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Interesting commentary on the rise of the economy under President Trump

Floyd Stern:

From a friend of a friend…

They struggle so hard to ignore the success of the Trump economic policies that they simply trip over their own words
In the Wed Biz section they did a story headlined; “JOB BUMP IN RED COUNTIES: IS IT TRUMP or JUST A BLIP”..
First keep in mind that these are mostly jobs that Democrats in the 2016 election claimed “were simply gone forever” basically saying to the American people; get used to “not working” accept your unemployment check and keep quite.
But listen to some of the numbers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment grew strongly in the 1256 counties that voted strongly for Trump.  Even though this seemed like it might be a “blip” in the first year it has continued into the second year.
The major recipients seem to be in “manufacturing” EXACTLY where Obama said; “what is Trump going to do, wave a magic wand?”.
Well, I guess Trump did have that magic wand and it appears to be mostly a direct result of eliminating federal rules that has stifled manufacturing sectors remember?  According to the economic pundits like Paul Krugman “we are in for the biggest economic crash of the last 100 years with Trump as president.”

BTW, that quote was the day after Trump won the election and he is the NY Times leading Nobel Prize winning economist who writes op-eds for the same paper.  The “net” result of the article is; People who voted for Trump are getting what they voted for JOBS, and for some strange reason the NY Times finds that to be unusual! WOW!  A politician who actually delivered on his promises!!!  What a novelty!
Now comes another piece in the Friday NY Times about basically the same subject  “Headline is: “MANUFACTURING HAS PICKED UP DURING THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY, but not in the industrial Mid-West”.

To quote inside the article “A combination of tax cuts and deregulation pushed by the Trump administration appears to have fueled a widespread increase in the pace of job creation in manufacturing in many more counties in Mr Trump’s first 2 years than in the first 6 years of the Obama administration.” Read that again; more jobs in 2 years than in 6,.and in manufacturing, etc that “were gone forever.(that magic wand again)

The NY TIMES is trying very hard to find an excuse or reason to explain that this is all an accident or it is a mirage?  It is simply not what is really happening.  You know 3.6% unemployment is not really spread around, more people working than ever before, more people in the “BLACK & HISPANIC COMMUNITIES’ are working than ever before.

Those are just mirages to the NY Times and they headline articles to try and prove their premise that the Donald Trump Economy is not really happening!  The problem they keep running into is, THE NY TIMES cannot handle the truth of the facts about the Trump Economy because if they did admit that the Trump administration does indeed have the right formula, and more people are working than ever before, making bigger “real  wage gains” than in 20 yrs, why should you vote for a Democrat, any Democrat?

My, my what a dilemma for the NY Times, they HATE Trump, and everything about Trump,  they simply cannot accept that the economy is doing exactly what the Paul Krugman’s of the world said would never, ever happen.

And that leaves very little room for a democrat to win in 2020.
If only the media would accept the truth, then 99% of the coverage of Trump might be a bit more even handed.  But alas, that is simply much too much for the media to accept,  if they did they might just discover that the reason Trump Voters put up with his bombastic rhetoric and at times disgusting behavior is, Donald Trump has delivered exactly what he promised.
So his voters simply don’t care that Trump is what Trump is, they have jobs, and under democrats they got government checks. Most people like jobs much better, that is why Bernie will lose, and so will every democrat who promises freebies.

The people know that there are NO FREEBIES, there is NO FREE LUNCH!  BTW for those who still say;  I would still take Hillary any day”, remember exactly what she did with her magic wand, she tried to make 30,000 emails disappear; Her “wand” didn’t work!





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