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Duplicitous nature of Adam Schiff and his smirky band of Impeachers, keep trying, but fail to bring down President Trump

The duplicitous Impeachment leader
Adam Schiff

Rolf Yungclas imageBy  —— Bio and ArchivesJanuary 30, 2020
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The duplicitous Impeachment leader Adam SchiffDuplicity as described by Miriam-Webster: “its original meaning in English has to do with a kind of deception in which you intentionally hide your true feelings or intentions behind false words or actions.”

Duplicity. A term often used by Head Impeacher Adam Schiff. Now, as I have at various times pointed out, Adam Schiff is essentially the poster boy for the principle of projection—accusing others of doing the thing he is doing.

Schiff would violate his own rules and have selective leaks to the media

Here’s an example. The White House was legally fighting a subpoena from the Intelligence Committee, a Committee that was not officially an Impeachment Committee but one the Impeachers could use to manipulate the process under the cover of classified hearings.

The odd thing about that was how each hearing started with an announcement that they would not be discussing classified material!

As a Resolution passed by the House required—a pre-Impeachment Inquiry Resolution—Republicans could be overruled by Chairman Schiff every step of the way, doing things such as not allowing witnesses of the Republicans choosing and repeatedly refusing to allow witnesses to answer Republicans’ questions.

Then, after every hearing—more so, during every break throughout the meetings, Schiff would violate his own rules and have selective leaks to the media of information that they hoped the press could use to build Schiff’s case against President Trump.

Duplicity at its worst, but by Adam Schiff: secret hearings to manipulate the media and screen out witnesses and testimony that would be harmful to their case when the Impeachment hearings went public.

Schiff’s efforts to build their case for Impeachment were done in precisely a duplicitous way

And when Impeachment gets to the Senate, the Democrats immediately start accusing the White House of a coverup!
What we heard repeatedly on Wednesday was that the White House was lawlessly refusing to give Democrats subpoenaed witnesses and documents.

Their evidence? Documents used in LEGAL proceedings that challenged the Committees efforts to subpoena without a House-wide vote having been made yet to hold an Impeachment Inquiry.

Here’s an example from the legal proceedings of what Adam Schiff called duplicity. On a document protesting the use of subpoena, the White House stated: “The Committee lacks Article III standing to sue to enforce a congressional subpoena demanding testimony from an individual on matters related to his duties as an Executive Branch official.”

They were trying to obtain information by subpoena for Impeachment proceedings without the required House vote to begin Impeachment proceedings! In other words, Schiff’s efforts to build their case for Impeachment were done in precisely a duplicitous way

Then, when the White House legally (not lawlessly!) opposed the process, Schiff calls it White House duplicity. As I said, projection being used to accuse Republicans of what Schiff was doing!

Wednesday’s question and answer session concluded with President’s counsel Jay Sekulow pointing out the following: 64 times, the Impeachers have said the evidence to impeach is overwhelming, uncontested, proved, sufficient. Yet from before opening statements all the way through, there has been a demand for more (they like to leave that word out) witnesses.

The Democrats get their base declaring in unison, “How can there be a trial with no witnesses?” Always acting like yesterday never happened (unless it’s helpful to their argument), the 17 hand-picked anti-Trump witnesses mean nothing until their parsed testimony is used to accuse the President of wrongdoing! Over and over again, the duplicitous nature of Adam Schiff and his merry (I mean smirky) band of Impeachers, keep trying, but fail to bring down President Trump, and in the process turn him into the hero of the downtrodden!

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