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New York Times, Truth, and the Navy Seal

Column Contribution from Member Winter Haven 912

     WOW! The NY Times never, ever seems to disappoint. They ran a very long front-page story on Sunday about Chief Gallagher, the NAVY SEAL who is at the center of the controversy that led to the firing of the Sec of the Navy. Let’s start with a few facts that almost always seem to elude the NY Times; #1 is that the Sec of the Navy was actually fired for trying to go “behind the back” of the Sec of Defense (directly to the President), The Navy Secretary’s boss.
 So deliberately breaking the Chain of Command and a deliberate attempt to not abide by it was the real reason for the dismissal of Sec Spencer. He deserved exactly what he received, and that has nothing to do with the NAVY SEAL issue, NOTHING!
     Now let’s get to the NY Times story which has one purpose and one purpose only, to decry President Trump’s interference in the case. The NY Times invests approximately 1500 words into a story (BTW, that is almost 2/3rds of an entire page) which attempts to take Chief Gallagher to the woodshed over his personal conduct.
     They make such inflamed references to his desire to get “back into action to kill as many people as possible.” For the record, that is exactly what “SPECIAL OPPS GUYS” are trained to do! They are NOT trained as local policemen, that is not a “knock” on the local law enforcement, but SPECIAL OPPS WARRIORS are not trained to enforce the local law in your local hometown.

They are trained to kill the enemy, not wound them, not protect them, but kill them, and kill as many as they can.

      We train and send these guys into the absolute worst hell on earth and we expect “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS”? You have to be kidding me! Back to the NY Times, you have to read about 1500 words into the story to find out that Chief Gallagher was acquitted of all charges EXCEPT posing with ” a trophy photo of a corpse. This was not a smart move by the Chief but it was not an illegal act, it goes on all the time.

Not smart in today’s world, but NOT ILLEGAL, and most certainly not worthy of Chief Gallagher being “stripped of his TRIDENT” after 19 years of no disciplinary action against him during his time in the SEALS, not a single one.

This was nothing more than the “BRASS IN THE PENTAGON” deciding they didn’t like being embarrassed (they lost the case and the President stepped in) so they would skewer Chief Gallagher regardless of the actions taken by the President. The guy who is actually at the top of the SACRED CHAIN of COMMAND.

     Seems that the Admirals like the Chain of Command as long as they don’t have to follow the rules, funny how that works!!  So, the NY Times has an agenda, they didn’t care about all the inflamed language they used to describe Chief Gallagher’s personality. (and they used a bunch), they didn’t care that he was found innocent.

They also never mentioned in the entire more than 2000 words that the JAG Officers that prosecuted Chief Gallagher broke the law! You know what they did? The NY Times never tells you!  They illegally tape recorded conversations between Chief Gallagher and his defense team,WOW. If that had happened in civilian life those guys would most likely have been disbarred.  The entire case would have been dismissed. But the NY Times never tells you that part of the story, and it was one of the main reasons the Chief was found innocent.

So like I said, the NY TIMES never seems to fail in being an honest broker of news, no they have shed all honesty for their AGENDA, and their AGENDA is to do whatever they think they can to make Donald Trump look like he is abusing his authority.
He is not, he is doing exactly what the  CONSTITUTION permits him to do, in some cases, requires him to do, and certainly why he was elected, and neither the NY Times or the DEEP STATE is going to stop him..

Floyd Stern

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