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From our friend…I believe this is one of his best…
If anyone has watched CNN or MSNBC over the past few days, they would have noticed a decided story line in almost every single broadcast..It is “all in” against Donald Trump…Watch at night and almost the only subject that is up for grabs is..exposing what “Trump missed”, “showing how Trump and his administration” have “seriously lied” to the American Public about the Coronavirus”..”Trump is a Racist” .And when they get a guest who does NOT support their approach to the news (some word!), they go after the guest and simply badger the hell out them…
They spend precious little time telling you how to cope with the VIRUS..it seems that it is far more important to “take down the President”…And this morning it occurred to me exactly why this phenomenon is happening…The Media actually HATE Trump more than the Democrats, if that is possible!..Trump has made the media completely irrelevant ….
60/70 million on Twitter follow Donald everyday and non-stop Press Conferences have also allowed Trump to completely control the narrative..BUT..here is the key..The “usual suspects”…Nancy..Chuckie…et all are gone..not to be found..SILENCE…they are not being interviewed and they are not holding daily press briefings saying that Trump is incompetent..So the only guys left standing are the media..Yep…there are simply too many Democrats..important Democrats, who have come out and literally praised the work of the President and his staff..So much so that yesterday, 2 sources that are rarely if ever on his side..Politico and Axios, came out and said..”READY!”…Trump’s approval ratings, in specific reference to his handling of the Virus, is at 55%…
Yes sir..The American public..and such important Democrats as the Gov of Ca, the Governor of NY..the Governor of Maryland…have all said the very same thing..”Trump and his administration have given us everything we have asked for”….And the poor MEDIA is simply apoplectic because they see their last chance to take Donald down simply slipping away..But if you really want to get depressed..think about this…Governor Cuomo of NY had it right yesterday…
“WE ARE ALL AMERICANS..NOT DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS, AMERICANS in this WAR AGAINST THE VIRUS”…It is a damn shame the media doesn’t see it that way…But they have exposed their true colors…Last evening I was speaking to a very close friend..a liberal, NYC Democrat who struggles to find a nice word for Trump  under most circumstances..He said he watched yesterday’s Press Briefing and his comment was..
“I think Trump did a good job”…Well, he is obviously not alone…55% of America thinks exactly the same way..Seems as though most Americans think the same..only the media is still governed by their hatred of Trump and they really don’t care how the country feels or what the country’s needs…If anyone wants to know why approximately 80% of the country does not trust the media...Well…you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out…Just listen to them lie ..every day..and they still don’t get it…

This writer has been in the news business for over 40 years, has written several books ,his writing style may be a bit different, but one thing for sure,He get’s the point across.

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