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From our friend…a timely & important subject…

“THEY TAPPED MY PHONES”..We all remember those words from the mouth of Donald Trump..And everyone in the media laughed at such absurd remarks..They made fun of Donald Trump..”just another Trump lie”..”another Trump Conspiracy story”..EXCEPT it was 100% true..
Yep..Everything is finally beginning to bubble to the top..And it is now beginning to look very caustic..It is beginning to look like there indeed was a CONSPIRACY to run Donald out of office..We always saw the smell of the conspiracy..but now facts..notes..notes from actual conversations and meetings (in the Oval Office)..They are all starting to leak..They went after Gen Flynn because they thought they could squeeze him..but all they got was Gen Flynn and that has now been thrown in the trash bin of conspiracy facts..
They went after everyone and all they got was..NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION…NO IMPEACHMENT..They thought they had a good SLOGAN..”RUSSIAN COLLUSION”..Sounds bad, doesn’t it?..But it was NEVER TRUE..not even a close call..According to Jim Comey’s notes..the famous Gen Flynn phone call to the Russian Ambassador “had nothing in it that was improper”…But if you listened to former CIA Director Brennen..Trump was a TRAITOR..It now is beginning to become very clear that the TRAITORS were in the WH and the “THE GROUP” are the guys and gals who all worked for one MAN..All these people worked for BARRY..
You want to know why Barry is now in campaign mode for a SENILE OLD MAN.. Because if Donald is re-elected you can bet your very last dollar that all of this disgraceful effort to “OVERTURN” an election will finally be exposed..Comey..Brennen..McCabe..Strozk…Clapper..Rice..AND now Joe Biden is front and center..
2 months ago.in a now famous interview..Joe claimed he knew “absolutely nothing ” about any of this..Yes, he sat in the oval office meeting, but he was NOT part of any conversation..Well, evidently that is another LIE..because Joey, in that very meeting even suggested..”how about the Logan Act?”…Yep..those were Joe’s words in that OVAL OFFICE meeting..The Logan Act!..Exactly what they threatened Gen Flynn with..A law that has never been prosecuted in more than 200 yrs.
Where are we?..Look out for the efforts of John Durham..my guess is..lots of bricks will fall..lots of lies will start showing up..And if you want to know why the Democrats have embraced BLM..and all the demonstrations..and riots..They are hoping like hell that it will distract from THE CONSPIRACY that is as real as the nose on your face..The CONSPIRACY to OVERTHROW an election.
.If you want proof that Democrats do not believe in elections..watch the crowds over the past month..watch the media..watch the mobs and the riots..None of these people want elections..they want MOB RULE..what they accuse Donald Trump of is exactly what they so ardently believe in..just watch…your eyes will tell you the truth..

Floyd Stern


WebMaster: Anonymous is a retired individual who worked in the news industry for over 40 years.  He has written several books, but is now retired, and prefers to remain anonymous in his writings.  His writing style is different, but very effective.
Floyd Stern, the signatory of these letters, is a close friend of this writer.

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