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Recently a WHO executive director said that the UN agency estimates that about 10 percent of the world’s population may have been infected with COVID-19. Recognizing that 10 percent of the world’s population is about 760 million, we have to wonder how deadly this virus actually is.  For the past weeks and months now we have been constantly hearing that if we don’t take the right steps, the virus will keep spreading. Even though the virus continues to spread with all of the actions everyone has taken.
According to The New American, “WHO’s virus dashboard shows 35,274,993 confirmed cases and 1,038,534 deaths, which would mean the virus killed 2.9 percent of those who contracted it. That figure is likely much lower, because not everyone who contracts the virus will be tested. Yet if [the] … figure of 760 million cases is correct, then the death rate would be 0.136 percent using the figure for confirmed deaths.”
Now, we do realize that because COVID-19 is a new virus, it is more easily caught and transmitted. However many medical professionals have pointed out that most of those who have died with COVID-19 are older and generally have an underlying condition. With that being said it makes us wonder whether they would survive a serious case of the flu or pneumonia, let alone this new virus.
For months now the mainstream media has been portraying this as a deadly virus to keep you living in fear. We encourage you to do your own research because as many already know, viruses will always be with us. We need to accept it and move on.  Tyrants understand that as long as you are afraid, they can control your movements, choices, and ultimately, how you will live. The best thing we can do is continue to be an educated and fearless electorate. We urge you to focus on educating those officials that are charged with enforcement because they have taken an oath to protect our God-given rights, not to trample over them.
We encourage you to follow the action items below to help expose this tyrannical plan to take away our God-given rights in the name of the COVID-19 “crisis.”
Action Items
1)    Share online and then print out and distribute, WHO: 760M Have Chinese Virus. So How Deadly Is It?
3)    If you’re not a member, apply for membership in The John Birch Society today

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