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Good Saturday Morning! 2020 marks a new decade and
the10-year anniversary of Heritage Action’s founding!

A lot has changed over 10 years, but Heritage Action is as
committedas ever to holding Congress accountable. Here’s
what happened on the Hill this week:


This week, it was more appropriate to refer to impeachment as
the thing that wasn’t happening, as Pelosi held onto the articles
in an attempt to twist Senate Leader McConnell’s hand into
conducting the Senate trial in a way that she deemed acceptable.

For his part, McConnell stated that the Senate is prepared to conduct
the trial under the same bipartisan rules that 100 senators
unanimously approved during Clinton’s trial in 1999.

In a telling moment on Thursday, Democratic Chairman Adam Smith
came out against Pelosi’s stalling tactics, but was later forced to
walk back his comments. Still, the pressure from the American public
to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate proved too much
for Pelosi to withstand, and on Friday, Pelosi announced that she will hand over
the articles of impeachment to the Senate next week.

This latest chapter in the impeachment story further proves the partisan
nature of Pelosi and Schiff’s impeachment sham.

Born Alive Act

The discharge petition for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection
Act received a new signature this week. Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey
added his name, bringing the total number of signatures to 204.

218 signatures are needed in order to force Speaker Pelosi to
schedule a vote for this bill on the House floor.

Heritage Action continues to lead in the fight for pro-life issues and we
invite you to join us at the National Pro-Life Summit on Jan. 25. There are
only 500 seats left! Join now with discount code HAFA15.




Iran War Powers Resolution

In response to the U.S. air strike against known terrorist Qassem
Soleimani, the House voted 224-194 on Thursday to pass a
resolution restricting the President’s ability to exercise his
war powers against Iran.

The resolution sends Iran a dangerous signal that the United
States is not unified in combating terrorism and defending itself. T
he President approved a military operation to destroy a terrorist
already responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans.
Congress should be commending the successful outcome instead
of undermining our president and emboldening Iran.


In an important step, the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday
voted 25-3 to advance the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal.

The USMCA legislation was referred to six additional Senate
committees that must still consider the legislation.


USMCA - A New Trade Deal for a New Era


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We are excited about 2020 and are actively working to make this a pivotal year
for grassroots activism.
 We’re grateful for your support. Thank you for standing with us.

Tim, Jessica, and the Heritage Action team


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Join the fight to advance the conservative agenda.


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