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What are the Democrats going to offer you in 2020:


Elizabeth Warren; life on earth is at risk!
Bernie Sanders; we’re fighting for the survival of the planet earth!
Candidate1: We have 11 years left!
Candidate 2: This is on par with WWII perhaps even more challenging than that!


Promise  1: Kamala Harris: ban plastic straws? Yes!
Promise  2: Kamala Harris; ban offshore drilling for oil? Yes!
Promise  3: Bernie Sanders: We must take combustion engine vehicles off the road is rapidly
as we can!
Promise  5 Elizabeth Warren; make Universal free daycare for millions of people! Wo pays for it? Everyone who’s net worth is over $50 Million, cost over 10 years $1.7 Billion.
Promise  6: Federal tax credit to help with rent!
Promise  7: Bernie Sanders; Mandated $15, some suggesting $20 minimum wage!
Promise  8: Bernie Sanders; Automatic enrollment in Medicare for everyone!
Promise  9: Elizabeth Warren; Pay off student loans!
Promise 10: Elizabeth Warren; Subsidize nurseries in every community for families; those earning less than 200% of the Federal poverty line, the care is free!
Promise 11:  Bernie Sanders; Community and four year public colleges free for students from families earning less than 4125,000 per year.
Promise 12: Elizabeth Warren takes it one step further; would forgive $50,000 of loans for any students making less than $100,000 a year! NO cost estimate
Promise 13: Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand; Debt free college would create a 1to1 match of federal to State dollars to cover cost above the “expected family contribution” as calculate by the DOE! No Cost Estimate.
Promise 14: Bernie Sanders; Guaranteed income in some cases regardless of working or not! No Cost Estimate.
Promise 15: Bernie Sanders; Massive jobs program introduced by Sanders acolyte (assistant) AOC in the new Green Deal, putting millions of Americans to work overhauling every existing building in the country to meet the New Green Deal standards!
Promise 16: Bernie Sanders; Rebuild the nation’s power grid!
Promise 17: Bernie Sanders; the new green Deal would blaze a path to the middle class!
Promise 18:  Bernie Sanders; Promise economic security for everyone unable or unwilling to work!
Promise 19: The entire 2020 field; voice support for the New Green Deal price tag $93 trillion dollars, with exception of Hickenlooper & Gillibrand
Promise 20: Andrew yang; Wants the government to cut a $1000 check each month to every citizen over 18 years of age called the “Freedom Dividend”, cost $3 trillion dollars annually we’re now up to $96 trillion dollars Democrats want to spend to give everyone free stuff!!
Promise 21: Marianne Williamson/Kamala Harris/Bernie Sanders;  Reparations to the Blacks for past slavery even though they were not part of it one Candidate estimates $100 billion dollars over the next 10 years
Promise 22: Gillibrand/ Warner; $445 billion dollars to build 3.2 million new housing units for low and middle income families!
Promise 23:  Warren; Provide mortgage assistance to help people hurt by the financial crisis more
than a decade ago!

Promise 24:  Kamala Harris; Create a tax credit for anyone spending over 30% of their income on rent!
Promise 25: Elizabeth Warren; Dept emancipation, one-time cost $640 Billion, Plus another $1.25 trillion over the next 10 years. Who pays for it? The wealthy are expect tpo cover the cost.
Promise 26: Bernie Sanders biggest promoter; eliminate private insurance companies, would put an estimated one to two million workers out of jobs!
Promise 27: Bernie Sanders; How to fix the “dysfunctional system”  drop the 8.8% uninsured rate to zero, lump the 155 million Americans insured by employer plans, with 20,million covered through private insurance, along with the 60 million Medicare beneficiaries plus, 33 million without insurance under a free government plan cost 32.6 trillion dollars for now upwards of 128 trillion dollars in debt.  How do they plan to pay for it: 70% tax on those making over 10 million dollars a year, additional fees on financial institutions, mandatory 4% income premium on employees, plus a 7.5% increase based premium paid by employers.

So far folks, we are up to a cost to put the democrats in office of $131.00 trillion dollars, is socialism worth it?

 Analogies of socialism:

Analogy 1: Consider the mouse who dies in a mouse trap; why does this happen?
Because the mouse never asked themselves why is the cheese free?

Analogy 2: If a pig could vote, they would always vote for the one who feeds him, even though he is also the same one who will take him to the slaughter house!

Analogy 3:  The “socialist” states of North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela are in economic ruin.  Few now advocate “back to the USSR.” At the same time, many people still consider socialism an appealing economic system.
The analogy of the jockey and the horse explains the continued appeal of socialism. Socialists believe that socialist regimes have chosen the wrong jockeys to ride the socialist horse to its deserved victory. Bad jockeys such as Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Pol Pot, and Hugo Chavez chose tactics and policies that led their socialist horse astray. But actually, a look at how the Soviet Union actually worked reveals that it’s the horse itself that’s the problem.

The problem with socialism isn’t a bad jockey—it’s the horse itself. The Soviet economic system suffered from pathologies that would ultimately doom it. Starting in the late 1960s, the USSR economy went into a long decline, which came to be called the “period of stagnation.” Mikhail Gorbachev was elected General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1985 on the pledge that he, as a radical reformer, would reverse the decline.

Gorbachev failed because the core of the Soviet planned system was rotten Despite his reform inclinations, he remained a believer in socialism. He was determined to save Soviet socialism by making it more like capitalism. In so doing, he created an economy that was neither planned nor a market—a chaotic free-for-all, which the Russian people regrettably associate to this day with that they came to call “wild capitalism.”

If America follows the Democratic (Socialist) party, this is the picture of where the are going to be 50-100 years from now.

What Don’t The Democrats Promise You:

Democrats do not promise you Freedom, Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. They want to undo the very foundations this country was built on. They want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment; our only protection from this type of tyrannical government!  They want to control free speech like they have done on Universities and College campuses, they want to take away your Religious Freedoms, make you support things like abortion, support illicit life style’s like LGBTQ, not allow religion in our schools, they want to eliminate Due Process, the backbone of our Legal system, the RED FLAG laws are a startling example.


A mantra of socialism is, From each according to his ability, to “each according to his contribution.” Everyone in society receives a share of the production based on how much each has contributed. This system motivates them to work long hours if they want to receive more. Workers receive their share of production after a percentage has been deducted for the common good.

Socialists assume that the basic nature of people is cooperative. They believe that this basic nature hasn’t yet emerged in full because capitalism or feudalism has forced people to be competitive.  ( Humans are naturally competitive)

Certain element of those currently in power within the American Left, are engaged in a sustained attempt to reintroduce and rehabilitate the word “socialism,” in part by prepending to it a word that has a much better reputation and an infinitely better historical record: “democratic.” Voters should not be fooled by the rebranding, for there is no sense in which socialism can be made compatible with democracy as it is understood in the West. At worst, socialism eats democracy and is swiftly transmuted into tyranny and deprivation. At best — and I use that word loosely — socialism stamps out individual agency, places civil society into a straitjacket of uniform size, and turns representative government into a chimera. The U.S. Constitution may as a technical matter, be silent on most economic questions, but it is crystal clear on the appropriate role of government. And the government that it permits is incompatible with, and insufficient to sustain, socialism.

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