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Katie Hopkins in Jerusalem Premiering Her Movie On The Danger of Islamism

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Katie Hopkins in Jerusalem Premiering Her
Movie On The Danger of Islamism

British media personality Katie Hopkins was present in Jerusalem for the Israel premiere of her movie “Homelands”. “Homelands” documents the silent exodus of European Jews from Europe due to the growing Jew-hating violence of Islamism. It also focuses on the danger the growing Islamic community in Europe poses to European Christians. This is a must see movie.


“Super excited to be here in the heart of Jerusalem,” Hopkins said in the video. “Despite the best efforts of the very small minded Left… to shut us down – we’ve moved venues three times – still, we have prevailed. Looking forward to welcoming our audience tonight.”
The representative body of British Jewry, Board of Deputies, pressured three venues in Israel to cancel the screening until a location in Jerusalem offered to host it. Sadly, organized Jewish leadership in Britain still remains silent regarding the growing threat of Jew-hatred from Islam. Yes, there is Jew-hatred on the right, as there is Jew-hatred on the left and Jew-hatred from the growing Muslim community in Europe. But Katie Hopkins, and her co-producer, Janice Atkinson are not far-right Jew-haters or Israel haters.
Amos Schonfield, a representative of the Board of Deputies that pressured the Israeli screening locations to cancel the screenings, wrote in an article in the Haaretz newspaper that the movie is an “an openly Islamophobic “documentary”.” How the writer can say such a thing without even seeing the movie is beyond me.
No, the movie is not Islamophobic. It does a very good job of interviewing people in Europe and in Israel who share their personal experiences in Europe. Through these interviews, it also does a wonderful job of showing Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. There is nothing Islamophobic about it. The movie is filled with factual occurrences that are mostly all known and documented.

Katie Hopkins @KTHopkins

Hopkins was joined in Israel by Janice Atkinson who co-produced the movie with Hopkins. Atkinson is a European MEP in the EU, a member of a faction associated with Marine Le Pen-founded Europe of Nations and Freedom faction. These are associations that displease the leadership of British Jewry, leading them to try so hard to shut down the premiere screening of “Homelands” in Israel.
While it is true that there are plenty of real Jew-haters affiliated with far-right parties in Europe, that does not automatically make all people associated with those parties Jew-haters. As the enemies of the Jewish people are growing in the Western world on the left, right and in the Muslim community, we need to be careful to not paint everyone as a Jew-hater, while standing strong for everyone to denounce the true Jew-haters, on all sides.

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