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From our friend…he has a lot to say…

Oh my goodness, maybe things are not so “honky dory” in Iran after all. Since Trump ordered the killing (100% legally) of the Iranian General, the media in this country have led us all to believe that Iran was now 100% unified behind the Ayatollah and his crew. Well, it appears, as usual for our glorious media establishment and the pundits, that the unity is not quite so solid for the Ayatollah and his white bearded minions of power. Yep, they  are now having very large demonstrations inside  Iran for the “white bearded robes” to step down and go away..The Country is basically bankrupt because the Ayatollah and the now dead General spent all of Iran’s money on fomenting violence throughout the Middle East for 20 years and the people of Iran are simply sick of “sky-high” gasoline prices (they have their own oil)…no jobs…and inflation running at 35/40%…Yep, they spent the entire  $145 BILLION that Obama sent them and they  have been spending whatever oil revenue they do have on all this Middle East violence and the people of Iran are simply sick of it…and sick of the “white beards”  lying to the Iranian people.. Recently the now dead General ordered the murder of more than 1500 demonstrators when they screamed and demonstrated  for better living conditions but now the Ayatollah’s chief executioner is dead..and the Ayatollah stands without his good buddy.
..And do you know why he stands alone..because Donald Trump had the temerity to kill the guy really responsible for the mayhem that has rained upon the Middle East and Iran over the past 20yrs…And the Democrats want to know why Donald had him “taken out”! The Democrats in Washington would NOT know a good deal for the American people if it hit them square in the face with a 2×4..They simply hate Trump and it really doesn’t’ matter what Trump does..Just think carefully..they claim that Trump is an existential threat to the country..A country that is “suffering” with 3.5% unemployment..$100,000 jobs to manage Taco Bell….more jobs for the Black Community and Latino Community than anytime in 50 yrs..Higher wage GROWTH  for the lower 25% of the income scale than anytime in more than 20yrs…A stock market that has generated more than $11 trillion in value since his election and they still claim that Donald is bad for America…Hey, exactly why?…It seems the only people who cannot see what is happening in America are Democrats…and their complicit, lying media buddies..
The existential threat to this lovely country is NOT DONALD TRUMP…No,,it is the likes of Nancy Pelosi…Chuck Schumer…the lying media like Lemon Head, Mika & Joe…the NYT Times..etc..That is where the existential threat comes from…. it is most  certainly not found in 3.5% unemployment….Just keep this thought in your mind for bit…Obama and John Kerry gave the Ayatollah $145 Billion without the approval of Congress…You got that?…and no one in the Democratic party  tried to IMPEACH them…And the media cheered….Just think very carefully about that…very carefully!…And then think about “EXISTENTIAL THREATS”!…Think John Brennen…Clapper…and all the rest of those people..and then think..EXISTENTIAL THREAT!…

Floyd Stern

Note from Webmaster: Floyd Stern is not the author, it is a friend who wants to remain anonymous, and would like his blog posted as written so we will definitely honor that.

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