Project Put Back is an effort by Highlands County teacher Jeremy Gray to put moral and Christian books on the shelves of the Highlands County schools. He started with his home school of Park Elementary, but has since branched out to other elementary schools in the system. His goal for this year is to get 1,000 volumes to put on local shelves.

Below, you will see a list of books he is looking for. He asks only for donations of books – please – NO donations of money.

Ted Dekker (Fantasy)

Lane Walker (Bakken Books) (4.6-6.0)

(DONATION25 for 25%discount)

(Anything by him

• Chaos (4.6)

C. R. Fulton (Bakken Books)

• Millie Maven Series (4.4-4.6)

Campground Kids (5 books) (4.4-4.9)

• Renegade (4.5)

Mackall, Dandi Daley (Tyndale)

Mike Nawrocki (Tyndale Pub.)

• Dead Sea Squirrels, series (3.9-5.0)

Jerry B. Jenkins( Tyndale Pub.)

Bill Myers

C S Lewis

• Chronicles of Narnia (series) (5.4-5.8)

Paul Hutchens (Moody Pub)

• The Sugar Creek Gang (Series)

Lois Wilfrid Johnson (Moody) (3.7-4.6)

(Many books by her)

Wendy Lawton (Moody) (For Girls)

•Daughters of the Faith (Series) (4.3-5.8)

Frank E. Peretti

• Cooper Kids (series)(5.0-5.9)

Tim Tebow

Becky Freeman

• Camp Wanna Banana (Series) (4.6-5.2)

Marianne Hering

Tony Dungy (Lvl 2.2-3.5)

Mona Hodgson (Zondervan) L

Sara Henderson (Zondervan) L

• Howie…(series) (1.0-1.3)

Karen Poth (Zondervan) L

• Veggie Tales (Series) (1.7-2.7)

Crystal Bowman (Zondervan) L

• (Many books by her) (1.2-2.8)

Cheryl Crouch Zondervan) L (1.9-4.0)

• (Several Series by her)

Royden Lepp L

• Barnabas (Series) (1.2-1.6)

Joyce Meyer L

Max Lucado L (2-3)

Jeanna Young (2.4-4.7)

• Princess…..(series)

Sheila Walsh (2.7-4.0)

Mike Thaler (2-4)

Todd Hafer (4-5)

• Spirit of the Game (Series) (4.2-5.2)

Natalie Grant (4)

• Glimmer Girls (Series) (4.4-4.8)

Nancy Rue (4.1-5.0)

Rashad Jennings (4-5)

• The Coin Slot Chronicles (series)(3.6-3.8)

Wayne Thomas Batson AR 5.0

The Door Within (trilogy, and many others)

Laurice Elehwany Molinari AR 5.0

Ether Series

Missy Robertson AR 4-5

Princess in Cameo (Faith Girl series)

You also may find him at: projectputback