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RNC Daily Messaging 10/14

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearing

  • During the second day of her confirmation hearing, Judge Amy Coney Barrett effectively expressed her commitment to the Constitution and rule of law.
    • She was informed and composed, and impressively used no notes.
    • Judge Barrett made it clear she will be an unbiased and objective voice on the Supreme Court.
    • She will serve the American people with honor and distinction on our nation’s highest court.
    • Throughout the hearing, Judge Barrett adhered to the Ginsburg standard. “No hints, no forecasts, no previews.”
  • Judge Barrett and her qualifications have been widely praised and is well respected across the legal community.
    • It is notable no Notre Dame Law professors – Judge Barrett’s fmr. colleagues signed a letter that was touted by Democrats.
    • The American Bar Association – what Chuck Schumer has previously called the “gold standard” for evaluating judicial nominees – evaluated Judge Barrett as “well qualified.”
    • Governors, Lt. Governors, and State Attorneys and Solicitors General have all backed Judge Barrett’s nomination.
    • Experts and the media have all praised Judge Barrett’s qualifications. 
    • She has the respect of peers from across the ideological spectrum.
  • Democrats like Kamala Harris and Sheldon Whitehouse resorted to political speeches instead of questioning.
  • Democrats can’t attack Judge Barrett’s qualifications, so they are falling back to scare tactics, the same thing they do every time they have no good argument.
    • Democrats’ calls for recusal on cases are purely political. There is no precedent for Supreme Court nominees pledging recusals.
    • Her previous academic punditry doesn’t indicate how she would rule on a given case. Judge Barrett has been consistent that she will decide cases based on written law and the Constitution.
    • Judge Barrett has never ruled on healthcare, yet Democrats are presenting the illusion of a near certain outcome in pending court case.
      • Democrats are misleading Americans on Judge Barrett’s book review and her commentary on NFIB v. Sebelius is irrelevant to the pending case on Obamacare.
      • The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminated the individual mandate, therefore, Judge Barrett’s discussion of the individual mandate opinion is no longer relevant.
  • Judge Barrett has repeatedly affirmed her commitment to judicial independence.
  • Judge Barrett should be confirmed without delay.
  • RNC Research: “Shameless” Democrats No Match For “Terrific,” “Impressive” Judge Barrett
  • RNC Research: Desperate Democrats Gear Up For Round 2 After Barrett Shines During Questioning
 Joe Biden Would Cave to the Far Left on Court Packing 
  • Pressure is mounting for Joe Biden and Democrats running for Senate to take a stance on court packing.Court packing threatens our judiciary’s independence.
  • Americans have previously rejected court packing.  We have had 9 Justices for more than 150 years. FDR unsuccessfully attempted to pack the court during his presidency.
  • Joe Biden has said voters will learn his stance AFTER the election and voters “don’t deserve to know” his position.
    • Joe Biden has dodged the court packing question and hinted he is “not a fan.”
    • He also inaccurately said “court packing is going on now.” Filling a vacancy is not court packing.
  • Bottom line – Joe Biden would cave to the far left on court packing.
  • Joe Biden would fundamentally change a branch of government.  
    • The majority (54%) of Americans oppose increasing the number of Supreme Court Justices.
  • Joe Biden should also release his list of potential Supreme Court nominees, which will inevitably include activist judges.


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