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Was yesterday’s Brazile meltdown really all about gloating? Gloating, not CNN or MSNBC style, but new Fox News style?

“Simple Catholic girl” Donna Brazile Orders RNC chair Ronna McDaniel To Go To Hell

Judi McLeod imageBy  —— Bio and ArchivesMarch 4, 2020
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Simple Catholic girl Donna Brazile Orders RNC chair Ronna McDaniel To Go To HellTheir successive anti-Trump polls having failed in the credibility department, Fox News is now trying to outfox President Donald Trump with on-air temper tantrums from Democrat bully Donna Brazile.

Good luck with that one!

Brazile, twice former interim DNC chair and still its on-air heavy honcho, went into meltdown mode yesterday—all because Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s out there telling the truth about a possible brokered convention in Milwaukee at the Democrat convention.

Self-avowed “simple Catholic girl” Brazile told McDaniel straight up to “Go to hell” on Fox News:

“Go to hell, Ronna! Go to hell! First of all, I want to talk to my Republicans. Stay the hell out of our race! Go to hell.”

Fox News, the biggest cable network out there, ignored the uncalled for rant, but more significantly, so did a sizeable portion of their disappointed viewership.

Are desperado Dems trying for a second time to rig the election outcome against Socialist/Communist Bernie Sanders who’s running neck-and-neck with ‘Gaffe-Pro Joe’?

Rush Limbaugh: …“Because, you see, Donna Brazile’s a Hillary acolyte, and they did rig things against Crazy Bernie in 2016. Everybody knows it, and they used the superdelegates to do it — and they’re trying it again this year, and that’s what Ronna McDaniel is pointing out.”

“By the way, it’s not just Ronna McDaniel that’s talking about a possible brokered convention in Milwaukee at the Democrat convention. The Democrats are talking about it! Democrat strategists, analysts — I mean, they pick these people off the street and put ’em on TV as strategists and analysts — and they’re predicting a brokered convention in Milwaukee. Ronna McDaniel, she’s just repeating what she’s hearing Democrats say.

“You know… You know the bottom falls out when Donna Brazile accuses Ronna McDaniel of using Russian talking points.”

“Russian talking points. Now, this is why a bunch of us wonder… You know, we want to tune into Fox. Why do we have to sit there and listen to Donna Brazile? This is exactly why. We know that she is a devious, deceitful political operative. She’s not an analyst or strategist in that sense. You know, her reaction that you just heard here is classic of liberal Democrats.

“You can’t criticize ‘em. You criticize ‘em and all hell’s gonna’  break loose.”

You can’t criticize them, el Rushbo, you can’t even question them!

“Cue up the sound of doleful violins: Poor former DNC chairwoman and Fox News contributor Donna Brazile said that she gets in “trouble” with people on the Left when she refuses to call President Trump a racist.(Canada Free Press, Sept. 18, 2019)

“Poor Donna Brazile, who gets to use Number One Cable News network, Fox News as her ongoing soap box.

“Seems that everyone but Fox knew where Brazile was coming from when at CNN she passed debate questions to Crooked Hillary Clinton back in 2016.

“Countless people were stunned that the former DNC chairwoman would get away with that, but Fox hired her as a “contributor” anyway.

“On Fox Nation’s “Reality Check with David Webb,” former DNC chairwoman and Fox News contributor Donna Brazile said that she gets in “trouble” with people on the Left when she refuses to call President Trump a racist. (Fox News, Sept. 17, 2019)

“Host David Webb pushed Brazile to explain why so many others in her party frequently accuse the President of bigotry, especially those running for President in 2020.”

“Some of your Democratic colleagues on the stage call President Trump a racist.  Do you think Donald Trump is a racist?” asked Webb.”

“This is what Webb’s so-called “push” netted:

“I don’t know Donald Trump.  I don’t know his heart, but here’s what I tell people. As a woman of color, I get asked this question more than I’ve ever been asked before.  I don’t know Donald Trump.  I know his policies,” replied Brazile. (Fox News)

“I want President Trump to be the President of all Americans and not just his base, and not just Republicans, he’s my President,” continued Brazile, adding that she does take issues with some of the things that the President has said.

“Specifically, Brazile disliked the President’s tweet to members of the so-called Squad to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places where they came from.”

“A perfect opening for Webb to counter: ‘Shouldn’t you and your party, particularly its presidential hopefuls be concerned for all women and not just ‘women of color’?

“Webb conceded, “You don’t know him—that’s a fair answer,” but Webb asked Brazile to explain why so many of her Democratic colleagues do not feel constrained in the same way. (Fox News)

“A fair answer?
“More like an unanswered question.
“Then Brazile made a stunning admission, saying “Do you know that I get in trouble when I don’t say that [the President is racist]. People on the Left [say] ‘You know that he’s a racist’.  I don’t know what’s in his heart, but I’ll tell you what I disagree with Donald Trump on—I disagree with his tone, his tenor because we are all Americans.  We are all fighting for the same thing. And I know that the President wants everybody’s respect, but to get respect you also have to give respect.” (Fox News)
“Should he get some respect too then from many of the Left…He’s been under assault for two years from a number of people…If you’re under assault constantly you get defensive,” Webb asked.
“You get what you give.  I don’t need to preach because I am a simple Catholic girl, and I believe in grace and forgiveness. I just want this President to be as good as this country,” answered Brazile.
“A simple Catholic girl?”
“How about a “simple Catholic girl” who tried to cheat Hillary Clinton’s way into winning a presidential debate with answers to questions she’d be asked during the 2016 presidential election race, and one whose career would be forged ahead, courtesy of Fox News?”
Here’s how Brazile responded to former Vice President Joe Biden’s surprising Super Tuesday victory in Massachusetts late Tuesday, saying it was the climax to “the most impressive 72 hours I’ve ever seen in U.S. politics.” (Fox NewsMarch 3, 2020)

“This race is not over,” Brazile said. “It’s still fluid, but clearly we now have two top delegate trackers that we need to take a look at.”

“Yeah, Donna Brazile doesn’t cheat. She was only, what, in 2016? Caught giving Hillary Clinton debate questions! She was caught giving Hillary Clinton questions prepared for a town hall meeting on CNN, whatever it was. Yeah, Donna Brazile. But she doesn’t cheat. “Oh, yeah! You Republicans, you need to shut up! You need to shut up about the way we Democrats do things. You’re not allowed to talk about the way we Democrats do things. Screw you!” (Rush Limbaugh)

Was yesterday’s Brazile meltdown really all about gloating?  Gloating, not CNN or MSNBC style, but new Fox News style?
Fox News, which has been coming on as chief crank pollster of the 2020 election campaign, should consider this poll as their very next one: ‘Should Democrat propagandist Donna Brazile be dismissed as a Fox ‘contributor’?’
Give us that one, Fox News!

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