Local parent and businessman Jesse Sapp will be at the Highlands Tea Party to discuss issues at the Highlands County School system at the Tuesday evening edition of the Highlands Tea Party. Sapp has been a regular contributor to the school board meetings, although he rarely gets answers to the questions he asks.

  In recent months, Sapp has asked for answers about a teachers’ survey which determined many of the respondents did not feel their opinions have been valued. Sapp also has asked about the results of student testing and what could be done to see improvement. He has had issues with public records requests and has asked school board members to call a workshop on whether the Highlands County Superintendent of Schools should be an elected or an appointed position.

  Sapp has had measured appearances that appear to be well researched – although, board members and the superintendent rarely have answered him directly about his concerns.

  We look forward to his appearance, hearing about his research and discussing these issues – especially in light of the upcoming elections, where there will be two school board seats and the superintendent’s position up for election.

  The Highlands Tea Party meets each Tuesday evening at the Vietnam Veterans Hall. 33565 Grand Prix Drive (behind the Sebring Walmart). The doors will open at 5pm with meetings to commence at 6pm.