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From our friend…on the double standard and hypocrisy of the LEFT
Does anyone remember Susan Rice and her wonderful trips to all 5 Sunday Morning News shows as she proclaimed..”BENGHAZI was a result of a “video” that caused the spontaneous attack that killed 4 Americans”? Which included the only American Ambassador to die on the job in nearly 50yrs…

Do you know why she LIED to the American people..FIVE TIMES IN ONE DAY.?.So the event (the death of 4 Americans) would not affect the “RE-ELECTION” of Saint Obama..Yes..that’s right!…4 dead Americans including a UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR were trashed..”thrown under the bus”..frankly there is NO other way to describe the disgusting behavior of lying about how & why they died..All so it would NOT AFFECT The re-election of Barack…

Donald Trump is a ton of bad things…make no mistake about that..BUT he has not sacrificed a single life ..not one, so that he could get re-elected..And Hillary and Barry had no problem sending Susan Rice out to lie on that Sunday morning…Where am I going with this?..
“THE JOHN BOLTON TRASHING TOME” ..Ambassador Bolton cannot wait to proclaim and the media simply love it..that everything Trump does is so he can get  “re-elected”…Maybe so…but he has not left a single American  to get slaughtered and then go on TV and LIE ABOUT THE ENTIRE EVENT to every American..All so the American people would not know the truth!
The media have a DOUBLE STANDARD..but DEATH has no double standard..Those guys died and the President of United States, Barack Obama, had absolutely no problem having his NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR tell the American people a bold faced, flat out lie…SO HE COULD GET RE-ELECTED……Oh how the media soon forget!
Floyd Stern
WebMaster: Anonymous is a retired individual who worked in the news industry for over 40 years.  He has written several books, but is now retired, and prefers to remain anonymous in his writings.  His writing style is different, but very effective.
Floyd Stern, the signatory of these letters, is a close friend of this writer.
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