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The anti-Trump meme driven from the left has reached the tenor and decibel level where it represents an existential threat to the man Donald J. Trump

Lee Cary imageBy  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 10, 2019Cover Story | 

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The left threatens the President’s lifeA generation of Americans well remembers November 22, 1963.

We remember where we were that day. What we saw and heard that day. And how we felt as the relentless cadence, played on an old drum carried by an Army Master Sergeant, tolled the deliberate steps of a funeral procession to the Arlington National Cemetery.

Quick to blame a far-right conservative culture in Dallas

Many of that generation remember how the three TV news outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS)—near replicates of each other—were quick to blame a far-right conservative culture in Dallas for the hatred they said contributed to JFK’s assassination. As all three sang from the same sheet of music.
They, the choir of nationally-known and widely-respected TV anchors, pushed the meme that conservative Dallas shared responsibility for JFK’s death.
Never mind that the alleged, lone assassin had once defected to the USSR.
Or, that Oswald had passed out flyers on street corners calling for “fair play for Cuba.”

Oswald tried to assassinate an anti-Communist U.S. Army General

Or, that Operation Mongoose was authorized by President Kennedy on November 30, 1961, two years before his death, given the mission to kill those among Castro’s Communist cadre as well as their Soviet advisers. A friend named Jim was a young Marine then, assigned to the CIA operation in one of the two-man teams (shooter and spotter) who went out under the wire at Gitmo in search of…targets.
Never mind that seven months before JFK was killed, Oswald tried to assassinate an anti-Communist U.S. Army General.
Seven months before Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy, he took hisMannlicher-Carcano rifle to Major General Edwin Walker’s house, stood by the fence, aimed towards the window, and shot at him. Walker was a stark anti-communist voice and an increasingly strident critic of the Kennedys,whose strong political stances had him pushed out of the army in 1961.” (Smithsonian Magazine)
None of that mattered then. Oswald was declared the lone assassin who acted under the atmospheric pressure of a far right-wing culture that hovered over the City of Dallas.
Then, days later, Oswald died in the custody of law enforcement. He never confessed, nor was he tried. And the man who killed him, Jack Ruby, with organized crime connections, claimed to have done so because he felt sorry for Jackie. He died, too, in custody, before his trial.

All this happened 56 years ago. Ancient history by American standards. But the events did incalculable damage to the nation. While the cause of it all remains…unclear.

Today, though, there’s no lack of clarity concerning the hatred aimed at the current American President.

The behavior of today’s liberal media portends the danger of another November 22nd event.

Meanwhile, we wait to hear any warning, from either political party, or the media, spoken collectively to the left that says:

Your rhetoric has become incendiary. You owe it to the nation to cease the worst of your vitriolic language, and end the threats that seem designed to incite actions to remove the President by any means necessary. This has all gone too far, for too long. STOP!”

Who is there to deliver this warning to Hollywood and the Democrat Party?

Who among Republican pols will stand and call a halt to the opposition language that walks on the edge of inciting bodily harm against a U.S. President?

Where are the adults in the American progressive political movement—if they exist—able to reign-in their hyper-belligerent allies, both in and out of government?

DrumHollywood “A-listers” and wannabees. Democrat Presidential candidates, including the single-digit group and their acolytes. Media outlets and their pundits who traffic in diatribes that feed the Trump-hatred of their readers.
Who stands up to them?
These and others have raised the decibel level of their cacophony of distain for the President of the United States to a menacing level not witnessed since the days before and during the American Civil War.
Do they not know that We the People see and hear all this? For we are neither collectively blind, nor deaf.
The anti-Trump meme driven from the left has reached the tenor and decibel level where it represents an existential threat to the man Donald J. Trump.
And, God forbid, should the old drum that sounded November ‘62 beat again, this time we will know why.


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