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“MAGA” Evidence of “White Supremacy”

American Liberty Report
U.S. Army Declares “MAGA” Evidence of “White Supremacy”

Imagine if, during the Civil War, a Union officer sent out a flyer to all the troops (that being pre-internet days) declaring the Confederacy to be a wonderful success. “Slavery is a great model to run an economy! The Confederacy will last a thousand years!” the fictitious flyer declared. President Lincoln likely would have had the officer who sent out that flyer tried and hanged for treason. Which is why the US Army is lucky that President Donald Trump is not the authoritarian the left always claims he is. Get a load of this story.
Something called the US Army Equity & Inclusion Agency just sent out a mass email to thousands of US Army enlisted members and civilian contractors. The message contained a PowerPoint graphic with a list of terms that are considered “Convert White Supremacy.” They meant to write “COVERT White Supremacy,” but apparently the little girls running the Army Equity & Inclusion Agency are as good at spelling as they probably are at fighting.
The phrase “Make America Great Again” is on the US Army list of “Covert White Supremacy” examples in America. “Celebrating Columbus Day as a holiday,” wearing certain Halloween costumes, believing that English should be America’s national language, and stating “All Lives Matter” are also examples of “Covert White Supremacy” in America.  The graphic also lists “Eurocentric Beauty Standards” as white supremacy. That’s a polite way of saying that if you think that the walking SJW parade float Stacey Abrams is physically unattractive, you’re a racist.
The US Army is now backpedaling and claiming the email was sent by mistake. Which is curious, since the graphic was originally created in 2005 by a group called the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence. The graphic was revamped and re-copyrighted in 2019, presumably to add “Make America Great Again” to the list of covert white supremacy stuff.
Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) is outraged that the email was sent and he’s calling for a full investigation under the Hatch Act. That’s the act that bars federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities. That’s a no-no whether you work at the US Army or the IRS or the Department of Agriculture.  Brooks is calling for the person who authorized the email to be fired. That’s all well and good, but I’m angrier that something called the US Army Equity & Inclusion Agency exists in the first place. It’s obviously something that was invented by noted military strategist and warfighting expert Valerie Jarrett on behalf of Obama.
The existence of the Army Equity & Inclusion Agency is about as nakedly partisan as the military suddenly announcing a Transgender Knitting & Ballroom Dancing Battalion stationed at Fort Hillary Clinton. It’s dangerous to all of us. You do not want to live in a country with a military that plays partisan identity politics. Just ask the people who survived the Tiananmen Square Massacre.  The Communist regime in Beijing couldn’t convince Chinese soldiers to fire on the Chinese college students who were staging pro-democracy protests in 1989. So, they sent in the Mongolian Reserves. They did open fire on the protesters. What did the Mongolians care? They weren’t related to any of the college students.
That’s what a partisan identity politics military is capable of.
This “Equity & Inclusion Agency” has me more spun up than anything else going on in American society right now. I wish I could stress to everyone just how dangerous this office is to the country. It would be better to go stand on the McCloskeys’ front lawn in St. Louis right now, brandishing a squirt gun and wearing an “All Lives Matter” T-shirt, than to live in a country in which the military has a partisan liberal “Equity & Inclusion Agency.” Your survival chances would be better on the McCloskeys’ front lawn.  If the Army is sending out messages that President Trump’s MAGA slogan is “covert white supremacy,” then we are done as a nation. We may as well just roll over for China right now, because we don’t actually have a functional military presence that can defend America. The US Army Equity & Inclusion Agency is toxic Democrat Party poison. It has absolutely no place in the American military. Trump should disband the entire agency and abolish it, and then let Kurt Schlichter’s old artillery unit use the building for artillery practice.

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