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From our friend…he sees the picture so very clearly…

Obama caught on a “hot mike” telling the Russians..”wait till after the elections and then I can be more flexible!”
Obama sending Susan Rice out for every single Sunday news program to “flat out lie” about the murder of a U.S. AMBASSADOR and 4 Americans.. The only U.S. AMBASSADOR to die in 50 yrs.
When a black man reaches inside a police car, punches the cop in the face and tries to steal his weapon and then gets killed..Obama supported the dead black man (but not the Ambassador from above)..
Obama’s “RED LINE” for Assad that disappeared in the sand has led to the deaths of 500,000 Syrians…and opened the door to the militarization of the S China Sea.
All of these rather significant lapses by Obama drew absolutely NO NEGATIVE RESPONSE from the Democrats…Think carefully about a dead U.S. AMBASSADOR…500,000 DEAD SYRIANS…TELLING RUSSIANS HE WILL WORK WITH THEM AFTER THE ELECTION..A COP WHO LOST HIS JOB FOR DOING HIS JOB,,,and not one single word of rebuke..from anyone in the Democratic party!.. But they want to IMPEACH and REMOVE DONALD TRUMP from office and literally spit in the face of 63 million Americans who not only voted for Trump but will vote for him again…And Democrats claim this is NOT PARTISAN POLITICS and they DO NOT HATE DONALD TRUMP (the Nancy finger!)…OK, then exactly what is it?..Obama allows a U.S. AMBASSADOR (plus 4 Americans) to die and Trump wants a U.S. AMBASSADOR fired (the Ukraine) and for some very strange reason there is some kind of moral equivalency to those 2 events…Am I missing something?
What does all this really say about IMPEACHMENT?…it says the one basic truism in current American politics today..Democrats (and their media) do not care about how much they divide the country as long as they can have power…What is that great line..POWER CORRUPTS & ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY…The left and the Democrats are corrupt…and it has manifested its very ugly head in IMPEACHMENT rather than use the ballot box in 10 months (the Constitution and the people)…The problem is…the Left and the Democrats know they are going to lose in Nov and they simply cannot accept  what voters want…It is the Congressman Al Greene story..”if we don’t impeach him…he will get re-elected”) The Democrats are corrupting the Constitution,,,,Corrupting our government….and corrupting our politics..and all because they HATE Donald Trump. If anyone thinks otherwise…well, you have been smoking that stuff that Democrats want to make legal everywhere …Strange, isn’t it?


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