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The tragic, provable truth about Ilhan Omar is that there’s a terrorist supporter holding a seat on the U.S. Congress

Rep. Ilhan Omar More Treacherous Than “Controversial”

Judi McLeod imageBy  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 8, 2019Cover Story | Comments | Print Friendly | Subscribe | Email Us

Rep. Ilhan Omar More Treacherous Than Controversial,

President Donald Trump needn’t have to have suggested sending Ilhan Omar back to the country of her birth.  Omar’s already in Somalia, if not physically, there in heart and fiery spirit.
Trump has called out members of the so-called “Squad” who continue to work feverishly in radicalizing America.
But that was yesterday’s Trump/Squad controversy.
Today Omar—sworn in to Congress on a copy of her grandfather’s Quran—is publicly calling for protection of a Somali company—Hormuud Telecom—that actively funds Al Shabaab in Somalia, an offshoot of Al Qaeda, Omar’s updated version of “some people did something” in reference to 9/11.
And still the media, including excellent ones like Judicial Watch, refer to Omar as “controversial”, instead of identifying her for what she truly is: a treacherous, terrorist supporting member of U.S. Congress
“A controversial Minnesota congresswoman known for racially inflammatory anti-Semitic views has publicly declared her support for a terrorist organization in her native Somalia.  (Judicial Watch, Sept. 3, 2019)
“Democrat Ilhan Omar is demanding that a telecommunications company founded and operated by a renowned terrorist financier, receive protection from that country’s government and peacekeeping forces. An Israeli-based newspaper broke the story a few days ago, but the American mainstream media has been notably silent on the matter.
“The company, Hormuud Telecommunications, was created and is operated by Ahmed Nur Ali Jim’ale, a chief financier of alShabaab, an east African-based jihadist group that serves as Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia. In her social media account, Omar writes that Somalia’s government and peacekeeping forces need to protect Hormuud and the Somali telecom industry as they make enormous contributions to the economy and provide vital services. “During my visit to Somalia in 2011, I was surprised by the quick evolution of technology in Somalia,” Omar posts, indirectly praising the telecom firm with terrorist ties. The Israeli article includes the links to a pair of United Nations Security Council reports documenting Hormuud’s direct support for al-Shabaab.
“According to the first U.N. report: Ali Ahmed Nur Jim’ale (Jim’ale) has served in leadership roles with the former Somali Council of Islamic Courts, also known as the Somali Islamic Courts Union, which was a radical-Islamist element. The most radical elements of the Somali Islamic Courts Union eventually formed the group known as alShabaab.” The document also identifies Jim’ale, a prominent businessman who controls Hormuud, as one of al-Shabab’s chief financiers. “Hormuud Telecommunications is a company identified as being one of the single largest financiers of al-Shabaab, which includes large lump sum payments to al-Shabaab in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and these payments toal-Shabaab were facilitated by Jim’ale,” the U.N. report says, adding that “Hormuud Telecommunications has provided key material and logistical support to al-Shabaab to include weapons, private fighters, and ammunition.”
“The second U.N. Security Council report, published last year, links a terror attack that killed hundreds in 2017 to Hormuud. The event is described as the deadliest terror attack in Somalia’s history, carried out with a large vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. “Two employees of the principal Somali telecommunications provider, Hormuud Telecom Somalia Inc., were also prosecuted in connection with the attack, for facilitating the entry of the large vehicle-borne improvised explosive device through the Sinka Dheere checkpoint on the outskirts of Mogadishu,” according to the U.N. report

ILHAN OMAR TERRORIST TIES: Omar supports companies that fund Al Shabaab, Hamas

If anyone else were suspected of being married to two different men at the same time, wouldn’t they be identified as a bigamist? Considering this documented history of terrorist activity, it’s outrageous that Hormuud is endorsed by a member of the United States Congress.”  The Minnesota Rep. is walking proof that claiming to be “a woman of color” gets you a media pass on most anything.

If she is not, as suspected, having an affair with her DC consultant Tim Mynett, she did give him $230,000 from campaign funds.

Doesn’t that prove that if Mynett, whose wife has filed for divorce, isn’t her paramour, he’s at least an especially favored friend?  If anyone else were suspected of being married to two different men at the same time, wouldn’t they be identified as a bigamist?
Apparently not if one can self-identify as a “woman of color”.

The tragic, provable truth about Ilhan Omar is that there’s a terrorist supporter holding a seat on the U.S. Congress

Are the mainstream and social media deliberately keeping Omar’s personal life of potential immigration fraud, being married to two men at the same time, possibly one of them her own biological brother, to divert attention away from her open support of terrorist supporters?
Cunning Artful Dodger that she is, Minnesota lawmaker Ilhan Omar is a clear and present danger fighting America from within.  Mainstream and social media should quit with the their dangerous media propaganda.  The tragic, provable truth about Ilhan Omar is that there’s a terrorist supporter holding a seat on the U.S. Congress.
What could possibly be any worse?
The Svengali spoon-fed Ilhan Omar & AOC
American Politicians Can’t Hide “Private Lives”, Ilhan Omar


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