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Remember the day when You actually had to take a CIVICS COURSE in order to get your HS Diploma

From our friend, an excellent exposition…

Just think. except for that lying Adam Schiffless, there was no one more vocal or more on stage than former CIA Director . John Brennen, who was almost a daily guest on MSNBC..showing up at least weekly to proclaim the proof of RUSSIAN COLLUSION in some form or another..He even went so far as to accuse the President of the United States of TREASON..I actually watched that “event”..It was palpable. The penalty for “TREASON” is..execution according to the CONSTITUTION..My guess is, John Brennen has never read the CONSTITUTION ..As matter of fact, I would be willing  to bet money that there are a whole bunch of people who work in the higher echelons of our government who have never read the CONSTITUTION ( the Governor of NJ has certainly never read is above his pay grade!))..They don’t  teach such very important things in High School any longer ( for more than 40 yrs it has been gone) why expect such knowledge to be floating around.
 When I went to HS ( many centuries ago).It was required by the State of NJ..You actually had to take a CIVICS COURSE in order to get your HS Diploma..No matter how smart you were..everyone had to take the same course..Sort of  like that stuff they USED TO TEACH in College ..We actually had required courses that were important..Such basic knowledge as WESTERN CIVILIZATION..I know that many people flinch in horror  at such notions but the plain reality is..This country has ALL ITS ORIGINS from Europe and Western Civilization..Not Asia..Not Africa (as the NY Times would now have you believe)..
So back to John Brennen..He admitted “under oath” that there was NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION that he was aware of..Mind you, this was the Director of THE CIA and he says..NADA..If anyone would know the truth, it would be Mr Brennen..So exactly what has been going on with ALL THIS INTENTIONAL LYING..I say intentional because sometimes you can not be telling the truth but it is not intentional..You could be ignorant of the facts..But Adam Schiffless was most certainly not ignorant..The BAG LADY from Ca most certainly was not ignorant as she had access to everything due to her exalted position..James Clapper had access to the truth, he even stated under oath  that there was NOT ANY RUSSIAN COLLUSION..So where does all this go?..
Lets start with THE MEDIA. Good place to begin..They hate Donald Trump..even more than Democrats hate Donald Trump..You know why?..They simply DO NOT COUNT ANYMORE..There is almost nothing in life that is more devastating to ones mental state than to be advised ..YOU ARE NOW IRRELEVANT..YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT..YOU ARE IMPOTENT ..Especially when your entire life is built on the  fact that your very words can move mountains..To be told you don’t count is simply devastating..And Donald has thrown the media into the very cesspool they belong..
The proof..they cannot bring him down no matter how hard they try over 4 yrs..and G-D knows, they sure as hell tried..They are out to get him. Their very close and good friends in this cabal were the very willing Democrats..The Democrats could lie as long as the media called it TRUTH..After all..if the media says it is must be true!..The problem is..over the past 10 days or so we have all learned that they ALL LIED..AND LIED AND LIED..The lied so very much that they took us all into IMPEACHMENT ..
Think about all the broken glass as a result IMPEACHMENT, .The division it brought..and the Democrats said..”well, it is worth a try!”..after all WE HATE TRUMP and the media agrees that he should be convicted..he is guilty claimed the media! ..Except it was all a frame-up..brought to you by the most corrupt party to ever walk the grounds of our great country..If only they still taught CIVICS..we just might have not had to experience the garbage coming from THE MEDIA..THE DEEP STATE..and THE DEMOCRATS… was Democrats and all their very liberal friends who have eliminated such educational subjects as CIVICS  in our school systems……Now you know why!
Our anonymous writer spent 40 years in the news industry,
and has written several books.He has stated he prefers to
remain anonymous,
 is currently retired from the News business.

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