In the past few months, The Highlands Tea Party has been moving forward with great vigor. In addition to the weekly guests – both in person and via Zoom presentations, the Tea Party has engaged in a number of different events.  We have had opportunities to dine together. That began with a great get-acquainted mixer. Later, we gathered for a barbecue dinner sponsored by The Americans for Prosperity.

More than 70 Highlands Tea Party members gathered for a barbecue and fellowship sponsored by the AFP.

We have had a couple of flag waves as well. One of course was for Flag Day, the other, was to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attack that felled the Twin Towers in New York, damaged the Pentagon and resulted in the deaths of civilians in a field in Pennsylvania. That one may well have been our most successful to date. Despite the hot weather, nearly four dozen of us met in front of Boom Boom Guns & Ammo and were greeted by a chorus of car and truck horns accompanied by many thumbs-up.

Dozens of members of the Highlands Tea Party gathered to commemorate September 11th,

   Thanks to a grant from the Alan Jay Automotive Network, the Highlands Tea Party o copies of the obtained a thousand copies of the United States Constitution. Of those, 800 were given to Highlands County senior high school students for use in their government classes. The balance will be given out to the general public at no additional charge.

Tea Party Vice Chair Bob Gilmore presents 800 US Constitutions to Highlands County School Superintendent Brenda Longshore with a representative of the Alan Jay Automotive Network.

In fact, our Hospitality Committee gathered at a local Independence Day celebration to hand them out to those arriving to enjoy the fireworks and America’s birthday.

  Crowds for the Highlands Tea continue to grow They have been packing the meeting hall with between 70 and 90 individuals on any given evening. Many of the new attendees have found that our meetings are a great place to meet new people of like mind, to discuss the topics of the day, find great projects which to enjoy, and make new friends.

Discussing politics is the order of the day at the Highlands Tea Party.

The Highlands Tea Party meets Tuesday evenings at the Vietnam Veterans of America Hall, 33565 Grand Prix Drive in Sebring (behind the Wal-Mart). The meetings commence at 6pm with a social time at 5:30. Doors open at 5:00pm.