So what’s the endgame? If you want “control of a culture, you need two choke points,” Kline explained. “You want to control the flow of information, which is the lifeblood of a [republic]” — ergo, Big Tech censorship. “… And next, you control the way in which they [people] select their leaders.”  All told, Kline claims that Zuckerberg spent $400 million on the election, which “matched the federal government appropriation,” he said. “We’ve got a shadow government with Mr. Zuckerberg.”
Yet while de facto, Big Tech oligarchs have outsized influence, the people keeping them safe might have had their influence negated. As Kline also explained, Michigan bigwigs claim that in Detroit, a Democrat official “can appoint three Democrats to take military ballots and say, ‘You know, these ballots can’t be fed by the machine, so we’re gonna’ fill out the ballot for our men and women who are overseas defending our country.’”
“‘We’ll do it for them,’” he continued. “‘We’ll push these ballots aside. We’ll feed them, we’ll cast them, we’ll count them — without anybody seeing it.’”
So while tech billionaires get, in essence, innumerable votes, some of our soldiers have apparently been denied theirs. Our military personnel still get to do the bleeding and dying in the establishment’s wars, though.  Given this, is it any wonder that as far as Joe Biden’s hiring preferences go, we hear that Big Tech figures would multiply in his administration like Democrat ballots after midnight?