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DIOCESAN PRIEST: Viganò & the Crisis of Vatican II 14:45

The “Parking Lot Priest” is out of the lot and back in his church. In today’s sermon, Father addresses the anarchy of today and how it is similar to the riots and anarchy of the 1960. MORE:
“More than one thousand five hundred buildings destroyed.”
Are you listening? That is not the total number of businesses and buildings destroyed in this Marxist cultural revolution, that’s just the total for the Twin Cities where it all began! According to this local parish priest.
What the fake Russian collusion and the fake pandemic could not destroy, the seditionist Commiecrat mayors, governors, like minded congress critters, and communist jackals are destroying by pillage plunder and fire!
When this Marxist revolution happened in post WWI Germany, the government did nothing, but the veterans assembled a militia and routed them because they saw what the murderous Bolsheviks were doing to the Russian Christians.

The “Parking Lot Priest” is out of the lot and back in his church. In today’s sermon, Father addresses the anarchy of today and how it is similar to the riots and anarchy of the 1960. Citing the recent letter of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano on the “parallel Church” established after Vatican II, Father argues that the crisis in the world today is a direct consequence of the Revolution in the Church that kicked off at the Second Vatican Council. The gloves are off, and Father–like Vigano–is done making excuses for Modernism’s 50-year-old protest of Catholic Tradition that has led to looted sanctuaries, vandalized altars, toppled statues and too many spiritual casualties to count.


A Minority View

WALTER WILLIAMS: The true plight of black Americans (column)


Walter Williams - Minority View

While it might not be popular to say in the wake of the recent social disorder, the true plight of black people has little or nothing to do with the police or what has been called “systemic racism.”
Instead, we need to look at the responsibilities of those running our big cities.
Some of the most dangerous big cities are St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Newark, Buffalo and Philadelphia. The most common characteristic of these cities is that for decades, all of them have been run by liberal Democrats.
Some cities — such as Detroit, Buffalo, Newark and Philadelphia — haven’t elected a Republican mayor for more than a half-century. On top of this, in many of these cities, blacks are mayors, often they dominate city councils and they are chiefs of police and superintendents of schools.
In 1965, there were no blacks in the U.S. Senate, nor were there any black governors. And only six members of the House of Representatives were black.
As of 2019, there is far greater representation in some areas — 52 House members are black. Nine black Americans have served in the Senate, including Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts, Carol Moseley Braun and Barack Obama of Illinois, Tim Scott of South Carolina, Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Kamala Harris of California. In recent times, there have been three black state governors.
The bottom line is that today’s black Americans have significant political power at all levels of government. Yet, what has that meant for a large segment of the black population?
Democratic-controlled cities have the poorest-quality public education despite their large, and growing, school budgets.
Consider Baltimore. In 2016, in 13 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, not a single student scored proficient on the state’s math exam. In six other high schools, only 1% tested proficient in math. Only 15% of Baltimore students passed the state’s English test.
That same year in Philadelphia, only 19% of eighth-graders scored proficient in math, and 16% were proficient in reading. In Detroit, only 4% of its eighth-graders scored proficient in math, and 7% were proficient in reading. It’s the same story of academic disaster in other cities run by Democrats.
Violent crime and poor education are not the only problems for Democratic-controlled cities.
Because of high crime, poor schools and a less pleasant environment, cities are losing their economic base and their most productive people in droves.
When World War II ended, the population of Washington, D.C., was about 800,000; today, it’s about 700,000. In 1950, Baltimore’s population was almost 950,000; today, it’s around 590,000. Detroit’s 1950 population was close to 1.85 million; today, it’s down to 673,000. The population of Camden, New Jersey, in 1950 was nearly 125,000; today it has fallen to 74,000. St. Louis’ 1950 population was more than 856,000; today, it’s less than 294,000.
A similar story of population decline can be found in most of our formerly large and prosperous cities. In some cities, the population decline since 1950 is well over 50%, and that includes Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.
Academic liberals, civil rights advocates and others blamed the exodus on racism — “white flight” to the suburbs to avoid blacks. But blacks have been fleeing some cities at higher rates than whites.
The five cities whose suburbs have the fastest-growing black populations are Miami, Dallas, Washington, Houston and Atlanta. It turns out that blacks, like whites, want better and safer schools for their kids and don’t like to be mugged or have their property vandalized.
And like white people, if they have the means, black people cannot wait to leave troubled cities.
White liberals and black politicians focus most of their attention on what the police do, but how relevant is that to the overall tragedy?
According to Statista, this year, 172 whites and 88 blacks have died at the hands of police. To put police shootings in a bit of perspective, in Chicago alone in 2020, there have been 1,260 shootings and 256 homicides with blacks being the primary victims. That comes to one shooting victim every three hours and one homicide victim every 15 hours. Three people in Chicago have been killed by police. If one is truly concerned about black deaths, shootings by police should figure way down on one’s list — which is not to excuse bad behavior by some police officers.
Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University.


People across Palm Beach County participated and came out to witness
pro-Trump boat and car parades on the president’s birthday, Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Artist Tommy Zegan displays a Trump sculpture made of stainless steel along Flagler Drive
while supporters watched a boat parade to celebrate Trumps birthday on
Saturday, June 14, 2020. [JIM RASSOL/palmbeachpost.com]



From our friend…on riots and rallies…

For months we heard..shelter in place..all shops, stores had to be closed  and you couldn’t go to Church, you couldn’t go to work..We had to protect the people..Then we had “RIOTS” that turned into “demonstrations”  that turned into burning and looting but they were never more than  demonstrations according to the media and the leading Democrats..After all, demonstrations are a right even if looting and burning are part of the show..A few dead cops along the way was also accepted by the new playbook..After all..Black Lives Matter..but BLUE LIVES don’t count…Then, all of a sudden, protecting the people from the virus was no longer a priority ..let alone a “top priority”..Think about all those people in all those demonstrations!!!

So now comes Donald Trump and he wants to hold his  “RALLIES”,,Why not? ..He is running for President and a big advantage for Mr Trump is ..Joe Biden cannot figure out how to get out of his “basement” and even if he could…he can barely fill a bus with supporters  (a VW Bus!)..and that is very, very   “BAD OPTICS” for a guy who is supposed to be THE FRONT RUNNER..So the 1st Trump rally is to be held in Tulsa, OK..A place that almost everyone who is in the media has probably never been to visit..Certainly never spoken to anyone from “COWBOY COUNTRY”..Na!..Who cares about those folks!…Certainly not Democrats!..So all of sudden..protect the people form the virus is now the news again because when Trump holds a rally…people show up and that is  NOT  good OPTICS for DEMOCRATS…or the DEMOCRATIC SYCOPHANTS in the media..Especially when it seems that more than 200,000 people requested tickets to see Trump..Yep!…200,000 people want to get into that arena that only holds 20,000!..Joe Biden couldn’t fill the bathrooms in that Arena..

Forget the “Polls” ..watch the Lines! ..Do you really want to know why the media and the LEFT  are starting to make noise about Trump rallies being dangerous to our health?..Just ask those 200,000+ people..They are not dangerous to OUR HEALTH..But you can bet your last dollar that they are a death sentence to Joe Biden’s health..And that is why it is now serious angst time for the media..The last thing the media and the Democrats want is for America to start seeing all those people on TV cheering for Donald to get re-elected..The  media want RIOTS but not cheers for Trump! The media and their very good buddies in the Democratic Party know full well what all those full arena’s mean..and they will say and do anything to prevent those optics ..

If you think all this new noise about Trump Rallies is about your health..YOU ARE A FOOL..This is all about an election..all of this is about an election..It started in March when we were all told..DON’T GO OUTSIDE…

Floyd Stern

Our Anonymous writer spent 40 years in the news industry, and has written several books.
Floyd Stern, the signatory of these letters, is a close friend of this writer who has stated that he prefers to remain anonymous and is currently retired from the News business.

A Platform for Principles

June 12, 2020 – Friday

A Platform for Principles

June 12, 2020

Thanks to the pandemic, there’s a lot still up in the air about the Republican National Convention. But apart from health protocols and locations, there’s one detail that shouldn’t be up for debate: the format of the party’s platform. A lot of Americans might make the mistake that those detailed documents hammered out over days at the conventions don’t mean anything. On the contrary, history shows — they mean everything.
Behind the scenes, there’s been a lot of internal discussion about whether it’s time to trade in the traditional approach for a simpler, less specific declaration. Even the president, earlier this morning, tweeted that “The Republican Party has not yet voted on a platform. No rush. I prefer a new and updated platform, short form, if possible.”
Of course, it’s not the first time this idea has been floated. In the last several months, a handful of the president’s advisors have suggested that the longform blueprint should be completely overhauled. Instead of painstakingly creating a list of priorities and principles, they believe it should be shrunk to a pocket-sized card with 10 principles. A “mission statement,” some have called it. It’s their opinion (a misguided one, as far as I’m concerned) that Republicans could build a bigger tent if the GOP didn’t spell out issues on gender identity, for instance, or school choice.
Considering the upheaval our country has gone through — and is still going through — that would be an enormous mistake for both parties. Only Rip Van Winkle wouldn’t be aware of how the world has been turned upside down over these last four months. There is no business as usual. The Democratic and Republican conventions are no exception in this coronavirus world. Both conventions will undoubtably be smaller, whether by state restrictions or self-imposed distancing. But despite the reduced size of the crowd, next to the party’s nominee, it’s the platform of the respective parties that stoke the enthusiasm of their electoral bases. Abandon the platform and the core values of the party and the parties will see voters abandon them — not in terms of switching parties, but in terms of enthusiasm and engagement.
The platform is the anchor that helps tether the nominees to the core principles of their party — in the Democrats’ case, to things like taxpayer-funded abortion and transgender surgery for teens. At its core, the platform is a marketing tool — letting Americans know what the party stands for and will work toward — and an exercise in contrast, showing voters how powerfully Republican values differ from Democrats’.
In 2016, nearly 60 percent of Trump voters said the platform influenced their choice. Why? Because history shows that the platforms plot the path the parties ultimately take. Not too long ago, Lee Payne from Stephen F. Austin State University combed through all of the parties’ platforms from 1980 until 2004. “He identified every ‘direct promise’ in those platform — pledges he thought amounted to concrete policy positions — and then compared those promises with all of the votes taken on either the House or Senate floor… What Payne found might stun some cynics: In 25 years, both Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Congress voted in accordance with their platforms 82 percent of the time.”
Platforms matter. That’s why the FRC Action team worked so hard four years ago to ensure that the document ratified in Cleveland was just as strong — if not more so — than 2012’s. In the end, we emerged with a document clearer and more compelling than any in party history on life, marriage, and religious liberty. Because in the end, that’s what shapes the legacy. The differences between the two parties’ documents couldn’t be starker — just like the choice in 2020 is turning out to be.

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC Action senior writers.

Policeless in Seattle


Policeless in Seattle

June 12, 2020

If you’re President Trump, you have to be wondering, “What next?” It wasn’t enough that the administration had to deal with the liberals’ three-year crusade to unseat him — the Russian collusion, an impeachment sham, the deep-state FBI conspiracy. Then came 2020: the coronavirus, 119,000 deaths, an economic shutdown, and George Floyd. Now, if cities aren’t burned to the ground, they’re becoming part of a “proxy civil war.” It is, the Left smirks quietly, the perfect election storm. But is it enough to win?
Most people watching Seattle, where armed warlords have taken over whole city blocks, aren’t looking at the city with envy. “The rabid foxes are in the hen house,” the Washington Times’s Cheryl Chumley warned. “These are not poor misguided youth exercising their First Amendment rights. These are criminals — violent criminals — intimidating innocent law-abiding citizens… This isn’t America,” she argued. What this is, she said bluntly, “is some third-world chaotic country crap, where loons and drug-addicted deranged and soulless evil rise up and mount an assault on [ordered] society.”
If this is a picture of police-free living, Americans are telling pollsters, count us out. Eight in 10 people don’t just want our law enforcement funded — many want funding increased! They’ve seen the pictures of gun-toting insurgents walling off “autonomous” parts of Seattle lined with signs that say, “You are now leaving the USA.” They don’t want to be the next town with a police chief in front of the cameras saying her teams can’t answer 911 calls for rapes and robberies because the mayor “relented to public pressure” and boarded up the closest precinct. Nor do they want to hear other city leaders, after losing control of their cities, insist this is a “summer love block party” instead of the hostile takeover it is.
Yet when the president steps in and warns Governor Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) to get Seattle under control, what’s the Left’s reaction? “[They say] he’s simply being his usual racist self by trying to shut down the ‘lawful protesters,’ as they’re deemed in the eyes of the Democrats,” Cheryl shook her head. And frankly, she told Sarah Perry on “Washington Watch,” the longer this goes on, the better chance it has to get completely out of hand. “If you don’t think other[s]… are watching CNN right now with interest in planning and plotting similar takeovers of their own, I think you have your head in the sand — because I think this is going to spread as far and wide as the leftist violent thugs can make it.”
As disturbing as the situation is, she points out, there’s something even more concerning — and that’s the complete capitulation on the part of political leaders. “Republicans could be a little bit louder about the problems here,” Cheryl agreed. “But really, the Democrats giving these people voices, treating them as if they’re First Amendment, law-abiding protesters instead of what they really are [is shameful].” The banner of the Democratic Party, she thinks, has truly become “No law, no order — just mayhem.”
On one hand, maybe that makes sense. This stew of unrest and anarchy serves the Left well. If you want to destabilize the country and make it completely ungovernable, Sarah pointed out, “You begin with a pandemic. You send everyone home to shelter in place. You throw in some race riots. Foment it with Antifa vigilantism — and before you know it, you’re losing major metropolitan cities to domestic terrorists.” Suddenly, no one’s paying attention to the Democrats’ mediocre candidate Joe Biden or their subversive attempt to create a nationwide system of mail-in voting.
The Left doesn’t just want a civil war — it needs one. They can’t win on extremism alone. That’s why, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) wrote, “There is no scab they will not pick at, no divide they will not exploit, no controversy they will not gin up to make us hate each other… But we cannot take their bait.”
Our country, and its survival, depend on it.

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC Action senior writers.

Conservatives prepare insurgent campaign to stop pandemic relief spending

While the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress say further coronavirus relief spending is inevitable, a group of prominent conservatives is fighting to stop the money from flowing.
The group, led by Trump outside economic adviser Steve Moore, says that more federal spending would slow down the recovery by keeping people unemployed, would cause even more unsustainable levels of debt, and could result in a shift of employment from the private sector to the government.  Moore is planning to bring together a group of conservatives to send President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a letter titled “Stop the Madness of Runaway Government Debt Spending.”
“Government spending – and policies such as paying millions of workers more money to stay unemployed than to go back to work, and paying states more money to enable them to stay shut down – is inhibiting the fast recovery we want in jobs and incomes, not stimulating it,” the letter states.  Moore, a contributor to the Washington Examiner, said a number of other prominent conservatives have signed and supported the letter, including former Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint, former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett, conservative media mogul Brent Bozell, FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon, and Lisa Nelson, CEO of the American Legislative Exchange Council.
The group is facing an uphill battle. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Wednesday that he strongly supports further legislation to provide more relief to the economy but added that the aid must be more targeted to help specific businesses and industries that are struggling.  McConnell has taken more of a wait-and-see approach to further spending, focusing instead on the economy opening up and the future implications of spending on the national debt. However, the Kentucky Republican has repeatedly expressed an openness to further coronavirus spending at some point in the near future if the need arises.  Congressional Democrats, on the other hand, have been adamant in providing more coronavirus aid as soon as possible. House Democrats in May passed a new round of coronavirus legislation costing more than $3 trillion that would provide a historic level of federal aid to those hurt by the pandemic. In particular, the bill, which has not been taken up by McConnell in the Senate, would provide $1 trillion to state, local, and tribal governments to help them keep operating without the tax revenue lost because of the economic shutdown.
Moore said he hoped the surprise gain in jobs reported in early June slows the momentum for another round of major fiscal relief from Congress and “kills the idea of the ‘blue-state bailout,'” referring to the Democrats’ demand to support state and local governments. State budget shortfalls, based on historical patterns, could total more than $500 billion. State and local government employment fell by 1.5 million in the past two months.  Moore’s letter urges that the trillions of dollars of federal government debt spending in the wake of the coronavirus must stop “immediately” and that any further emergency government spending that might be necessary in the short term should be offset “dime for dime” by reductions in nonemergency federal expenditures.
“You’re not going to need all this stimulus spending now that the economy is open. After the latest jobs report, it seems we’ll soon be at 5 to 6% unemployment,” said Brandon at FreedomWorks.  Instead, Brandon said he would rather the federal government focus on incentivizing job creation and investment through initiatives like temporary payroll tax cuts or a capital gains tax cut.  He criticized some economic aid programs provided by the government in the past few months, such as the additional $600 in unemployment benefits and the small-business relief program known as the Paycheck Protection Program.
“The PPP loans were very sloppy. The constant refrain I hear from people is that those who needed the money didn’t get it and those who didn’t need it, got it,” said Brandon. The letter states that the coronavirus relief spending coming out of Congress is out of control, saying that the country is getting close to an “unthinkable” $10 trillion federal budget, “which is more money than the United States government spent, adjusted for inflation from 1800 through 1980.”  The Congressional Budget Office said in early June that the projected federal deficit for fiscal year 2020 would be roughly $3.7 trillion and $2.1 trillion in 2021. In March, before the pandemic, CBO’s deficit projections were for just over $1 trillion in each of those years.



  • Racism is created by those who don’t want to lose it.
  • The wise man Thomas Sowell said: “ Racism is not dead, but it is on life support-kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as Racists.”
  • Lemon: we talk about race because it exist. Morgan Freeman : it exist because we talk about it. Lemon didn’t even catch the irony of that. It’s just like a dog chasing it’s tail. As soon as it catches its tail it stops
  • I didn’t see racism anywhere until Obama
  • Black, white, Asian, Latino, and native Americans, what do they have in common? They are PEOPLE…
  • CNN is infested with TDS;  like Morgan Freeman said…How do you stop racism? Stop talking about it.
  • Once black people got the right to vote. The left saw it as an opportunity. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” Which needs to be their slogan
  • I love when Mr Freeman says he doesn’t want a black history month and that “Black history is American history.”
  • All In The Family and The Jeffersons were about laughing AT racism. And the cold hard truth is that it is the liberalism that is the true enemy of whites AND blacks and everybody else throughout the entire world.




Just Like That, Gun Control Support and COVID-19 Died This Week

After watching hundreds (including Michigan Governor Whitmer and other political figures who placed the rest of us in lockdowns) marching, screaming shouting — without social distancing and often without masks — it’s going to be hard to persuade us that even normal social contact will infect us and those around us with COVID-19. After watching the police hamstrung by these same politicians as their cities were looted and burned and they and civilians were severely injured and killed, gun sales are soaring. Without law and order it’s each man for himself. With our biggest cities boarded up and devastated, flight out to red states, where people understand that without respect for law life is too brutal to endure, will snowball.
The Purported Trigger: The Death of George Floyd
George Floyd was arrested in Minneapolis for passing a counterfeit bill. He was a big man with a record of assaults and drug use.  A video of his arrest shows he was handcuffed and seems to have resisted being placed in the squad car. We see him being pinned down on the ground by Officer Chauvin’s knee. He seems to be wrestling about on the ground and talking. Soon after he stops moving an emergency medical van appears and he is removed from the scene. He was reportedly dead by the time they arrived. At least one report says the officers called for medical assistance early in the arrest when Floyd said he couldn’t breathe. Is the video the best evidence of what occurred? No. The best evidence is the footage taken from the body cams worn by the four officers on the scene; evidence Minneapolis authorities have failed to disclose. If your impression from the video or Dr. Baden’s interview (the examiner hired by the Floyd family) is that Floyd was asphyxiated, the only forensic evidence shows that he was not. The medical examiner, who was the only person to have conducted an autopsy, indicates Floyd was not asphyxiated. Here are the key findings in his report.
He had
1. Arteriosclerotic heart disease, multifocal, severe
2. Cardiomegaly (540 g) with mild biventricular dilatation
3. Clinical history of hypertension
There were
“No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures” and “No facial, oral, mucosal, or conjunctival petechiae” (These are tiny red marks that are important signs of asphyxia caused by airway obstruction. If there had been any, it might indicate death  by strangulation, hanging or smothering. )
He also tested positive for COVID-19.
Even more striking are the autopsy toxicology findings. In his system they found:
1.Fentanyl 11 ng/mL.
2.Norfentanyl 5.6 ng/mL
3.4-ANPP 0.65 ng/mL
4.  Methamphetamine 19 ng/mL
5. 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 1.2 ng/ml
6. Cotinine positive
7. Caffeine positive
In sum, he was high on drugs at the time of his death. The fentanyl itself was four times the level known to cause fatalities, reports Paul Sperry, and on top of that he had speed and marijuana in his system. The arresting officer said he was foaming at the mouth and a close look at the video indicates this was so. Interestingly, none of the charges against any of the officers claim Floyd’s death was intentionally inflicted.
Given the huge drug load in Floyd’s system, we might also look at what is called “excited delirium” about which Officer Chauvin expressed concern when he restrained Floyd. Mark Wauck explains:

The Western Journal of Emergency Medicine says that
“Excited delirium is characterized by agitation, aggression, acute distress and sudden death, often in the pre-hospital care setting. It is typically associated with the use of drugs. Subjects typically die from a heart attack and the majority of the patients die before hospital arrival.”

“All accounts describe almost the exact same sequence of events: delirium with agitation (fear, panic, shouting, violence and hyperactivity), sudden cessation of struggle, respiratory arrest and death.”

Once again, the body camera footage showing the initial encounter, discussions among officers and the call to paramedics about the issue of excited delirium will be a major factor in this case.

I don’t relate these things for you to judge what happened. That’s why we have trials and why we don’t, like ancient Romans, condemn men based on their performance in the coliseum (now replaced by the media circuses). That’s the very point of our legal system. People demanding instant retribution are simply modern-day advocates for lynching. Pundits right and left calling his death “murder” might take some time to look at the autopsy report and wait for the body cam footage. These things will certainly be evidence at trial, a long time after the perfervid reporting and the response to it.
2. Stirring the Pot 
It’s hardly a secret that the left promotes the idea that all of the problems in the world are caused by others and unfairness to you. It has been their leitmotif for decades to move black voters away from the Republican Party, which has been their staunchest support for equal rights, and into the Democrat party that worked hard to keep them in bondage. What they once accomplished through the Ku Klux Klan, Democrats now manage through a complicit press and corporate and academic elites. Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institution at Stanford tweeted June 4 as the urban carnage began,  “That notion was the royal road to unbridled power for Hitler, Lenin, Mao, and Pol Pot — which is to say, millions of human beings paid with their lives for believing it.”
We’ve seen once again how the left has spread the lie that there is systemic racism in the U.S. — the least racist country — and a leader in western civilization. The West, after all, was the first place slavery — which still exists in many parts of the world — was eliminated. The statistical evidence disproves the myth of systemic police racism.
So far, we haven’t paid with millions of lives, thank goodness, but the damage has been considerable. In New York City, looters in very expensive cars smashed windows up and down Fifth Avenue, in one case stealing $2.5 million dollars’ worth of Rolex watches. It was organized theft up and down the avenue according to eyewitnesses. But one assumes most of those losses are covered by insurance and we will pay only by increased prices to cover increased coverage payments. The financial damage has been greatest to the most disadvantaged, homeowners and small shop businesses. The Wall Street Journal notes:

Some of these businesses are raising funds to help put the pieces back together. Some might have insurance to cover at least a portion of the losses. But others might not survive, and many companies will go bust quietly, without making the newspapers. Contrast this heartache with the cavalier attitude shown by at least some intellectuals, who seem to think that firebombing a local South American restaurant is merely the persuasive language of the unheard.

Reporting on the mayhem, Melanie Phillips calls out the racism of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, with their demonstrable racism against whites. The notion that black people are always victims and can never be perpetrators of racism is both false and noxious.
Detailing the mayhem directed against Jews by the rioters in Los Angeles  underscores her point:

Masks. Hoodies. Sledgehammers. Crowbars. Baseball bats.

These are the descriptions Jewish business owners cited when talking about how their stores were looted and ransacked, and synagogues were vandalized with graffiti after peaceful protests spiraled out of control in Los Angeles beginning on Friday night and continuing into the weekend…

Many of the business owners whose stores were looted in the Beverly Hills, downtown Los Angeles and the heavily Orthodox Fairfax district, are observant Jews who had shut off all electronic devices and connection to the outside world on Thursday night in observance of both the two-day Shavuot holiday and Shabbat. Calls from alarm companies and multiple text messages and phone calls from non-observant friends, family and nearby store owners jolted them out of their safe bubble…

But the economic damage is far from all unleashed by this propaganda-fueled rage.
Hundreds of law enforcement officers have been injured, more than a dozen murdered. In Buffalo, 75 special riot squad officers, hamstrung by local officials, quit. In Los Angeles, mayor Eric Garcetti set off a police union rebellion when he announced the cops who were a thin blue line against the savagery there this week were going to have their budget cut by $150 million dollars, which would be part of a $250 million grant toward “health and education” in the black community. The left in Portland (epicenter of Antifa) and elsewhere is demanding that police forces everywhere be disbanded. How nice! We can be like the Third-world countries where the rich and powerful have private security forces and everyone else scrambles to hide from robbers and murderers. Gun sales here are shooting through the roof. Understandably opposition to gun control is also rising.
3. Weak Knees all around 
The Internet is full of groveling masochistic whites begging forgiveness of blacks, many on their knees. My email folder is full of contrite apologies from educational institutions and big businesses from Walmart to JP Morgan. It’s the same virtue signaling we got a few weeks ago “We’re all in this together” as mayors and governors decidedly ignored their own shutdown rules, rules as varied, inconsistent , arbitrary  and constantly changing as a massive game of Simon Says. The Spectator calls this “woke capitalism”. When you read the pabulum these weak-kneed institutions are churning out you probably could use Michael Walsh’s translating service:

Your guide to Leftspeak:

“White supremacy” = Western civilization

“Fundamental change” = total destruction

“Legitimate grievances” = “complete bullshit

Have a conversation about…” = agree with
 us or die

“Rights” = things not in the Constitution we want

4. And Yet This Time it does not Seem to be Working
Many blacks are not buying this nonsense any longer. Rasmussen reports black male likely voters’ approval of the President is over 40%.
If media coverage makes you doubt that they have caught on that they are being played as pawns, take a look at this video of a young black woman angrily shoving back the brick they had handed out to foment the riots at rich white rioters in an expensive car.
People like this woman, Thomas Sowell and Candace Owens are not alone in seeing through the cant. Read this plaint by a black cop attacking the notions espoused by BLM. He puts his life on the line to protect people who have been fooled into thinking he’s their enemy:

I  realized that some of these people, who say Black Lives Matter, are full of hate and racism. Hate for cops, because of the false narrative that more black people are targeted and killed. Racism against white people, for a tragedy that began 100s of years ago, when most of the white people today weren’t even born yet. I realized that some in the African American community’s idea of “Justice” is the prosecution of ANY and EVERY cop or white man that kills or is believed to have killed a black man, no matter what the circumstances are. I realized the African American community refuses to look within to solve its major issues, and instead makes excuses and looks outside for solutions. I realized that a lot of people in the African American community lead with hate, instead of love. Division instead of Unity. Turmoil and rioting, instead of Peace. I realized that they have become the very entity that they claim they are fighting against.

I realized that the very reasons I became a cop, are the very reasons my own people hate me, and now in this toxic hateful racially charged political climate, I am now more likely to die,… and it is still hard for me to understand…. to this day.

5. Some Good News at the End of the Week
The New York Court of Appeals overruled an absurd lower court ruling that granted bail to two lawyers who had flung a Molotov cocktail at a police car and were handing out others to rioters. They were ordered returned to federal custody. (Bail had originally been guaranteed, by the way, by a third lawyer, Salmah Rizvi, who had worked for the Departments of State and Defense under Obama and who is connected to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.)
The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine had rushed into print articles from a sketchy outfit, Surgisphere. These studies had not been peer-reviewed and seem to have been pure poppycock. In the Lancet, it was about the effectiveness of hydrochloroquine and chloroquine, anti-malarial drugs the President had suggested might be effective in treating COVID-19 and which grandma-killer Governor Andrew Cuomo had banned as a treatment in New York. Both once-prestigious medical journals have long been losing credibility, and this will certainly drive their authority down even further. David Burge is waiting for media coverage of this:

David Burge


As far as I can see, there has been a handful of perfunctory, bloodless mentions of the retraction by major US news providers, none mentioning their previous coverage of it.

Oddly, the press elsewhere (UK, Europe, India) seems to treat it as if it’s quite newsworthy.

7:47 PM · Jun 5, 2020·Twitter Web App

I dunno, I think there might be some kind of interesting 10 minute between-Polident-ads segment on corrupted research in the highest tiers of medical journal during a global pandemic, and self reflection on how media contributed to its spread.

Haha! I kill myself sometimes.

A number of people dubbed experts in epidemiology, who loudly warned we shouldn’t rush to reopen the country, spun on a dime in support of the rioters massing. If you really believe racial inequality is endemic, it’s hard to see how we could conquer COVID-19 in a time to fight what in any event appears to be a rapidly petering-out virus.
We’ll see. If hundreds of rioters and the useful idiots who marched with them come down with COVID-19, are these bien pensants wrong now when they say it’s okay to demonstrate in large crowds? If there’s no increase in COVID-19 cases after these tightly packed marauder marches, were they wrong then when they told us to stay locked down and away from crowds?
Speaking of “experts,” even with some states still under lockdown orders, employment figures rose incredibly in May, defying all forecasts. It was the biggest one-month employment increase on record. Based on the jobs report the stock market surged.
America is on a roll again and the frail, demented Joe Biden just clinched the Democratic party’s nomination for president.
errata: spelling corrected for Dr.Baden and Candace Owens

Public health and academic laboratories across the country are mapping tens of thousands of genetic sequences of the coronavirus

Inside the race to map the coronavirus

Sixty-one years ago people said it will NEVER happen – WAKE UP AMERICA! YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME WE LOSE 2020 WE ARE DONE AS A REPUBLIC!

Amazing how much things have changed.  Unfortunately some people don’t see it or don’t want to see it.

Khrushchev’s Message 61 years ago
Khrushchev also said “We [Communism} will bury you!”  A quick read but a lasting thought.  Pretty scary now.

THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE:  A sobering reminder.  Almost exactly sixty-one years ago since Russia’s Khrushchev delivered his Do you remember September 29, 1959?  THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE:

“Your children’s children will live under communism, You Americans are so gullible.  No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism.  We will not have to fight you; We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”  “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

Do you remember what Russia’s Khrushchev said in 1959?
Remember, socialism leads to Communism. So, how do you create a Socialistic State?

There are 8 levels of control; read the following recipe:

1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.
2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them.
3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government That way you are able to create a police state.
5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government.
6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to and take control of what children learn in school.
7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools because the people need to believe in ONLY the government knowing what is best for the people.
8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor.  Eliminate the middle class This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the wealthy with the support of the poor

A perfect parallel to the Democrat agenda!!!!!


Heartland Herald


Webmaster Comment: Former resident of the Minneapolis area.
With a crime rate of 50 per one thousand residents, Minneapolis has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 20.
On the National Crime Index Rating where 100 is the safest, Minneapolis rates 4.

Number of Crimes 3,468 17,612 21,080
Crime Rate
(per 1,000 residents)
8.15 41.40 49.55


Minneapolis City Council announces veto-proof
push to disband police in George Floyd aftermath

Minneapolis’ left-leaning City Council members on Sunday announced a veto-proof push to disband the Minneapolis police department, ramping up a major conflict inside the city following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.
Many activists have been pushing at least for their cities to defund local police departments, a move many other analysts considered unrealistic. The measure has been the main focus for many people protesting against police brutality.  Supporters of the move told Fox News, “We recognize that we don’t have all the answers about what a police-free future looks like, but our community does. We’re committing to engaging with every willing community member in the city of Minneapolis over the next year to identify what safety looks like for you.”
The city council members spoke at a protest at Powderhorn Park, a neighborhood in Minneapolis. The number of supporters in attendance represented a veto-proof majority to push the measure through, Fox 9 reported.
KARE listed Council President Lisa Bender, VP Andrea Jenkins and Councilmembers Alondra Cano, Jeremiah Ellison, Steve Fletcher, Phillipe Cunningham, Cam Gordon and Jeremy Schroeder as attending the event, most of whom took turns to address the gathered crowd. Ellison is the son of state Attorney General Keith Ellison. Most members of the city council belonged to the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party.  “Our commitment is to end our city’s toxic relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department,” Bender said. “It is clear that our system of policing is not keeping our communities safe. Our efforts at incremental reform have failed, period.”
“This council is going to dismantle the police department,” Ellison reportedly said. “If you don’t stay in this fight I fear that this council or another will just glue it back together.”
The Minneapolis Police Department did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. NYPD Detectives President Paul DiGiacomo said earlier Sunday that defunding any police departments would be a “recipe for disaster.”
Mayor Jacob Frey was booed out of a protest Saturday after the Democrat refused to commit to defunding the police himself.
The event was livestreamed on Facebook and Twitter, but technical issues marred the streams.
At the end of the rally, the crowd gathered at Powderhorn Park began a chant of “Defund, MPD.”
Fox News’ Matt Finn and Joshua Nelson contributed to this report.

The Democratic Socialists of America enlist the likes of ANTIFA, BLM and other terrorist organizations, Their New Campaign Boosters.

Left-wing mayhem


The Democratic Socialists of America conducted an internal membership survey after Sen. Bernie Sanders’s loss to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary. Its purpose was to reassess its priorities and expand its electoral coalition. What it found was not far from the caricature of a modern left-wing radical, and a preview of what the rioters and looters sacking major cities across America in 2020 would look like.
We’re in the midst of those riots now, and it’s long past time to get acquainted with the extremists who have taken to the streets to turn protests against police violence into violence of their own.
According to the Democratic Socialists of America’s own data, nearly a third of its members in 2017 earned over $100,000 a year. Just 6% belonged to a union. A vast majority boasted a college or post-graduate degree. Only 6% of its members identified as “just Democratic Socialist,” with the rest falling into ideological camps ranging from the dull (“progressive”) to the obscenely radical (“anarcho-syndicalism”).
The survey provided cheap laughs for those suspicious of the group’s real commitment to “working-class liberation” but also provided a glimpse into how much the composition of the Democratic Socialists of America mirrors the Democratic Party, which its members like to complain is insufficiently left-wing. The two may be more alike than each group cares to admit. Polls from the Michigan primary this year, for example, found that 35% of participants earned $100,000 or more. Sanders, the self-identified socialist, won 36% of those voters and just a slim majority, 52%, of households with incomes under $50,000.
As riots broke out across American cities following the needless death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old unarmed black man, in police custody, both Republicans and Democrats rushed to separate those engaged in peaceful protests from criminals hellbent on looting and burning unguarded local businesses. A significant portion of those who chose nihilistic criminality over legitimate protest were mere petty opportunists. But they are also, much to establishment Democrats’ chagrin and denial, a large swath of the Democratic Party’s base.
The Trump administration has cast antifa — a violent, loose-knit American adaptation of mid-20th-century European leftists aiming to overthrow the old order under the guise of being “anti-fascist” — as a driving force behind at least some of the nationwide violence.
On May 30, Attorney General William Barr said that “with the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful protest are being hijacked by violent radical elements” and that “groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda.”
President Trump drove the administration’s point home during a speech from the White House. “I want the organizers of this terror to be on notice that you will face severe criminal penalties and lengthy sentences in jail,” he said. “This includes antifa and others who are leading instigators of this violence.”
A 2018 report by the Congressional Research Service stated that “a portion of antifa movement members are willing to commit crimes to promote their beliefs” and that “the U.S. antifa movement appears to be decentralized, consisting of independent, radical, like-minded groups and individuals. Its tenets can dovetail with the principles of anarchism, socialism, and communism.” The report noted that “particular antifa groups may oppose different things based on how they identify who or what is fascist.”
In the case of the Floyd race riots, early evidence of some central organization by left-wing radicals has emerged, notably in Columbus, Ohio, where police arrested the owner of a bus that was stockpiled with weapons. An official from the New York Police Department’s terrorism and intelligence unit said “organizers of certain anarchist groups” were behind identifying targets for attackers, such as police cars or high-end stores. Details from these officials remain scarce and heavy-loaded with buzzwords such as “encrypted communication” (all iPhone messages are, by definition, encrypted) and “complex networks,” though they could be talking about something as simple as an online group chat. (As the Russian “collusion” investigation showed, intelligence officials have been known to inflate threats.)
But the scarcity of solid information combined with the serious reason to believe that organized anarchists acted as agents provocateurs to destroy thousands of businesses and scores of communities justify thorough investigation and interdiction by federal authorities. Barr said that he would use regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces to combat antifa and other violent groups that operate across state lines, tracking their money and coordination.
Arrest records show that individuals behind some of the more heinous acts in the riots mirror what the DSA survey alluded to. Take, for example, the two attorneys arrested by the NYPD on May 31 for allegedly tossing a Molotov cocktail into a police car. Colinford Mattis, a Princeton and New York University graduate, is currently out on a $250,000 bond with his accomplice Urooj Rahman, a Fordham-educated attorney whose bail was secured by Salmah Rizvi, an intelligence official in the Obama administration who is now at the D.C.-based law firm Ropes & Gray.
Then, there’s New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s own daughter, who was arrested that same night for disobeying police orders on the same block police cars were being burned. Chiara de Blasio graduated from the ritzy Santa Clara University in 2016 and still lives with her parents at Gracie Mansion. Reports say she plans on becoming a social worker, although she currently works for a feminist activist group named the Santa Clara Community Action Program.
In short, these are bourgeois revolutionaries, not much different in background than the door-knockers who volunteered for Sanders’s presidential campaign. They are being radicalized on college campuses and in their workplaces, not with pamphlets distributed outside of a labor union meeting. This is important, and potentially more of a challenge, because it is organic and has the tacit approval of the Democratic Party.
Petty criminals drawn toward left-wing violence has been a fixture of American politics for over a century. The question facing those concerned with law and order is why these riots spiraled out of control more than did, say, the 1999 World Trade Organization rampage in Seattle. Those who declare their allegiance to myriad anarchist groups certainly play a role in domestic turmoil, but the accelerant lies with those occupying mainstream Democratic politics.
In The Unheavenly City Revisited, 20th-century neoconservative Edward Banfield writes about the genealogy of urban riots and traces how civil dysfunction on the scale we’re seeing today comes together. The looting of stores on Fifth Avenue, which has been excused by media commentators, politicians, and academics, is a distinct act committed by a different group of people from the destruction of police cars and a kind of petty crime far more common than violent confrontations with the police. But in combination with demonstrations, peaceful and violent, against the killing of Floyd, it serves as an accelerant for a riot — as does the intellectual justification it is given because it is part of more legitimate means of demonstration.
As Banfield wrote on the Los Angeles Watts Riots in 1965, “But what probably did most to make rioting seem legitimate was acceptance of the claim that the Watts riot was a ‘revolt,’ and that rioting everywhere had some political purpose. … Explanations that find the cause of rioting in the rioters’ environment are bound to be taken as justification, or at any rate extenuations, of their behavior and therefore tend to reinforce the irresponsibility that is characteristic of the age and class culture from which rioters are largely drawn.”
As American politics further realigns along income and educational lines, these professional-middle-class radicals have become more and more crucial to the Democratic Party’s governing coalition. This reality helps explain the bizarre response given from the Minneapolis government after the first night of rioting. Mayor Jacob Frey abjectly lied and blamed the violence on “out-of-state” instigators and suggested white supremacists were taking advantage of peaceful protesters to commit terrorism. No evidence has emerged of a single far-right actor attending any riot, anywhere, and the vast majority of arrests in Minneapolis were from state residents.
Before his current stint as Minnesota’s attorney general, Keith Ellison represented the state’s 5th Congressional District, where he won 71% of the vote in a district that’s 77% white. That seat is now occupied by Rep. Ilhan Omar. Following Sanders’s primary loss in 2016, the Democratic Party knew it had a problem on its hands, particularly after Ellison opted to run for chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison lost to Tom Perez but was made deputy chairman.
The following year, he expressed his solidarity with antifa by tweeting out a picture of himself holding the “Antifa Handbook” outside a Minneapolis bookstore. “At @MoonPalaceBooks and I just found the book that strike fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump.” He has since deleted the tweet, but he is now, as mentioned, the state attorney general.
Despite his revolutionary rhetoric, Ellison hails from a comfortable, bourgeois background. He grew up in Detroit as one of five sons to a psychiatrist and social worker. He now counts three brothers as lawyers and another as a surgeon. In other words, his life is the embodiment of the American dream that Ellison claims is no more than a suffocating fairy tale.
Perhaps one of the most undercovered things to come out of the riots was the Biden campaign’s response. Although the former vice president was careful to condemn the violence in less-than-harsh terms, the behavior of his staff was more revealing. As business owners in Minneapolis pleaded to be spared from the senseless anarchy engulfing the streets, at least 13 of Joe Biden’s staffers donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a group that “pays criminal bail and immigration bond for those who cannot afford to as we seek to end discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing.”
Only 45 individuals were arrested in Minnesota’s Twin Cities from May 28 through May 30, according to police reports, meaning that law enforcement focused on arresting particularly bad actors, not your average college student disobeying orders. Thirteen of those 45 were arrested for commercial burglary, another for possession of an illegal firearm. The rest were taken into custody under rioting charges.
The rationale for donating these funds was that Biden sees cash bail as a “modern-day debtors prison,” according to the presumptive Democratic nominee’s campaign spokesman. Of all the times to make a point about the injustice of our legal system, the Biden campaign chose a moment when the poor and disadvantaged were the main alleged victims of those the campaign was helping.
And the damage was substantial: at least $55 million in Minneapolis, over $10 million in Georgia and Nebraska, and tens of millions of dollars’ worth in New York.
The entire conceit of Biden’s campaign, and the reason establishment figures rallied to his side before Sanders could jump out to an insurmountable delegate lead over him, is that he represents moderation at a time of radicalism and division. But the actions of the campaign over the past couple of weeks completely undermine its own raison d’etre.
And it marks a departure for the Democratic Party. No one from President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign bailed out the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in 2011 when 768 of them were arrested after blocking the Brooklyn Bridge that October.
For years, conservatives have speculated that wealthy leftist philanthropists such as George Soros play a role in the funding of antifa or in organizing Black Lives Matter-led protests through his Open Society Foundations, but his network denied any involvement, and little evidence supports the theory. Many on the Left happily join in for free, without the need for outside seed money, and with the blessing of elites.
Even Black Lives Matter, a movement for which virtually every major corporation and media outlet expresses support, traces its roots to the black radicalism of the 1970s, although its modern iteration goes back only to 2014 and an entirely false account of racist policing being responsible for the death of a young black man, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri.
Black Lives Matter’s website declares the group’s mission is to “counter police violence” and “eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes” and that “by combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives.” But one of its founders, Alicia Garza, counts convicted cop killer and FBI fugitive Assata Shakur as one of her main inspirations. Garza, along with the two other founders of Black Lives Matter, were named three of Time magazine’s “100 Women of the Year.”
Borealis Philanthropy, a left-wing group that connects grant-makers with activist organizations, helps manage the Movement Fund, which provides funding to a constellation of groups based on priorities set by the Black Lives Matter-affiliated group Movement for Black Lives. There is also a host of bail and legal relief funds for different Black Lives Matter chapters. On May 27, Borealis announced $915,000 in grants to 16 new grantees “advancing Black liberation” across the United States, including funding to a Black Lives Matter chapter.
In the wake of George Floyd’s death, Black Lives Matter set up a petition on its website to defund the police, calling law enforcement a barrier to the survival and thriving of black people. “George Floyd’s violent death was a breaking point — an all too familiar reminder that, for Black people, law enforcement doesn’t protect or save our lives. They often threaten and take them,” the group wrote.
That didn’t stop the corporate boards of Nike, Disney, NBC, CitiBank, McDonalds, and many others from releasing statements supporting Black Lives Matter and the Floyd demonstrations, although it remains unclear whether they even fundamentally disagree with their radical messages. The breakdown of civic order in cities has earned the approval of almost every functionary of power in the country, as the Biden campaign’s donations to a bail fund prove. Once, left-wing radicals feared that when they looked at the establishment, they were seeing their future. Now, they’re seeing their reflection.

WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT THAT? Democrats: “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste!”

Democrats seek to tap into fury over George Floyd

House Democrats intend to go big in their coming legislation to tackle systemic racism and patterns of violence against African Americans — a package responding to the killing of an unarmed black man by Minneapolis police exactly two weeks ago. 
The legislation, while centered around criminal justice reform, will seek to address racial disparities well outside the realm of law enforcement, delving into issues as varied as health care, education and environmental justice. 
The strategy advances the notion that the plague of police violence against African Americans — as exposed in graphic fashion with the death of George Floyd last month — is a symptom of problems much more ingrained and ubiquitous than police reform can fix by itself.
As protesters have flooded streets in scores of cities around the country, Democrats see a unique opportunity to confront the systemic racial disparities that pervade virtually every swath of American life.
“We want to see this as a time where we can go forward in a very drastic way — not incrementally, but in an important way to redress those problems,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday. “We’re talking a long way back and a lot of injustice in it all.”
Piloting the effort are the leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), who have been busy conducting tele-conferences and gathering policy recommendations from their Democratic colleagues and outside civil rights figures. 
Some of those voices have suggested an approach that focuses solely on the criminal justice reforms most directly related to the killing of Floyd and several other victims of similar attacks this year — a list that includes Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man killed by white vigilantes while jogging in south Georgia in February, and Breonna Taylor, 26, a medical technician killed by Louisville police during a botched drug raid in March. 
Yet CBC leaders, backed by Pelosi and other members of the party brass, want to tap the current wave of public outrage to move sweeping reforms designed to fight racial injustice at its roots.  
“I’m inclined to push the envelope as far as we can because we have a moment now,” CBC Chairwoman Karen Bass (D-Calif.) told CBS News last week.  Floyd and the killings of African Americans by police is not the only factor driving the current national unrest.  The coronavirus pandemic and the unemployment it has caused have laid bare what Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) described as the “systemic racial inequities that have festered in our society for years.” 
Black men and boys face the highest risk of being killed by police. Blacks have died from the coronavirus at higher rates than other groups. And the unemployment rate for blacks climbed to its highest level in a decade in May (16.8 percent), even while the joblessness rate for whites fell to 12.4 percent.  Floyd tested positive for COVID-19 after he died, the medical examiner’s autopsy report said, though the disease did not play a role in his death.
The inequities don’t stop there. Blacks are six times more likely to be incarcerated than whites in this country. Only 40 percent of blacks own their homes, compared to 70 percent of whites. And blacks are two and a half times more likely to live in poverty than whites.
The disparity is even more acute when it comes to the health of black Americans, said Uché Blackstock, a New York emergency physician who founded Advancing Health Equity.
“Black men have the shortest life expectancy, black babies the highest infant mortality rate, black women the highest maternal mortality rate, and this trend persists despite socio-economic status and level of formal education,” Blackstock testified before House lawmakers. “Even the chronic stress of living with daily racism results in the weathering effect: the premature physiologic aging of black Americans’ bodies.”
“Living in this country has essentially made black Americans sick,” she said.
The Democrats’ legislative response, to be unveiled Monday, is expected to feature a series of reforms directly highlighted by Floyd’s death. That list includes legislation designed to rein in racial profiling, crack down on police brutality and hold abusive officers to stricter account. 
One proposal, sponsored by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), would ban police chokeholds. Another, championed by Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), would create a special panel to examine the social status of African American men around the country. A third would create a federal database for tracking law enforcers with abusive records. A fourth would eliminate so-called qualified immunity, which shields officers from liability for certain acts performed in the line of duty. 
All four are expected in the final package, aides said. 
It’s unclear if the CBC package will include long-standing legislation, sponsored by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), to form a commission to study the idea of giving African Americans reparations for slavery.
But Bass, the CBC leader, predicted that the reparations bill would get a vote in the full House by the end of the year.   “It will be voted on out of committee and on the floor before this session is over,” Bass said on a recent conference call. 
Beyond the criminal justice provisions, Pelosi said the package would also include efforts to iron out the racial disparities related to education, the economy, health care and the environment. All of them, she suggested, are remnants of injustices stretching back to the first slave ship to arrive in the New World 400 years ago. 
“Maybe the sacrifice of George Floyd’s life, sadly, is something that just takes us to a new and better place in how we address all of this,” she said.  
The effort seems unlikely to be embraced by Republicans who have already accused Democrats of overreaching in their response to the coronavirus. But sweeping reforms will act as a marker in an election year when the White House and Senate are both up for grabs. And new cases of police violence — ironically targeting marchers protesting police violence — will put only more pressure on GOP leaders to respond in ways that aren’t just rhetorical. 
Indeed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has already suggested the upper chamber may be forced to adopt some reforms in response to Floyd’s death, and the outcry that’s followed. 
“It’s certainly something that we need to take a look at,” he told reporters in the Capitol.
Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.), a CBC member and former Orlando police chief who is on Joe Bidens vice presidential short-list, said in an interview with TIME that she wants to see the Justice Department create a new office that would oversee police hiring standards, training and discipline.  “Our job is to make sure that the administration understands the serious need to do these things, and I would certainly hope that the president and his Cabinet and his entire administration are watching what’s happening on the streets and America,” Demings said. 
“America is on fire.”

It is about time, but will they do anything with the depositions or is this just more talk no action!

Russia Hoax: Nearly Three Dozen Subpoenas Approved for Obama Administration Officials

Senate Republicans had a lot of momentum Thursday for their investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. The Senate Homeland Security Committee authorized subpoena requests for “nearly three dozen” Obama administration officials, reports NBC News. In conjunction, the Judiciary Committee is considering more than 50 additional subpoenas; any action is reportedly postponed until next week.
What has been aptly referred to as “unmasking the unmaskers” the Senate Republicans seek to get to the bottom of how Trump campaign and transition officials were “unmasked” such as former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Additional questions they want answered are why the FISA application process was so deeply misused to spy on the Trump campaign and the FBI and special counsel’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.
“The conduct we know that occurred during the transition should concern everyone and absolutely warrants further investigation,” said Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI). “There are times when extraordinary situations require action whether or not we all agree” Johnson added.
Democrats clearly have no defense, proven by their pathetic argument that Republicans are motivated by an election year. “I’m disappointed that our committee is once again meeting to discuss a partisan investigation,” said Homeland Security ranking Democrat Gary Peters of Michigan. “I’m concerned about the timing of this investigation that did not become a priority until we entered into an election year.  Peters had the audacity to say he was “concerned about the timing” showing he could not be more of an out of touch hypocrite.
Democratic senator Tom Carper of Delaware refuses to even attend the meetings, saying the committee is “trying to score political points and help a president in an election year.” One just can’t reason with these people. Trying to explain their hypocrisy to them is simply beating a dead horse.  Amongst those the Homeland Security and Judiciary committees are considering issuing subpoenas for include former CIA Director John Brennan, ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, former Obama chief of staff Dennis McDonough, former national security adviser Susan Rice and ex-FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.



David Dorn shooting: Arrest,
murder charge announced
in killing of retired
St. Louis police captain

A man has been arrested and faces charges including murder in last week’s shooting death of retired St. Louis police Capt. David Dorn amid riots and looting there, officials announced Sunday.
The arrest was the result of an “extensive homicide investigation” after the June 2 murder of Dorn, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner said in a statement Sunday.
Investigators recovered surveillance footage from the business where the shooting unfolded as well as surrounding businesses in the area, Gardner added.
The suspect, Stephan Cannon, 24, was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, felon in possession of a firearm and three counts of armed criminal action, Gardner said.
Stephan Cannon, seen here, has been arrested and charged in the death of David Dorn, a retired St. Louis police officer. 

Stephan Cannon, seen here, has been arrested and charged in the death of David Dorn, a retired St. Louis police officer.  (SLMPD)

Dorn, a retired police captain, was shot and killed in the early morning hours of June 2 while trying to protect his friend’s pawn shop during a night of violent protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, his widow said.  Dorn’s last moments were caught on video and apparently posted on Facebook Live, though the video has since been taken down. He was killed by people who had broken into Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry, and his body was found on the sidewalk at about 2:30 a.m., investigators said.
His death came on a violent night in St. Louis, where four officers were shot; officers were pelted with rocks and fireworks; and 55 businesses were burglarized or damaged, including a convenience store that burned. Police also shot and gravely injured a burglary suspect who they said shot at officers.  Cities across the U.S. have seen protests and violence since George Floyd died May 25 while in the custody of a white Minneapolis police officer.
Dorn was a friend of the pawn shop’s owner and frequently checked on the business when alarms went off, his wife, St. Louis police Sgt. Ann Marie Dorn, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
David Dorn served nearly 40 years on the St. Louis police force before he retired in October 2007. He then became chief of Moline Acres, a small town in St. Louis County.
Former St. Louis County police Chief Tim Fitch knew Dorn for 30 years and said they became close friends when Dorn and his wife were leading the St. Louis police department’s Explorers program for young people interested in law enforcement careers, while Fitch was leading the county’s program.  “He was very dedicated to youth, especially disadvantaged youth,” said Fitch, who led the St. Louis County Police Department from 2009 to 2014. “He wanted to see them succeed. He wanted to be a role model for those young men and women to go into law enforcement.”
David Dorn served 38 years on the St. Louis police force before he retired in October 2007.
David Dorn served 38 years on the St. Louis police force before he retired in October 2007. (St Louis Metropolitan Police Department)
Dorn’s personality was “bigger than life,” Fitch said. “He was a fun guy, a happy guy. You never had to wonder what he was thinking when somebody did something incredibly stupid like a crime because he would just say it as he saw it.”  When he took over as chief in Moline Acres, Dorn made it clear that his officers would be held to the strictest of standards, Fitch said.
“He wanted them to do the right thing all the time,” Fitch said.
The Ethical Society of Police, which has represented black officers in St. Louis, commented in a news release that Dorn was “the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to.”
St. Louis police Chief John Hayden called Dorn a “fine captain.”
“Many of us, the other officers, looked up to him,” Hayden added. “Was very well-liked, very pleasant, and his wife still works here. So, a very sad time for our agency. We will honor him.”
The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Tackling the Problem of Over Criminalization 

Article from For Liberty by Norm Leahy.
Lurking in the background of the unrest gripping parts of the country this week is an old story that needs to be brought back to the forefront: America has too many laws.
The technical term for this is “over criminalization,” the idea that we’ve made so many things illegal, it’s possible for the average person to violate major federal laws just about every day without even trying.  The rapid expansion of the federal criminal code is a big part of the problem. But state and local governments are no slouches when it comes to over criminalization:
Thousands of statutes, regulations, and local ordinances carry criminal penalties in each state. Arizona has over 4,000 statutory offenses that can result in a criminal conviction. North Carolina has added five sections to its criminal code each year since World War II, and its legislature has added 318 new crimes since 2009 alone. These numbers are compounded by the fact that our state legal systems are a patchwork of laws, where even crimes with the same name require a variety of different statutory elements across state borders.
What happens when so much is made illegal?
The story of fisherman John Yates presents a second concern commonly raised about over criminalization: arbitrary or abusive prosecution. Prosecutors brought charges against Yates and secured a felony conviction for a violation of the “anti-document-shredding” provision of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. What did Mr. Yates do to deserve time in a federal prison? He threw three of the approximately 3,000 fish he caught that day back into the ocean because he knew they were undersized according to federal regulations, in effect destroying evidence. While the Supreme Court overturned his conviction eight years later, not everyone facing a similar situation has the chance to have the Supreme Court hear their case.
The simple solution to reducing over criminalization is for governments to reform their criminal codes, removing laws that are either outdated, arbitrary, or fail to define criminal intent.  That’s surprisingly hard to do, though some states have succeeded in cleaning up some portions of their codes…with much more left to do.  Tackling over criminalization won’t prevent the scenes unfolding on the streets today. But it will work in the background, curbing the incentive – and the legal basis — to make a criminal out of just about anyone.

This is a struggle between good and evil, and that there no longer exists a middle ground on which the two sides can meet. We are long past that

The Morality of Insurrection

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The Morality of Insurrection

Among the more disturbing images to come out of the recent street violence following the killing of George Floyd are those of police officers and white civilians kneeling “in solidarity” with the protesters.
If any of those Americans, black or white, who are protesting the killing of George Floyd are acting in good faith and not in the furtherance of a Leftist agenda, then they are either uninformed or they are being manipulated. Contrary to the narrative being promoted by the Left, the media, and former president Barack Obama, once the respective rates of violent crimes committed by blacks and whites are taken into account, it is clear that police throughout America simply are not killing disproportionately more black men than white men. In other words, the only reason to take to the streets over the Floyd killing is to exploit it to promote Leftist ends.
You want to burn down buildings? Burn down this f–ing Constitution.”
Before the 1960s, Marxists divided people into capital and labor and posited an unbridgeable gap between the interests of the one and the other. Since then they have divided people into the oppressed (blacks, women, gays, and a host of others) and the oppressors (primarily whites and men), and they have posited the same unbridgeable gap. The viability of the Democratic Party depends on maintaining, and widening, this gap.
This is the context in which the recent George Floyd “protests” need to be understood. According to the Left’s narrative, one echoed today throughout academia and the media, the members of these oppressed groups have been and continue to be the victims of systemic injustice, to such an extent that the legitimacy of the American enterprise itself, including such bedrock elements of that enterprise as individual rights, private property, and capitalism, now stand discredited. So we hear things like this, from former Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star, Leslie Jones, “You want to burn down buildings? Burn down this f–ing Constitution.”
Essential to the Left’s success in fundamentally changing America, and they have been disturbingly successful to date, has been their code of pseudo-morality. (“Pseudo” because it is a morality designed to serve political ends, rather than vice versa.) They care—for the hurt and the lame and the afflicted, but especially for the members of their coalition of the oppressed. Said California Governor Gavin Newsom this week in comments on the death of George Floyd, “We have a country that predominantly values power, dominance and aggression over care, empathy and collaboration.”  In other words, too many of us benighted souls do not yet share the Left’s affinity for “care, empathy and collaboration.”
One of the Left’s most reliable tools is guilt. It is a powerful de-moralizer
It is this solicitude for those in need that affords the Left their overweening sense of moral superiority, and which makes their message so seductive to the naïve and the uncritical among us. It is this which provides them a patina of benevolence, and which entitles them to stigmatize anyone as a “hater” who does not share their self-abnegating brand of compassion. And it is this which entitles them to impose their pseudo-morality on the rest of us, and they do mean to impose it, by force when necessary and with ruthless consistency. Remember transgendered men in women’s locker rooms? Or ask Grant Napear, for the last 30 plus years the play-by-play announcer for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, who lost his job this week for tweeting, “All lives matter.”
One of the Left’s most reliable tools is guilt. It is a powerful de-moralizer, as the kneeling policemen and white civilians attest. By pleading guilty, in effect, to their (imaginary) white racism, and by acknowledging their (imaginary) “white privilege,” the kneelers are sanctioning, wittingly or not, the protesters’ assault on the Constitution, and they are emboldening them and their violent co-conspirators to press ever harder to topple that Constitution.
If there are any doubts about the ultimate, destructive aims of the “protesters,” those doubts are dispelled by the protesters’ explicit desire to “defund” or otherwise disempower the police. The fundamental purpose of government is not to run day-care centers or libraries or to dispense welfare checks. The fundamental purpose of government is to keep the peace; government, in essence, is the police (and the military). There can be only one reason to advocate weakening or disbanding the police, and that is to unleash anarchy.

We are in the midst of a genuine insurrection

In city after city for over a week now we have been witnessing what happens when the police fail to do their jobs. Can any honest, rational person really believe that our cities would be safer if the police were hamstrung further than they already are, or if they were disbanded altogether? The crippling of the police can serve only one purpose, to allow anarchy to rise to such a level as to destabilize the government altogether.
Consider, in this regard, the degree to which Democratic leaders in office have been complicit, either overtly or by default, in the recent mayhem. The top-ranking Democratic leader in the Federal Government, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has not had one critical word to say about the violence that has been tearing our cities apart. And the chief law enforcement officer of the State of Massachusetts, Attorney General Elizabeth Vaughn, has opined “Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow.”
We are in the midst of a genuine insurrection. The mainstream media are openly and unabashedly on the side of the insurrectionists, as are many leaders of the Democratic Party. One of Mr. Trump’s strengths is that he has been steadfastly and unreservedly on the side of the Constitution. To his great credit he has refused to sanction the insurrectionists in any way, not even by crediting them with good intentions, as political correctness would require of him. It is clear that he understands this is a struggle between good and evil, and that there no longer exists a middle ground on which the two sides can meet. We are long past that.

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