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Dear Patriots:


When you have lived a long as I have, and have been involved in as many local and federal political campaigns for more than 50 years as I have, you learn a lot about the political systems and more importantly government corruption.
After President Harry Truman created what is now the CIA in 1947, it did not take him very long to realize he created an uncontrollable monster.
In January 2017, Senator Chuck Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow,  “If you take on the intelligence agencies they can get you six ways from Sunday”  Saying further that Donald Trump is foolish for taking on the Intelligence infra-structure. Schumer went on to say that from what he is told, CIA Chief Brennen and Clapper, two Obama appointees, are very upset at Trump and they will deal with him, Schumer said.  That’s a threat!
Notwithstanding this obvious threat, President Trump is still committed to expose the deep state and draining the swamp in Washington.  THE PRESIDENT’S JOB IS STILL NOT OVER, HE MUST BE RE-ELECTED TO FINISH WHAT HE STARTED.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who – like a parrot repeating its trained words- talks about the Founders, The Constitution and praying for the President.  Give me a break!  This product of a father who had some “wise guy” friends and associates in Baltimore and Tampa, has her nerve playing the “holier than thou” card, during the current fraudulent impeachment effort against the President.
Pelosi is being pressured, in what we believe will be her last term as a Member of Congress, to proceed with an illegal impeachment effort in the House. Their only objective at this point in time is to get the House to vote up Articles of Impeachment so that the Democrat’s bias, corrupt and fake mainstream media can relish in the public announcements about that fact, albeit meaningless.
What Donald Trump is going through is nothing new in Washington.  It is reminiscent of what happened to former Vice President Spiro “Ted” Agnew (1968-1973) who was also a victim of the Washington deep state and swamp when it became apparent that he was to be blocked from attaining the Office of the President at all costs. Here, two Maryland State Roads Commissioners, Matz & Childs, were in business for themselves taking bribes from road and paving contractors.
When the FBI and U.S. Attorney for Maryland, George Beall, a Republican from a prominent political family in Maryland and a deep state RINO, got his running orders from Attorney General Eliot Richardson, he directed the FBI and staff attorneys to investigate and prosecute Agnew.
 It was apparent that Richard Nixon was going to be removed from office and Agnew’s meteoric rise to power from County Executive to Vice President in six years was unacceptable to the corrupt national Republican power structure in Washington.
Like Robert Mueller’s lying prosecutors, the staff attorneys and FBI agents in Maryland told Matz and Childs that they were heading to heavy prison sentences unless they delivered Agnew’s involvement in their illegal acts.  It’s worth mentioning that the trail judge rejected the prosecutor’s recommendation for no prison time for Matz & Childs, and sentenced them to serve time in federal prison.
So then why would Agnew plead guilty to one count of tax evasion and resign his office when it was obvious that he would win in a jury trial on the “criminal charges” of corruption and bribery?
As Ted Agnew advised his closest friend, a Baltimore County Circuit Judge, if he did not take the “plea” he would not live long enough to be sworn in as President. These are the same people who may have been involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy.
If Ted Agnew were alive today, he would be very proud of Donald Trump’s mission to clean up the swamp and expose the deep state, not to mention his disdain for the corrupt mainstream media. Agnew, like Trump, had no use for the left-liberal media when he declared,
I am not asking for government censorship or any other kind of censorship. I am asking whether a kind of censorship already exists when the news that forty million Americans receive each night is determined by a handful of men responsible only to their corporate employers and filtered through a handful of commentators who admit to their own set of biases.”      (Spiro T. Agnew)
Since January 2017, President Trump has maintained a two front battle against the deep state and their efforts to have him removed from office on one side, and fulfilling his promises to the American people to do what he said he would do on the other side.  President Trump cannot do it alone.  He needs our help financially and he needs our boots on the ground as we prepare for 2020.
There are those who suggest that the time is ripe for a new American revolutionary war.  I disagree, it is far better to handle these kinds of conspiracies against the fabric of American Exceptionalism in the courts and the court of public opinion.
I certainly hope that you will see fit to forward this message to everyone on your e-mail list.
Paul J. Marino, JD – Editor
Expose Public Corruptors Inc.

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