Jesse Sapp to Address School Issues at Tuesday Meeting.

Local parent and businessman Jesse Sapp will be at the Highlands Tea Party to discuss issues at the Highlands County School system at the Tuesday evening edition of the Highlands Tea Party. Sapp has been a regular contributor to the school board meetings, although he rarely gets answers to the questions he asks.   In […]

Our Active Tea Party

  In the past few months, The Highlands Tea Party has been moving forward with great vigor. In addition to the weekly guests – both in person and via Zoom presentations, the Tea Party has engaged in a number of different events.  Memorial Day is a very special day, and three dozen of our members […]

Letters to the Editor

Over the course of the past few months, some of our members have written letters and guest columns to the Highlands News-Sun. Here are some of the ones we have been able to retrieve from their archives. Where are loyalties? From a patriot “I honest to God believe it’s your patriotic duty,” Mr. Biden speaking […]