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Lawsuit Filed to Stop GOP Convention

Lawsuit Filed to Stop GOP Convention

AAN Staff
A lawsuit on behalf of multiple Jacksonville business owners has an ambitious goal: stop the Trump campaign and RNC from holding its 2020 convention.
They argue that the mass gathering will be detrimental to Jacksonville’s 820,000 residents’ health amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Hot Air’s Karen Townsend reports on the status of the suit:

Some of the wording here is sounding pretty familiar, especially if you have watched the drama with the Republican Party of Texas’ state convention in Houston. Yesterday I updated my latest post on it to include the news that Mayor Sylvester has, in fact, canceled the convention. He cites a “clear and present danger to the health and well-being of convention attendees, workers, local hotel and restaurant owners and Houstonians”. The term “force majeure” is used. A clause in the contract allows one side to cancel for an occurrence out of its control. The definition included “epidemics in the City of Houston.” The lawsuit in Jacksonville states the convention will “constitute a nuisance.”

A Jacksonville attorney asked a judge Wednesday to require the GOP convention shrink to a smaller size with face masks and social distancing in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The convention is planned for Aug. 24-27 at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena. The arena holds 15,000 people though that amount of people are not expected to attend the convention. The lawsuit was filed in circuit court. Also cited is the fact that the arena is near a neighborhood with Black and older residents – those most at risk for the coronavirus.

The lawsuit wants the convention to be canceled. If not canceled, then the convention should not be bigger than 2,500 people. During a news conference on Tuesday, Mayor Lenny Curry told reporters that Gov. Ron DeSantis’s executive orders limit all venues like the arena to 50 percent occupancy limit. It is not clear if that restriction will be in place in August. As in Texas, the coronavirus is spiking in Florida right now.

Many lawmakers, including Senators Grassley, Mitt Romney, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski have already declared they will not attend the convention, most due to health concerns. President Trump, during an interview with Greta Van Susteren, said he would consider a smaller convention as an acceptable compromise for holding the convention in Florida. He acknowledged it depends on the status of the coronavirus outbreak. Trump is expected to accept the party’s nomination in Jacksonville. He said the GOP is “flexible.”

Would you attend the GOP convention, or does it merely depend on the severity of the coronavirus in Florida? Share your thoughts with us below!
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