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California fires, Global warming, socialism, and philosophical chaos

Homeless in the streets, defecating on sidewalks, not enough electric power to turn on the lights, massive power outages..$5/gallon gasoline, highest taxes in region, highest electric rates in the region, laws telling you that you cannot work more than 35hrs per week in your “own home”. Schools that don’t work, government regulation everywhere..and fires everywhere burning up the country. Does any of this sound like Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Cuba..Even Africa..This is all 3rd world stuff but you know where all this is happening?..Right in our backyard..CALIFORNIA..Yep, CALIFORNIA…

It seems like the great state of CA has become a failed is simply not working for the people. If you think all these fires are about GLOBAL WARMING you are living in Disney World..Oh, I forgot, CA invented Disney World..makes sense, doesn’t it? CA is fantasy land for liberal politicians and they are now paying for it or rather the people of CA are paying for it.

40 million people live in CA today, approximately 20 million more than when I lived there almost 35/40 yrs ago.  When I lived in CA the city I lived in actually had a building moratorium..”NO NEW HOMES”..Do you know why? Because the city fathers decided that there was not enough infrastructure to support a greater population. I lived in Santa Barbara, and in  the neighboring town of Montecito they actually had a moratorium that limited new homes to only 4 per year. Yep, think about that very carefully, ONLY 4 NEW HOMES per year.

Why? Because there was not enough water. In those years Santa Barbara and Montecito were very conservative communities . Over 40 years that has all changed but what has NOT CHANGED is the infrastructure. They have not built a single new reservoir in Santa Barbara in all those 40 years (the same is true of all of CA) and they changed the building rules, there are now more than 15,000 new people living in the area, and guess what, the communities now have to ask the state for money for public schools and there is, ready… NOT ENOUGH WATER..and they have fires, just like they always had fires.


They have had fires for at least a 100 yrs. My home burned in one of those fires. There was nothing left of the house but ashes. Nothing standing more than that 2 ft from the ground, no walls, no doors, nothing   Five days after the fire the ground was so  hot you could not walk on it with  normal shoes because your feet started to burn. But that was not global  warming, It was 70mph Santa Ana Winds and a spark from power lines, dry brush and drought..WOW!  If you have been watching the news or reading the papers over the past 10 days that sounds like a direct quote from last night’s newscast; winds, power lines, sparks, and 10,000 people  who should not be living in the neighborhood!

And you thought it was global warming! It is the complete ineptitude of the government in CA. They simply do not prepare for what everyone knows is coming and then they blame …GLOBAL WARMING…it is really easy to not take the blame for their own failures when you can blame GLOBAL WARMING as the cause of everything bad that happens. Nature is simply not something that man can control even though we think we can. Earthquakes, natural fires, and too many people lead to catastrophic problems like what you are seeing in CA..You cannot stop the fires but you can prepare for them,  you can stop the burning homes by NOT BUILDING THEM in fire zones, which is were all these fires occur, even the ones running through parts of LA…NO ONE SHOULD LIVE THERE..This is the price to be paid when politicians  fail to listen to “MOTHER NATURE”.  Liberals think you can have whatever you want anytime, any place…but nothing ..nothing is free!  Healthcare isn’t free, college isn’t free, it all has a price, and sometimes the price is deadly.

Floyd Stern

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