The president wants a $25 billion “trust fund” for “the border wall system, ports of entry/exit, and northern border improvements and enhancements.”

Although the idea of a “trust fund” sounds good, there really isn’t such a thing under federal law. The only acceptable way of ensuring the funding for enhanced border security that Trump wants (and the country needs) is if Congress provides an immediate appropriation—not just an authorization for future funds—of $25 billion.  If funding is what the White House wants, then that is what it should demand from Congress: an appropriation. And that appropriation needs to also include funds for interior enforcement, not just border security.

The president also wants “hiring and pay reforms to ensure the recruitment and retention of critically-needed personnel,” as well as changes in immigration courts “to improve efficiency and prevent fraud and abuse.” This, too, has policy merit.  He wants to “ensure the prompt removal of illegal border-crossers” and “criminal aliens, gang members, violent offenders, and aggravated felons.” That makes sense.

But to add teeth to that, the White House should insist on legislation that empowers immigration judges to enforce their own removal orders, with the assistance of U.S. marshals. Currently, almost a million unenforced deportation orders have piled up at the Department of Homeland Security.

Lacking in Some Key Areas

One crucial element missing from this framework is something the president himself has talked about: making E-Verify mandatory for employers.  E-Verify is the secure, online federal system employers can use to make sure the workers they hire are citizens or at least legally entitled to work in the U.S. That, along with increased prosecutions of employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens, is required to decrease the employment prospects that attract so many illegals and keep them here.  If the ability to work illegally in the United States dries up, thus depriving illegal aliens from sending money back to their relatives in another country, we will see large numbers of illegal aliens self-deporting.   Mandatory E-Verify and employer prosecutions is an essential element of a successful immigration enforcement system.

Even more problematic is the framework’s deal for the so-called “Dreamers.”

Until now, the discussion has centered on what to do about the 690,000 beneficiaries under President Barack Obama’s unilateral Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Trump quite properly announced that he was ending this unconstitutional executive action.  DACA covers those who supposedly entered the United States illegally before their 16th birthday in 2012. Many of them lack basic English language skills and educational requirements to be successful members of society. Yet those fundamental requirements were routinely waived by the Obama administration.

More Generous Than DACA

But the proposed framework goes further than dealing with DACA. It offers amnesty and a 10 to 12-year path to citizenship to over a million more illegal aliens.  The framework would expand eligibility from DACA to “a total population of approximately 1.8 million” aliens. That means that Homeland Security resources dedicated to trying to process the applications of legal immigrants—those who have followed our rules and not come here illegally—would be stretched even further to process a million illegal aliens.

Keep in mind that the background and criminal histories of the vast majority of current DACA beneficiaries were never vetted by the Obama administration. Just as with the 1986 amnesty deal in the Reagan era, this amnesty deal would act as a magnet to attract even more illegal aliens into the country.  The framework wants to put an end to extended chain migration (which the left now calls “family migration”), so only spouses and minor children can be sponsored by citizens.

That’s something that must be done, but this new rule will be applied only prospectively, not retroactively. It means that, while aliens who become citizens after the new rule becomes effective would not be able to sponsor citizenship for members of their extended families, chain migration would not actually end for at least a decade, since at least 4 million aliens are already on the sponsorship waiting list.  Additionally, the diversity visa lottery program—which disregards the education or skills of immigrants or whether they have any family or economic ties to the country—would be eliminated. Those visas would be reallocated “to reduce the family-based ‘backlog’ and high-skilled employment ‘backlog.’”

No Deal Is Forever

Keep in mind this most important fact: Even if the president gets everything he wants in this framework, it may not last. As soon as control of Congress changes, lawmakers can revive the diversity visa lottery program, reinstate extended chain migration, and impose new rules on Homeland Security that restrict its ability to detain and remove illegal aliens.  In other words, Congress could reverse almost everything it has supposedly agreed to do with one exception. Amnesty and citizenship, once given, are virtually impossible to revoke.

Congress should not enact immigration legislation that rewards law breaking, incentivizes illegal behavior, or provides benefits and preferential treatment to illegal aliens ahead of legal immigrants.  A good deal would feature a sustained period of increased border security and interior enforcement, which in turn would result in a significant decrease in the flow of illegal aliens into the county and substantial reductions in the number of illegal aliens inside the country.

Once that is accomplished—and only then—should we even consider what to do about those illegals who remain in the country.

This piece originally appeared in the Daily Signal

Report: Booming Foreign-Born Population Handing Over Electoral Dominance to Democrats

Foreign-born populations

House Democrats are dominating in districts across the United States that are heavily populated with foreign-born residents, a new report reveals.

An analysis by Axios’s Chris Canipe and Andrew Witherspoon shows the overwhelming trend of foreign-born populations voting Democrats into office over Republicans.
For example, in New York’s 15th District, the region goes strongly to Democrats, with a foreign-born population that is near almost 40 percent. Likewise, California’s 34th District, which has a foreign-born population of 46.5 percent, is a Democrat stronghold.

The chart’s most revealing aspect is how congressional districts with a foreign-born population larger than 20 percent swing enormously for Democrats over Republicans. The research, though, does not explain why House Districts with small foreign-born populations continue to be Democratic strongholds.
Due to the process known as “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S. with them, more than nine million foreign nationals have been imported to the country since 2005.
As Breitbart News reported, if chain migration is not ended — as President Trump has demanded — the U.S. electorate will forever be changed, with between seven to eight million new foreign-born individuals being eligible to vote because of chain migration, and overall an additional 15 million new foreign-born voters.
The chain migration importation of eight million new foreign-born voters in the next two decades would be double the size of the annual number of U.S. births; about four million American babies are born every year.http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/01/29/chain-migration-to-add-foreign-born-voting-population-double-the-size-of-annual-american-births-by-2038/ 
Chain Migration to Add Foreign-Born Voting Population Double the Size of Annual American Births by…A foreign-born voting population from chain migration will double the size of the number of annual American births.  breitbart.co
Democrats are expected to make enormous gains, politically, as University of Maryland, College Park researcher James Gimpel has found in recent years that more immigrants to the U.S. inevitably means more Democrat voters and thus, increasing electoral victories for the Democratic Party.
In 2014, Gimpel’s research concluded with three major findings:

Immigrants, particularly Hispanics and Asians, have policy preferences when it comes to the size and scope of government that are more closely aligned with progressives than with conservatives. As a result, survey data show a two-to-one party identification with Democrats over Republicans.  By increasing income inequality and adding to the low-income population (e.g. immigrants and their minor children account for one-fourth of those in poverty and one-third of the uninsured) immigration likely makes all voters more supportive of redistributive policies championed by Democrats to support disadvantaged populations.

There is evidence that immigration may cause more Republican-oriented voters to move away from areas of high immigrant settlement leaving behind a more lopsided Democrat majority.  Democrats like former San Antonio, Texas mayor Julian Castro admit that mass immigration to the U.S. will result in Democrat dominance for generations in swing states.

 The Hispanic vote in Texas will continue to increase. By 2024 Democrats can win Texas, Arizona and Florida. A big blue wall of 78 electoral votes. h
 Every year the U.S. admits more than 1.5 million foreign nationals, with the vast majority deriving from family-based chain migration, whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S. In 2016, the legal and illegal immigrant population reached a record high of 44 million. By 2023, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that the legal and illegal immigrant population of the U.S. will make up nearly 15 percent of the entire U.S. population.
Mass legal immigration to the U.S., like Koch brothers-supported free trade agreements, has come at the expense of America’s working and middle class, which has suffered from poor job growth, stagnant wages, and increased public costs to offset the importation of millions of low-skilled foreign nationals.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder. 


Trump: Dems don’t
like my border
security plans?
Fine. ‘We’ll go with
another shutdown’

By  —— Bio and ArchivesFebruary 7, 2018

Trump: Dems don't like my border security plans? Fine. 'We'll go with another shutdown'

Saying that last month’s government shutdown was a loss for Democrats is a massive understatement.  Their decision to place the wants of illegal immigrants above the needs of the American people landed like a piano falling from a skyscraper.  Schumer and Pelosi failed to successfully blame Republicans, public opinion turned against them, they got really scared, and then they folded like cheap gas station roadmap.
Since then, their position hasn’t improved.
 Their amnesty plans still aren’t popular, they’re still viewed as a political force that cares more about illegals than citizens, and they still haven’t figured out a way to sell their vision for the border. Despite that, they’re currently careening toward a replay of the spending bill shutdown, for pretty much the exact same immigration-based reasons. Will there be a last-minute deal this time? Who knows.
It appears that Republicans (or at least President Trump) are aware that Dems are on the losing side of this issue.  That’s probably why Trump is calling the left’s bluff. He’s indicated he’s more than willing to let them shut down the government – again – if they don’t start taking the matter seriously.
During a roundtable discussion of the notorious MS-13 gang, Trump said:
“We have to strengthen our borders, not by a little bit, but by a lot. We asre so far behind the times.  By the way, the world is laughing at us because they can’t believe these policies. They don’t have it – I can name 15 of ‘em right now. No other country in the world has what we have and we’re going to get it stopped.  And if we have to shut it down because the Democrats don’t want safety – and unrelated but still related, they don’t want to take care of our military – then shut it down. We’ll go with another shutdown.”
My suspicion is that, if the Dems go for another shutdown, things will end pretty much the same way they ended last time. So, you can bet they’re anxious to avoid a repeat of Schumer’s folly.  The question is “how anxious?”  Do they understand that, while many Americans are amenable to a generous DACA solution, their position isn’t viewed as anything close to a national priority?
We’ll find out later this week.

Philandering FBI Agents Blow Obama’s Cover on ObamaGate

While Page was worried that she and Lover Boy Strzok and their thousands of texts would be discovered, they had outed Obama in a saga that went all the way from “Potus (sic) wants to know” to “Inquiring Minds DEMAND to know!”


By  —— Bio and ArchivesFebruary 7, 2018

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Philandering FBI Agents Blow Obama’s Cover on ObamaGate
It’s got to be the most convincing case for Poetic Justice evah that former President Barack Obama has had his ObamaGate cover blown by two fornicating FBI agents among all the cutthroats still dog-paddling in The Swamp:
The tell-tale text proving that Obama was up to his eyebrows in the Hillary Clinton email scandal cover up comes from Lisa Page, who texted her paramour Peter Strzok about preparing talking points for then FBI Director James Comey to give to President Obama, who wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

Sabotaging their nation while on the FBI pay roll,  spying on behalf of an outgoing president and betraying their own spouses while they were at it is “everything” Page and Strzok “were doing”.   That senate investigators unearthed some 50,000 text messages between the two philandering agents proves that highly-paid FBI operatives have way too much time on their hands.   Strzok and Page were never just your average, run-of-the-mill, back bench FBI types, both were handpicked by Robert Mueller to assist in his nothing-there Russia-Trump investigation along with a team of other Clinton and Obama cronies.

“Electronic records show Peter Strzok, who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, changed Comey’s earlier draft language describing Clinton’s actions as “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” the sources said.(CNN)

How many FBI directors follow to the letter the talking points of underling agents on national security?

It wasn’t just Trump that ‘rent-a-room!”  ‘Peter Sweetums’ and ‘Lisa Babycakes’ were out to get.

“In texts previously revealed, Strzok and Page have shown their disdain for Republicans in general, as well as Trump, calling him a “f—-ing idiot,” among other insults. (Fox News)

 In their spittle-flecked name-calling, Strzok and Page were about as creative as the protesters who call Trump and Republicans the same thing when they’re screeching out on the streets.   In his passion against Virginians who voted against then FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe for a state Senate seat, Strzok couldn’t even get the plural of hillybilly right, calling them “ignorant hillbillys” (sic).

“On Election Day 2016, Page wrote, “OMG THIS IS F***ING TERRIFYING.” Strzok replied, “Omg, I am so depressed.” Later that month, on Nov. 13, 2016 Page wrote, “I bought all the president’s men. Figure I need to brush up on watergate.”   (Fox News)

“The next day, Nov. 14, 2016, Page wrote, “God, being here makes me angry. Lots of high fallutin’ national security talk. Meanwhile we have OUR task ahead of us.”  “Page’s meaning here is unclear, but Senate investigators say, coupled with Strzok’s Aug. 15 text about an “insurance policy,” further investigation is warranted to find out.

“The last text is from Page to Strzok, comes on June 23, 2017 when she wrote, “Please don’t ever text me again.”

It’s unclear whether she was mad at her friend, or if she suddenly became aware that they, and their thousands of texts, had been discovered.  Millions will go for the latter because while Page was worried that she and Lover Boy Strzok and their thousands of texts would be discovered, they had outed Obama in a saga that went all the way from “Potus wants to know” to “Inquiring Minds DEMAND to know.”
Blowhards who get to sport FBI badges that they are,  50,000 LOLs will follow agents Page and Strzok the rest of their days!


Retraction on Adam Schiff sister Marrying George Soros Son it turns out to be fake news!



George Soros son did marry a lady named Schiff, but of absolutely no relation to Adam Schiff.

Robert Daniel Soros, did marry a woman named Melissa Robin Schiff in 1992. However, a New York Times wedding announcement for the couple  indicates that her and Adam Schiff don’t have the same parents. Of course, that means she’s not Schiff’s sister. Melissa’s parents were identified as Haskel and Marlene Schiff in the announcement. Meanwhile, Adam’s parent’s are named Edward and Sherrill Ann (Glovsky) Schiff. And Adam does not have a sister, he has an older brother named Dan.

John Nelson


The report that Democrat Adam Schiff’s sister was married to George Soros’ son was a shocker but then it all made sense. The far left and the Deep State are all intertwined in an incestuous relationship. The marriage of Schiff’s sister to Soros’ son is a perfect example:
As it turns out, George Soros was instrumental in helping fund Schiff’s political career. Schiff was bankrolled by Soros organization MoveOn.org:
Breitbart News reports:
Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, was previously financially aided by the George Soros-financed MoveOn.org to win his Congressional seat.   Schiff was also awarded the Toll Fellowship, which is sponsored by the Council of State Governments, a nonprofit that monitors federal government activities and is heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations. The Open Society and Soros-funded groups have additionally supported a number of Schiff’s legislative efforts.
Schiff has been helping to lead the Democrats’ unsubstantiated charges of alleged collusion between President Donald Trump and Moscow.
Last month, Schiff delivered the opening statements at a Congressional hearing where he laid out the case for alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.  This reporter previously documented serious problems with Schiff’s charges, which include wild conspiracy theories and heavy reliance on a questionable source.
Wonder if he’s beholden to Soros now? We believe he is! Remember that Schiff has been lying and leaking since day one of Trump presidency. He believes the end justifies the means even if it’s corrupt.
THE APPLE DOESN’T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE: Soros’ son was married to Adam Schiff’s sister!



A Defense of Evangelicals Who Support Trump

by DENNIS PRAGER February 6, 2018 10:15 AM @DENNISPRAGER

And some questions for their critics.

It is usually easier for an outsider to defend a person or a group that is attacked than for the person or group to defend itself. In that vein, this Jew would like to defend Evangelicals and other Christians who support President Donald Trump. They are regularly attacked as religious hypocrites who give Christianity in general, and Evangelical Christianity in particular, a bad name.
The people writing such things are often Christians, including Evangelicals. Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist, wrote: “Whether the subject is the debauched pagan in the White House, the mall-haunted candidacy of Roy Moore or the larger question of how to engage with secular culture, there is talk of an intergenerational crisis within evangelical churches, a widening disillusionment with a Trump-endorsing old guard, a feeling that a crackup must loom ahead.”
Jared Wilson wrote on the Gospel Coalition’s website: “From the same believers who raised us to believe that standing for the truth was more important than anything, that being persecuted for your integrity was better than compromise, that morality was not relative, that ethics are not situational. And now these same teachers are wanting us to believe that a little ‘R’ by a man’s name covers a multitude of sins.”

Robert P. Jones wrote in USA Today:
“White Evangelicals . . . are, in many ways, a community grieving its losses. . . . Thinking about the white evangelical/Trump alliance as an end-of-life bargain is illuminating. It helps explain, for example, how white evangelical leaders could ignore so many problematic aspects of Trump’s character.”

Shortly before the election, Marvin Olasky and the editors wrote in World magazine: “Glorifying God by honoring His standards is worth more than political gain.” Jay Caruso, a Dallas Morning News editorial board member, wrote a column titled “Evangelical Leaders Expose Their Hypocrisy by Playing Palace Guard to Trump.”
National Review – CLICK HERE FOR REST OF STORY>>>>>

BREAKING: Trump’s Lawyers Make Recommendation On Whether He Should Meet Mueller

“The idea of putting Trump in a room with five or six hardened, very clever lawyers, all of whom are trying to trick him and trap him, would be a very, very bad idea.”

Lawyers representing President Donald Trump have reportedly advised the president against meeting with special counsel Robert Mueller for an interview under oath, a move many have cautioned is a perjury trap.
The report from The New York Times, published late on Monday, says that the president’s lawyers are concerned about his shoot-from-the-hip communication style in which he occasionally contradicts himself. Citing “four people briefed on the matter,” the Times claims that there is a friction brewing between the president and his lawyers as he is eager to speak with Mueller since he believes that he did nothing wrong. The Times notes:

But John Dowd, the longtime Washington defense lawyer hired last summer to represent Mr. Trump in the investigation, wants to rebuff an interview request, as do Mr. Dowd’s deputy, Jay Sekulow, and many West Wing advisers, according to the four people. The lawyers and aides believe the special counsel might be unwilling to subpoena the president and set off a showdown with the White House that Mr. Mueller could lose in court.

The decision on whether Trump will, in fact, sit down with Mueller for an interview is expected to be made sometime in the coming weeks.
Many others have cautioned Trump against an interview with Mueller, including Marc E. Kasowitz, Trump’s longtime personal lawyer who initially dealt with Mueller’s Russia investigation last May; former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie; and former House speaker Newt Gingrich.
“I don’t think the president of the United States, unless there are credible allegations — which I don’t believe there are — should be sitting across from a special counsel,” Christie said recently on ABC News.
“The idea of putting Trump in a room with five or six hardened, very clever lawyers, all of whom are trying to trick him and trap him, would be a very, very bad idea,” Gingrich told “Fox & Friends,” one of Trump’s favorite news programs, last month.


WATCH: RNC TROLLS Democrats In New Ad:
‘What Do You Stand For?’

We all knew that if the Republican National Committee had any brains at all, they’d cut an ad of Democrats sitting and grimacing during last week’s State of the Union address from President Donald Trump, a man Democrats loathe to their core.
Well, it’s finally here, and it’s spectacular.
On Monday, the RNC released a wonderfully troll-y ad called “Democrats: What do you stand for?” The ad shows mean-faced Democrats stubbornly sitting as President Trump speaks about American freedom, standing for the national anthem, the motto “In God We Trust,” and record low minority unemployment, among other things.
This is not a good look.
The visual of Democrats super-glued to their seats at such times underscores the reality that the party is “motivated more by hatred of Donald Trump than the best interests of the American people,” as noted by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.
Key Democratic leaders — including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland, and failed presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont — feature prominently in the ad, which culminates with an image of Pelosi checking on other Democrats who are obediently sitting looking quite stern.


American Family Association on FISA Memo

A Personal Note from Tim Wildmon - AFA President

Your efforts led to the release of the FISA memo
Monday, February 5, 2018
Recently, we sent you an AFA Action Alert, asking you to contact President Donald Trump, your representative, and senators and urge them to take the necessary steps to declassify and publicly release a four-page FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) memo to the American public.  High ranking government officials reported that a classified, four-page memo, dubbed the “FISA memo,” had been made available to every member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
The memo highlights extensive and abusive and likely illegal surveillance of private American citizens by federal government agencies. The classified memo contains details of a coordinated effort between government agencies, including the DOJ and FBI, and the Hillary Clinton political campaign against President Donald Trump, both prior to and following the presidential election.   Your actions helped get the controversial four-page FISA memo written by the majority staff of the House Intelligence Committee has been released by President Trump.
 Below is a list of some of the excerpts:
  • Anti-Trump dossier was used to obtain a warrant from the FISA court to conduct surveillance on Carter Page, an advisor to the Trump presidential campaign
  • FISA application for Carter Page cited a Yahoo News article about Trump’s 2016 visit to Russia as evidence. The story’s information came from Christopher Steele and his dossier.
  • British spy Christopher Steele, a longtime FBI source, was paid more than $160,000 by the DNC and Clinton campaign to obtain derogatory information about Donald Trump.
  • Senior DOJ and FBI officials were aware of the DNC funding behind the dossier but never disclosed that information to the FISA court
  • FBI and Fusion GPS used ‘circular reporting’ in the case to give the dossier credibility
  • FBI and DOJ would not have secured surveillance warrant without the dossier research
  • Christopher Steele admitted to a former DOJ official that he had strong feelings against then-candidate Donald Trump
  • Bruce Ohr, associate deputy attorney general, provided the FBI with Trump opposition research that came from Ohr’s wife, who was employed by Fusion GPS. The research was funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign
You can read then entire FISA memo here.
Christians hold dear America’s fundamental liberties, such as the freedom of religious expression. This freedom allows us to advance the gospel without fear of government intrusion. However, this liberty is only as secure when our government officials maintain fidelity to the rule of law enshrined in the United States Constitution.  Thank you for taking time to contact your elected officials. Americans deserve to know to what extent U.S. agencies and elected officials have abused their power and illegally and unjustly conducted surveillance on its own citizens.   If our mission resonates with you, please consider supporting our work financially with a tax-deductible donation. The easiest way to do that is through online giving. It is easy to use, and most of all, it is secure.
Thank you,
Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association




Republican agenda clouded by division

Republicans are divided over transportation, immigration and spending coming out of a retreat in West Virginia, clouding the prospect of legislative progress in 2018.

GOP leaders at the retreat focused on the accomplishments of last year more than the divisive issues in front of them as they hope to rally the rank-and-file members ahead of primary season and the November general election.

Read the full story here

John Nelson - jenkan04@gmail.com
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