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JULY 27, 2021

Kevin will give us an update on what the County Commission has accomplished, and the plans going forward.
He is Founder/Chairman of the Board – Champion for Children Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1994.
For 23 years (1994-2017), Kevin served as the CEO / Founder of the Champion for Children Foundation. Under his guidance and leadership, many remarkable, community- wide initiatives were established that have changed the landscape of Highlands County, and have positively impacted the lives of thousands of children and families that include:
  • Children Advocacy Center; Safe House for battered women, and their children; Ila and Kinsley Cox Living Memorial Fund (assistance for seriously ill or injured children or parents); Lindsey’s Wish, serving children with cancer; Champion for Children Circle Theatre; Vision Quest for Children, Highlands Youth Academy.
  • Sixteen (16) years of management and administrative experience (1991-2007) with Highlands County government, serving as the Director of Human Services for the Board of County Commission. Through his work with the county, Kevin gained tremendous insight into the inner workings of county government while overseeing the county’s health and human service programs.
  • Eighteen (18) years with the Florida Department of Children and Families, seven (7) years in management.
  • Thirty-three (33) years of experience in management and administration (public & private sectors).
Republican since 1982
Numerous leadership awards and honors to name a few:
1. Humanitarian Award (1995) by Men of Vision;
2. Child Advocate of the Year Award (1997) by Children’s Home Society;
3. Citizen of the Year (1998) by Avon Park Chamber of Commerce;
4. Voted Top Citizen by News-Sun (1999);
5. Peace at Home – 1st place-awarded by Governor Jeb Bush (2005);
6. Citizen of the Year (2007) by United Way – Highlands County Division;
7. Outstanding Community Service


July 26, 2021 

Tim Phillips is the president of Americans for Prosperity, serving in the role since 2006. Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has enjoyed rapid growth, going from nine state chapters in January of 2006 to state chapters from coast to coast with full-time staff on the ground and millions of activists in all 50 states, who are fighting for free-market principles and policies at the state, national and local levels.
Tim is a veteran political strategist and one of the nation’s premier grassroots organizers with 33 years of experience, including presidential, gubernatorial and congressional races, as well as state legislative, local and issue-advocacy campaigns. In 1992, Tim managed U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) first congressional campaign and later served as Rep. Goodlatte’s chief of staff on Capitol Hill for four years.
In 1997, Tim helped found Century Strategies, one of the nation’s leading public affairs, political consulting and public relations firms. He was named a “Rising Star in Politics” in 1998 by Campaigns and Elections Magazine. In 2012, Tim was named one of Politico’s top 25 public policy players.


This week’s guest will be Victor Rohe.Vic, as he likes to be called, is a political and fiscal conservative who is committed to preserving the rights of the people as expressed in the original intent of the Constitution for the United States.  He has been active in Florida Politics since 2008 when he was elected to the Republican Executive Committee in Sarasota County. He served as Membership Chair for 6 years and in 2016 he founded the East County Republican Club and serves as it’s current President.  Currently, Vic is traveling the state speaking to patriotic groups as to the danger of having a new constitutional convention. Attending the Campaign For Liberty training and conferences strengthened his resolve to make a change for the better.
Article V of the U.S. Constitution gives states the power to call a Convention of States to propose amendments. It takes 34 states to call the convention and 38 to ratify any amendments that are proposed. The Convention of States Action resolution could allow the states to discuss amendment proposals that, “limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, and place term limits on federal officials.”  However, it appears that too few Americans are aware that a constitutional convention can be called, let alone that there might be no checks on its scope and further that the process to call one is well underway. Some feel the unknowns surrounding a constitutional convention pose considerable risk, particularly in the current polarized political climate.


Tom Trento is one of the leading academic activists in the United States. A highly skilled debater and dynamic public speaker, Tom frequently goes toe to toe with Muslim Brotherhood representatives exposing their radical agenda to the public and elected officials. Mr. Trento with earned degrees in Law Enforcement and Philosophy and Theology was awarded the The Carnegie Hero Medal Award for saving a man from a burning car.
Mr. Trento has traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe lecturing and exposing Islamic violence and infiltration in government, law enforcement and academic institutions. He is one of the co-authors of Shariah: The Threat To America and appears frequently on major media outlets and talk shows as an authority on Islamic ideology.


Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker, and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics. He is best known for his book “Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” and his similarly themed documentary film “Enemies Within.”

“Update on Recent Legislative Session What Are the Issues Facing Florida Citizens”

Ben was born in Florida’s Heartland in 1968. He is the 5th generation of a line of farmers, ranchers, citrus growers and businessmen who have lived and invested in Central Florida’s rich agricultural heritage. Ben graduated from Hardee High School in 1986 and then attended Florida Southern College where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Citrus/Business in 1990. After graduating from college Ben went to work in his family Agriculture businesses that now includes citrus grove ownership, grove care and management, payroll management, a general lines insurance agency, as well as risk and horticultural consulting.
In 1993, Ben married Missy Schrader of Wauchula, and they began the rewarding task of starting and raising a family in rural Hardee County. They have three children, Rebecca (19 yrs), Joshua (16 yrs), and Ryan (12 yrs). Missy and Ben invest daily very heavily in the lives of their children and in their Christian faith. Their family is lifetime members of First Christian Church of Wauchula, where Ben has served as an Elder since 2003.
Throughout his life, Ben has been taught and consistently practices the value and necessity of serving others, especially his “Ag” family across Florida. He is a past board member and President of the Peace River Citrus Growers Association, past board member and Chair of the East Charlotte County Drainage District, and a current grower member of Florida Citrus Mutual. In 2005 Gov. Bush appointed Ben to serve on the Florida Citrus Commission and he was subsequently reappointed for a second term in 2008. He served as Vice-Chair of the Domestic Marketing Committee in 2005, Chairman of the Admin & Budget Committee in 2006, and was unanimously elected as Chairman of the Florida Citrus Commission in 2007, a post he held until 2010.
District 26 consisted of DeSoto, Glades, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee counties and parts of Charlotte, Lee, Polk counties

C.S. BENNETT – Truth vs The Democrat Party

Hailing from Philadelphia, CS Bennett is a decorated war veteran (Desert Shield/Desert Storm – United States Navy). He served aboard the USS Nimitz and the USS Saratoga. He worked Naval Supply and Naval Intelligence. The author’s last degree program was in 2012 where he graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude). He resides in a small colorful rural town named Interlachen, Florida (pronounced Inter-lock’n). He has 21 published books, is a national talk radio cohost, and is a columnist for two national news journals and one local one. CS Bennett is a family man, a world traveler. He is married and is the Vice-Chairman of the Putnam County REC. His books can be found on and Barnes & Noble Online Bookstore.


When I look back on the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and 70s, I am beyond words, or expressions, to describe my admiration for the raw courage and determination, of those who led the fight, and those who where involved with it. Add to this, the discipline demonstrated by the participants in this largely non-violent movement. These were people who faced physical abuse, such as bricks being thrown at their heads, clubs being used to beat them down, shots being fired at them, while others had their homes defiled with burning crosses. Some were even firebombed. In the South, demonstrators, and freedom riders, faced being tarred and feathered, and lynched. No, death was never too far away, and all because these American citizens wanted equal rights and freedom and all the promises that came with the America Dream. What they endured and went through left me in awe.


Schools are teaching a romanticized view of socialism that leaves our
younger generation clueless as to what perils it may bring. It is up to adults to
understand what socialism is so we can teach our children. The book
was written by Cathi Chamberlain for Americans who want to understand
the dangers our country is facing and to learn what they can do to help
preserve our republic. Each chapter explains an Alinsky tactic through
current events to show why it works against our democracy and how we can
use it against the left to derail their plan. Armed with the knowledge
contained in this book, you’ll be able to take action to help Trump beat the
radicals at their own game. Time is of the essence. We may never again have
a president with the means, the courage, and the will to save our country
from these out-of-control radicals. Good luck, America…and,
May God Bless President Donald J. Trump



Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host.

She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a sought after guest on talk shows around the country.

Kataline’s style has been described as “funny, feisty, but fair.” She hosts Spouting Off, a live, call-in talk show covering politics, pop culture and social psychology. She maintains an active blog and her Op Eds can be seen online at Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Western Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, FrontPage Mag, and The American Thinker.

A proud Colorado native, her first career as an actress/singer took her on tour around the country and to New York City, where she eventually discovered that she preferred expressing herself in her own words rather than memorizing somebody else’s.  She still lends her operatic voice to fundraisers and community events. She has sung the National Anthem and God Bless America in numerous venues from State


RumbleAlex Newman
An award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant.
Alex has written for a wide array of publications in the United States and
abroad. He currently serves as a contributor to The Epoch Times, WND
(World Net Daily), FreedomProject Media, The New American magazine, the
Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, and more Alex has authored/co-authored
several books and serves as a director for multiple organizations in the fight
for faith, family and freedom.Alex has worked on a wide array of campaigns,
ranging from political campaigns for Congress to marketing campaigns for
non-profit groups and international businesses.
Alex has lived in eight countries on four continents and speaks multiple
languages fluently and more at varying degrees of proficiency. His work has
been cited by governments and major media outlets around the world.
Alex is a frequent guest on national and international radio and TV shows,
and has been on many of America’s most popular shows. He is also a
frequent speaker on TV programs and at conferences, all together reaching
tens of millions of people with the message of faith, family and freedom.

Peter Guske PT 
Exposing Issues With Covid-19 & The Media
Black Out

In the animated and lively style that has been his trademark in having made in excess of 900 paid presentations, Peter Guske PT utilizes his 25 years of
direct patient care experience in the hospital, nursing home, out-patient and home-care setting treating the patient population that is, by far, at the greatest risk of harm from Covid and his 21 years of real estate/business experience with medical doctors. Backed up by brand-new, ground-breaking, thoroughly researched and newly-revealed information, he parts company with the traditional medical establishment to give you hard-edged, easily understood and sometimes shocking truths about the financial ties with Covid, without the fluff, censorship and misinformation so common from government and media to unmask the real-world, practical information of value to you and your family.

Dr. Brenda Longshore (top) & Debbie Albrittion
Highlands County School Mentoring Program

Highlands County Superintendent of Schools Brenda Longshore and Mentoring Program Assistant Debbie Albritton. They will be discussing the Highlands County Schools’ Mentoring Program.They are looking for adult volunteers to mentor students on all grade levels. Adults can meet the young people in a controlled environment. It is a wonderful opportunity to speak with youngsters about what they are learning in schools, and to talk with them about the Constitution and the founding of our great nation.They describe a mentor as a caring, compassionate adult who chooses to devote their time to a young person, offering them support, guidance, and encouragement. Mentors serve as positive role models, invest themselves in their students and uplift them. If you can donate half an hour per week during lunch, you can change a life by helping a child build a solid foundation of values, establish goals, improve their academic and life skills, while developing their self-esteem and confidence.

(Coalition Director for Concerned Veterans of America with AFP.)

Video was recorded with Speakers Cell phone


Jimmy T Smith Concerned Veterans of America (CVA)

Smith, with 20 years in the Army, also served six years in the state House of Representatives before being elected to the county commission in 2016. He is seeking re-election this year. “It’s not a veterans service organization,” he said. “It’s a policy organization.”   Smith’s job is to promote the grassroots movement for CVA policies, which includes to rein in government spending, the end of “endless wars” in Afghanistan and Syria, and improve medical care for veterans. Smith said the organization does not promote dismantling the Veterans Administration, but he said veterans should have health care alternatives. “It’s not something to do away with the VA or privatize the VA,” he said. “The intent is to make sure medical care is provided in a timely and efficient manner.”
He said CVA is addressing “shortcomings” in VA services.
“I’ve had people tell me how horrible it is, I’ve had people tell me how wonderful it is,” Smith said. “I don’t have a problem with the VA. I have a good relationship with my doctor at the VA. It’s not really whether I like it or don’t like it, it’s to make sure every veteran gets the best care possible.” Smith said he sees no conflict with lobbying on behalf of CVA while also being a county commissioner. He said he will keep both jobs separate.
“The philosophy of this organization,” he said, “is to have zero conflicts of interest.”

Update November 3, 2020 Election with regards to
Highlands County Numbers

Penny serves as a board member of The Salvation Army. She is also a
of the Sebring Rotary Club. Penny started working at the Highlands
Supervisor of Elections in 2004 as a Poll Worker Trainer. She became
the Early Voting
Coordinator in 2006 and was elected to office in 2012.
Since being in office, Penny has focused on continuing the work of fair
and honest
elections, as well as, increasing voter outreach especially in
our local schools. She became
a 2014 Leadership Highlands graduate and
completed the Master Florida Certified
Election Professional (MFCEP)
degree in 2015. She continues to look for new opportunities to

improve our office and to better serve the citizens of Highlands County.

Penny has been married to Brad Ogg for 30 years. They have a
beautiful daughter, and new grandson, Elian. Penny is a cancer
survivor and believes in making each day count

Laurie Cardova-Moore
Update on Civics in our schools.

PJTN Founder: Laurie Cardoza-Moore

Laurie Cardoza-Moore is a respected “go to” voice on the frontlines of battle
for the ideological, social, moral and religious mind of this generation. As
Special Envoy to the United Nations for human rights and anti-Semitism on
behalf of44 million Christians, to her leadership in statehouses through
PJTN’santi-Semitism Awareness Resolution, Laurie is a tireless advocate.

Sgt. Kimberly Gunn

Highlands County Sheriff’s Department
Human Trafficking Awareness

Yes, right here in Highlands County

Sergeant Kimberly Gunn

Sergeant Kimberly Gunn started with the Highlands CountySheriff’s Office
in 2006. She started in Uniform Road Patrol Division as a patrol deputy and later transitioned to the Tactical Anti-Crime Unit within the Special Operations Division.  She then advanced to detective in the Narcotics Unit and worked undercover for several years before she transferred to the Criminal Investigations Unit.   She was assigned as a major crimes detective and worked violent crimes and homicides before she promoted to the rank of sergeant.  Sergeant Gunn worked a short stint on road patrol as a district supervisor before she went back to the Narcotics Unit as a detective sergeant assigned to supervise narcotics related operations.  In 2018, the COPS Unit was created and Sgt. Gunn was requested to help create and lead the unit.  Sgt. Gunn is now assigned to the Crime Prevention Unit; she deals in public relations and crime prevention-related efforts in the community..

Armando Escalante – Cultural Marxism –
The Frankfurt School

Oct 28, 2020
Armando Escalante is currently the Florida/S. Alabama Coordinator for
the John Birch Society.
Prior to becoming Coordinator, he was a Chapter
Leader for the John Birch Society. He was alsoa researcher,public speaker
& writer, teaching and speaking on America’s founding principles, early
American history, as well as Totalitarian ideologies and strategies!
For over 25 years, he hasbeen and continues to be an active lead Bible
teacher. He has also organized Liberty conferences statewide.



Patriots who love and want to save America held this flag wave
September 26, 2020 – Save America Support The Blue –
Re-Elect President Trump and Vice President Pence
Sebring, Florida

Laurie Cardoza-Moore Reveals
The DARK Secret Inside School History Books

 August 25, 2020

Laurie has been appointed, awarded and recognized by her
peers for her leadership, including:
• The President’s Council of The NationalReligious Broadcasters, (NRB)
• The “Top 100 People Positively Impacting Israel” by the Algemeiner
• An Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theology from the Latin
University of Theology

• The “Friend of Israel Award” by The Center For Jewish Awareness
• The “Goodwill Ambassador to Israel Award” given by Israel Consul General of
the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

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