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Let me start with..I DO NOT OWN A GUN..PERIOD..I most certainly know how to use one.. would not have one in  my home but I grew up with a shotgun in my home.
Now the rest of the story….
In 1900 almost anyone could get a gun in this country..there were practically NO GUN LAWS…anywhere…You could get them from a catalogue…a store..almost any place your heart desired…with almost no questions asked ….and in 2018 the suicide rate per 100,000 in this country is approx 6x the rate it was in 1900…YEP…give that a little thought!
…AND…READY…the change in the “homicide rate” is  approximately the same…the same  in both cases…Yep…And we have gun laws today that would fill a phone book…and very large phone book!…and the homicide and suicide rates per hundred citizens  are approximately 6x greater than they were more than 100 yrs ago…
And life was much tougher in 1900 than it is today…for just about anyone living in this country…no matter the color of your skin or  where you came from or how much money you made!…And the noise..from the media..from the democrats…from the left……we need more gun laws!…and so I ask…what for???..It most obviously has accomplished NOTHING in reducing gun deaths in this country  in more than 100yrs…So exactly  where does all this lead?
Maybe…just maybe the root cause of all these absolutely senseless and horrible slaughters, Dayton…El Paso, etc .. is not guns or even the ease with which we can obtain  guns…Maybe It is the society we now live in!..maybe it is the rules of the society we now live in!..maybe the violent language that is so common….maybe it has something to do with the desensitizing of young people with all the violence we all are subject to in the media everyday!..Anyone seen a movie lately?
Gratuitous violence is everywhere, you cannot avoid it…video games?…everything around us…DEAD PEOPLE are ….well..just another “screen shot”…If the line is…this doesn’t affect people’s thinking were true…then ‘advertising” any product would be simply a waste of money…and we all know that IS NOT TRUE!
I have been in the media business for 50 years and let me tell you something..ADVERTISING MAKES IMPRESSIONS…IT SELLS! ..and so do all those images that are all around us.
The media hate this line of thinking…but they bear more responsibility than any group…movies…violent video all impacts young people who think nothing of shooting people when they get older..just another “screen shot”..what’s the big deal?
We are not the violent society that the media and the left make us..the biggest slaughter of innocent  people by a gun happened in New Zealand…51 people…#2…in a school in the UK. in 1996, with 18 killed and 15 wounded…Excuse me..those places are not exactly noted for violence!..
We need to be honest about guns…and who uses them and who kills with them…and we need to stop blaming GUNS.

GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE….PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE...Lets start dealing with the real problem..and it is NOT GUNS.

Floyd Stern


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