Liberal Jonathan Turley: “Voting Fraud Occurred”; Trump Not Done YetImage of Jonathon Turley: Screenshot of Wikimedia image provided by SLOWKING under licensing found here —
Democrat scholar, attorney, and commentator Jonathan Turley (shown) is known as a straight shooter. That’s why it should give even skeptics pause when the George Washington University law professor says that “voting fraud occurred” in the 2020 election and that the process that could prove its magnitude should continue unimpeded.
Critics who’d like to quickly wrap the election up with a bow and present the nation a gift that’ll keep on giving will rhetorically ask, “Where’s the evidence?!” But Turley points out that this question is premature: Obviously, you can’t provide evidence until you conduct an investigation — the very thing those critics would like to forestall.
While speaking to Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Turley alluded to the four stages in an election: voting, tabulation, canvassing, and certification. The professor pointed out that we currently know little because we’re still just in the second stage.  As to what he does know, Turley echoed the Ohio election worker who called the way we conduct our national elections “ridiculous and inexcusable” and himself characterized the current confusion as “alarming” and “maddening.”
Criticizing the legal analysts who early on claimed there was no vote fraud and that President Trump should concede, Turley said that we “didn’t have any of the information to judge anything about voter fraud — we still don’t.”  “We’re still in the tabulation stage. We wouldn’t have evidence of systemic problems until we’re into the canvassing stage in most elections,” he continued. “And that has created this frustration in court; you know, a Trump attorney was asked by a judge ‘Are you saying there was massive fraud?’ and he said ‘Honestly, no.’ But the reason he said that is because it’s the election officials who hold this information.”
The academic then presented an excellent analogy. “It’s like being not just asked to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar, but you have to do it without actually seeing the jar,” he said. “You know, so in order to find system problems, you need access to the system. Now, does that mean we have seen evidence that would establish systemic violations? No.”
He then continued, however, saying,

[But] I’ve been reading these complaints and these affidavits. I think it’s clear at this point that voting fraud occurred; I mean … there is obviously a record here of dead people voting. There are obviously problems of keeping observers in positions where they really couldn’t observe very effectively. But we still don’t know. But we wouldn’t know — unless we had greater access to the system itself. That is held by election officials, and that requires a court to order that information to be turned over” (video below).

“I think it’s clear at this point that voting fraud occurred.

There’s obviously a record here of dead people voting.” – @JonathanTurley