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Alarmists Propose Rebranding ‘Climate Change’ for Greater Shock Value

Pelosi Pulling Scarier Name Changes For Climate Change Out Of The Hat

Judi McLeod imageBy  —— Bio and ArchivesDecember 2, 2019
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Pelosi Pulling Scarier Name Changes For Climate Change Out Of The Hat
The UN’s COP25 Climate Change Conference with a retinue of Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats, kicking off in Madrid today, puts a deep winter freeze on Adam Schiff’s Traveling Impeachment ‘Inquiry’ show.
The Dems,  jetting 3,781 miles across the Atlantic, have left  colleagues Schiff and tag team partner Jerry Nadler far behind, at least for the time being.
Only last week they were interested in name calling of any kind to impeach President Donald Trump.

COP25: Rebrand the name of Climate Change

Today it’s name changing that holds their impassioned interest.
The big move at COP25 is to rebrand (read change) the name of Climate Change, which long ago reached the dizzy heights of household word status.
“Writing for AdAge this week, Aaron Hall argues that in order to get people to “take action” against climate change, “rebranding” is crucial, since people have gotten too used to the idea that climate is changing and need to be shocked into the notion that the world as we know it is ending. (Breitbart, Nov. 29, 2019)

“Is there a better way to convey the urgency of the situation, while also encouraging folks to take action? Could the tools of branding and brand naming create a more resonant, powerful name?” Mr. Hall asks.

“What he and his marketing team came up with was a series of much more frightening labels to stick on climate change in the hope of jolting people into meaningful engagement.

Global Meltdown, Global Melting, Climate Collapse, Climate Chaos, Scorched Earth

“The terms “Global Meltdown” or “Global Melting,” for instance, deliver a more negative image than mere “Global Warming,” he contends. “The names signal that ice caps are melting, but also create a more visceral image in the mind — that real feeling of ‘melting’ when it’s too hot outside. A meltdown is a disastrous event that draws from the ultimate terror of a nuclear meltdown, an apt metaphor for global destruction.

“Climate Collapse” and “Climate Chaos,” on the other hand, “instill a clear message or even a direct call to action,” Hall notes, adding that “there’s nothing neutral about collapse or chaos.”

“To up the rhetoric even more, Hall proposes the weaponized term “Scorched Earth.”

“Sometimes a brand name needs to be hyperbolic to truly capture hearts and minds. If we don’t take massive action now, Earth will be uninhabitable — an irreversible barren wasteland,” he insists.” 

Ear-splitting cheers from the AOC corner, where children being told they will be dead from Climate Change 12 years from now—a lie every bit as “hyperbolic” as the proposed name change.

AdAge claims:
Incendiary language is necessary to motivate people

“Scorched Earth’ paints the direst picture of what’s to come and what we must avoid and is likely the edgiest brand name from our exploration.”

“Whatever we call it, impending climate doom is upon us if we don’t act quickly,” Hall concludes. “Perhaps a new name will shift the needle, even if just a little.”

“Mr. Hall’s contention that it does not matter if what is said is true as long as it elicits the necessary response is reminiscent of similar assertions by leaders of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement.

“Spokespersons of the movement have acknowledged that their claims that billions of people are going to die from climate change have no basis whatsoever in scientific fact but are necessary to provoke the kind of response that is needed to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

“Pressed last month on what the basis was for predictions of mass deaths, XR spokesperson Zion Lights acknowledged there is no real ground for these predictions, but contended that such incendiary language is necessary to motivate people, confessing that “alarmist language works.”

Pelosi’s attendance at COP25 is mostly insignificant

Other than throwing the odd name change suggestion, Pelosi’s attendance at COP25 is mostly insignificant.

“Pelosi’s team claims it will will seek to “reaffirm the commitment of the American people to combating the climate crisis” at the 2019 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, also called COP25, her office said on Saturday confirming the trip. (Breitbart, Dec. 1, 2019)

“This is despite the fact the Speaker of the House will represent nobody but herself and her party as she is prevented by law from conducting foreign policy or make any agreements with foreign leaders regarding sovereign treaties.”

Climate Change alarmists, including Pelosi Dems, ignore proof that name changing doesn’t always work.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for example: “When he was 22, he adopted his mother’s surname because his father was “largely absent” and he wanted to embrace his Italian heritage. (Wikipedia) “He hyphenated it to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm in 1983, and formally adopted the name Bill de Blasio in December 2001.”

As Bill de Blasio, many still refer to Warren Wilhelm as that “blankety-blank Commie”.

Then there’s now running for president, ex-New York Mayor billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who because of his soda-taxing, snack-attacking control freak style, is still called “Nanny” Bloomberg.

Democrats have transitioned from Impeaching Trump to the Climate Crisis as “the Greatest Test We Have Ever Faced

“Bloomberg has cast himself as the great healer of the political divide, calling for us to transcend labels, “offer solutions and “opened hands” instead of “hysterics”, “fear mongering” and “pointed fingers”. (Michelle Malkin, Toronto Sun, Nov.10, 2018)

“President Donald Trump officially withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord in October as part of an election promise to voters, saying he was “elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” (White House, June 1, 2017)

The mainstream  and social media appear to have overlooked that the final U.S. withdrawal from the landmark accord is scheduled for November 4, 2020, a day after the next presidential election.

“Several Democratic presidential aspirants have said that, if elected, they would immediately return to the agreement.” (AFP, Nov. 30, 2019)

“Dem Rep. Casten: ‘The Climate Crisis Is the Greatest Test We Have Ever Faced.’

What further proof that the Democrats have transitioned from Impeaching Trump to the Climate Crisis as “the Greatest Test We Have Ever Faced”?

Mother Earth is not melting under our feet, the desperado Democrats are.

Judi McLeod — Bio and Archives
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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,
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