David Gaubatz to Speak About the Muslim Mafia

David Gaubatz, will be our speaker Tuesday evening at the Highlands Tea Party. As a former Air Force investigator and Arabic speaker, he dispatched his son Chris to grow a beard and go undercover as a Muslim to obtain an internship at the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Gaubatz, has long warned about the threat of […]

Our Active Tea Party

  In the past few months, The Highlands Tea Party has been moving forward with great vigor. In addition to the weekly guests – both in person and via Zoom presentations, the Tea Party has engaged in a number of different events.  We have had opportunities to dine together. That began with a great get-acquainted […]

Letters to the Editor

Over the course of the past few months, some of our members have written letters and guest columns to the Highlands News-Sun. Here are some of the ones we have been able to retrieve from their archives. How soon we forget Freedom of choice. Is it no longer a liberty all Americans are born with? […]