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It is to our benefit that fellow Democrats can’t be called away from their obsession with a destined-to-fail Trump impeachment

It is to our benefit that fellow Democrats can’t be called away from their obsession with a destined-to-fail Trump impeachment

As Harry Reid Defines It: Trump “A Very, Very Smart Man”

Judi McLeod imageBy  —— Bio and ArchivesOctober 13, 2019   Cover Story | 
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As Harry Reid Defines It: Trump A Very, Very Smart ManFormer Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is spot-on in reminding rank and file Democrats that President Donald Trump is: “a very, very smart man who won’t be easily beaten in 2020”.
Reid gets it while so many of his desperado Dem colleagues do not.
Mercifully, the Democrats are never in listening mode even when it comes from someone in their own Party.

“Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a new assessment of President Donald Trump as “a very, very smart man” who won’t be easy for Democrats to defeat in the 2020 election. (CNN, Oct. 12, 2019)

“I used to think that Donald Trump was not too smart. I certainly don’t believe that anymore,” Reid, a Nevada Democrat who served in Congress for decades until his retirement in 2016, told “Axe Files” host David Axelrod in an interview airing Saturday at 7 p.m. ET on CNN.

“The former Democratic leader had criticized Trump in harsh and colorful terms, calling him a “spoiled brat,” “a con artist” and a “human leech who will bleed the country” in comments on the Senate floor in 2016.”

Those insults were back in the days before sore-loser Democrats went on to smear Trump as an out-and-out “racist”.

“But Reid—a savvy political operator whose moves to reshape Senate procedures, like his elimination of filibusters for most nominations by presidents, were criticized by Republicans during his time in Congress—acknowledged in the interview Trump’s strategy in discrediting Democrats leading the impeachment inquiry into his actions with Ukraine. (CNN)

“I don’t think he’s, intellectually, a powerhouse but he is basically a very, very smart man. No matter what the subject, any argument he involves himself in, it’s on his terms. You’re always arguing against him. He never, never, is willing to debate an issue on terms that aren’t his,” Reid told Axelrod.”

How dare any non-Democrat president argue on his own terms?

How dare the president continue to defend himself against media propaganda, all the lies and the smears?

“Asked how he would advise a candidate running against Trump, Reid warned, “Anyone that thinks Trump’s going to be beaten easily should have another thing coming.” (CNN)

Their egos have run away from them, Mr. Reid.  They think their impeachment threats are going to make Trump “beaten easily”.

For Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and many others waiting in the ‘Resistance Wing’, it will always be ‘Someday Over The Rainbow’.

But Reid’s warning will fall on the deaf ears of Democrats who will remain out there screeching “IMPEACH!” come Hell or High Water.
Even with 92 percent of the mainstream and social media pitted against him, and with Democrat presidential hopeful Kamala Harris trying to get him banned from Twitter, the only way he has of getting his message out, Trump is always one or two steps ahead of the raging Democrats.
Unfortunately for Progressives, Brother Reid is not the only one who sees the president as “very, very smart”, half of the voting public do too.
And it is not just on “Impeachment!” where Trump is leading in the ‘Smarts Department’.
How’s this for Smarts?!
🇺🇸 Miguelifornia@michaelbeatty3

🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 10/12/19

Embedded video

Some truths are well nigh impossible to argue against.  Today’s main headline on the Drudge Report is ’30 Minutes That Changed Trump Presidency’, based on an AP story describing ‘The Anatomy Now Imperilling Trump’s presidency’.

“As Democrats have launched an impeachment inquiry into Trump, Republicans have either defended the President’s actions or sidestepped the question whether it’s appropriate that Trump asked a foreign government to investigate his political opponent.” (CNN)

Nor should President Trump be overly concerned about ongoing negative Fox News polls.  Fox is the network, but real Fox Donald Trump is always two steps ahead—even with the network and Drudge now joining Fake News leaders CNN and MSNBC in the fight against him.  It is to our benefit that fellow Democrats can’t be called away from their obsession with a destined-to-fail Trump impeachment.
Quintessentially President Donald Trump is the fox immortalized in the Steeleye Span song:

“Run, run, I won’t give in
Run, run, I’ll never give in
Run, run, run
Run, run, run”

For those in el Rushbo’s Rio Linda, that’s basically what Harry Reid was talking about.


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