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 While America Slept

By Sheila G, November 17, 2020

We had our Presidential election 15 days ago, and we do not know who our President is. Our country is facing the largest voting scandal ever perpetrated in our country against President Trump. Every American needs to know we are facing much more than a stolen election.

Sidney Powell just provided a public update, “Trump votes were programmed to switch to Biden ahead of time, but Trumps votes were so high it didn’t do it right because they didn’t set their algorithms high enough. This is why they stopped counting.”

The question that needs to be asked and answered is who did this? With the Scytal raid in Germany and the seizure of the voting machines, it has become apparent who our enemy is, and it is a worldwide enemy of the people. It does not matter which continent we live on; the same scam is being unleashed upon all of us – worldwide. 
  We all have heard of UN Agenda 20, which was replaced with UN Agenda 30, and is now called Global Reset. The name changes are just a diversionary tactic. Regardless of what we call it, the motive, means, and money are clear, and we can thank our President for educating us. 

We now know that many of our government leaders in America are participating in this atrocity to human society in America and across the world. This has been going on for years and years. This is why I titled this article “While America Slept.” We all were not paying attention. This was happening long before Donald Trump came into the picture. I certainly include myself. Our, President, Donald J. Trump, has provided each of us with a priceless education. I will be forever thankful for all that he has done for us. 

It is no conspiracy theory.  Just like the Democrats telling us every step of the way what they are doing, so are the leaders of the world.  They are openly supporting the Global Reset.  We must all become knowledgeable of the Global Reset because it will replace our Constitutaion if  we let this nonsense continue.
 Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is an ardant supporter. He says, “The pandemic has presented our chance to reset the world”.
Click here to view Justin Trudeau making the statement
✅ June 3, 2020.The Davos Reset 2021 Agenda of the World Economic Forum. A New Phase of Economic and Social Destruction? This is the article by Global Research.
Click here to read article
 Paster Jerome reveals the some of the significant American players behind the Global Reset.
View Pastor Jerome’s video here
✅ Listen to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pledging allegiance to the New World order
Click here to view Lori Lightfoot endorsing the New World Order

✅ ✅ ✅ Published November 16, 2020 is a MUST read Bloomberg article published by Yahoo News. “
World Leaders Urge U.S.-China Reset as Virus Rages: NEF Update

“U.S. President-elect Joe Biden should look to develop an “overall constructive relationship” with China following “quite a tumultuous ride” over the past four years, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in an interview”
Read this revealing report of what America is facing
All of the above information affirms the pandemic is a key part of the success of the Global Reset. Without it there is no opportunity.  World leaders are seizing upon this opportunity.  They are not going to let go of it.
We must keep in mind all of the above. There is a direct correlation between the Democrats mail ballot initiative and the Global Reset.  There is a direct correlation between the pandemic and fraudulently manipulating votes.  There is a direct correlation between America’s judicial system and the Global Reset.  There is a direct correlation between America’s judges and the Global Reset.
We know our CIA played an integral role in manipulating election outcomes worldwide. They did not do so for the people in those countries. They did not do it for us or our country either. They are doing it as part of the Global Reset and this is the only conclusion that can be made from the actions of these unfit for human society people working for and as part of our enemy. We need to dispose of the term deep state. It is simply too generic. Remember the rally where the President said he did not realize the swamp was so deep. Neither did any of us.  
Today, many still do not recognize who the deep state is. The term is used generically without reference to who this group is. Wake up, people. The deep state is very, very deep. It is vast and spread across the world. It is corruption at its highest level.
Who is the deep state? They are the elite, ruling class. These are the people who feel they need to govern countries, continents, the world. These are are the people who see only two classes of people – the ruling class and everyday citizens. They have no room at the table for us to participate in our governance. These are the people behind the Global Reset.  These are the people who want to destroy our Constitution and replace it with a world order set of rules to live by.

This is our enemy and the enemy of the people of the world

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