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From our friend…

What is that “legal admonition”?…When you don’t have the law on your side, argue the facts.  When you don’t have the facts, argue the law…And when you don’t have either the facts or the law…Put Adam Schiff at the courtroom  and lie…lie and lie…

That, ladies and gentlemen is exactly where we are after having to suffer through the “House Manager’s Presentation” and the Trump Team rebuttal…The person that comes through the loudest is the voice of the person who has told the most lies to the American People…He has lied about …”INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE” that Trump colluded with the Russians!….”The FISA WARRANT APPLICATIONS from the FBI were 100 accurate and properly filed!”…”I never spoke to the Whistler!”…”I do not know who the Whistler is!”…Anyone get the message here?…This is NOT about Donald Trump…This is about a Congressman who has decided to bet his career that he can “take down” the President of the United States. This is a guy who “duped” the Speaker of the House (giving her too much credit!) when he convinced her to move forward without anyone reading the Whistle Blower report and before anyone saw the “transcript”…The Whistler’s report does NOT square with the transcript…

Anyone remember that the “report” said the Biden’s were mentioned 8x…Hello!…Anyone?…This is was all concocted by Adam Schiff and he was absolutely determined to see it to the end…And then it all blew up in his face…So he then held secret hearings in the “bunker basement” of the House…Well, we have now reached the end and all those lies are now coming back to lay bare the truth…

And the truth was most evident last night in Wildwood, NJ. …New Jersey is as Democratic as it gets…and Trump has a “packed house” and people waited outside to get in for 2 days…For the record…NJ is not the warm weather of FL…or CA… they slept in “sleeping bags” to get in…it was cold outside.. If anyone wants to know why Lawrence Tribe of Harvard law School  is so upset..it is those packed  arenas and long lines..The LEFT HATES those packed arenas and long lines because they are all for Donald Trump…Joe Biden has trouble filling-up a large bus…….And this is after 4/5 months of all this crap from the Democrats…It is after IMPEACHMENT…it is after the past week …and there is not a single Democrat…anywhere..NOT ONE…who can put that many people in an auditorium to listen to a speech…No “props”…”no celebrities” ..Just Donald….

Adam Schiff must be throwing up in his soup…He should drown in his soup..CNN makes jokes about these people!..BUT those people VOTE..

The Democrats do NOT BELIEVE IN ELECTIONS…except when they win…The problem right now is…THEY ARE LOSING…and that is what is really going on.. Because it most certainly is NOT about the “FACTS”” and it is abundantly clear it ain’t about the “LAW”!….The Democrats  have disgraced the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES….& THE CONGRESS by what they have done…and they should be ashamed of themselves.. If they want Donald Trump out of office…BEAT HIM AT THE BALLOT BOX in 9 months…It is called..”AN ELECTION”!!!!!!!…Let the people make the decision…It is their decision to make…and ONLY their decision…Let Americans  get back to watching serious TV lke ..”THE VIEW” or some such trivia..It is far more interesting than what Nancy forced on everyone…

Submitted, not written by;:

Floyd Stern


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