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Tyranny, Oppression, Death and Destruction: The end products of democratic socialism

Democratic socialism is a system where godlessness, heartlessness and evil reigns supreme

By  —— Bio and Archives–April 12, 2019
The rise of socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, within the godless Democrat party, should concern all Americans, especially Christians and religious Jews. Why any American, in their right mind, would vote for a socialist politician is puzzling. Maybe people just don’t know the history of socialism; its crimes against humanity. Maybe it’s because academia has confused people with misleading definitions of the various forms of socialism.April 12, 2019

Tyranny, Oppression, Death and Destruction: The end products of democratic socialism

There’s no God, No Justice, No Freedom and No Liberty

To set the record straight, socialism in any form is a dystopia devoid of Freedom, Liberty and Justice. It doesn’t matter if it’s called liberalism, progressivism or a democracy because these words are used by socialists to obscure the true nature of their tyrannical communist ideology. The word democracy, that politicians and the media like to throw in our faces every day, is nothing more than a euphemism for socialism. Even the Naz’s referred to their form of socialism as a democracy.
Speech to the representatives of the international press at Geneva on September 28. 1933 Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda,            stated: “The modern structure of the German state is a higher form of democracy in which, by virtue of the people’s mandate, the government is exercised authoritatively.” Authoritatively, when used by socialists, means without question or recourse. That means there’s no higher authority or power. There’s no God, No Justice, No Freedom and No Liberty, and there’s no room for people who believe in a higher power or God’s laws.
Unfortunately, many American’s have been misled to believe that socialism is a fairer form of Government; a benevolent paradise. However, history reveals that socialism is more like a prison for the masses. To be exact, socialism is a system where misery and deprivation are shared by the masses, and wealth, power and abundance are only shared by the rich tyrants who run the socialist state.
Furthermore, the socialist idea of wealth redistribution doesn’t mean, as Democrat socialists would have everyone believe, that the government will provide the poor with money, free healthcare, good food, nice clothes, new cars and nice homes. Those things are only obtainable by people who live in a free, capitalistic society where people are free to work and earn enough money to buy those things. People who have to rely on a socialist government for a living will never be able to obtain those things, no matter how hard they work.

1917-1941: 20 and 60 million people were murdered by the socialist state of Russia

In addition, for every poor peasant that benefits to any degree from socialistic wealth redistribution, fifty middle class families are reduced to poor peasants. That’s how wealth redistribution works in a socialist society. Under socialism, there’s only wealthy leaders and poor working peasants – the proletariat. The proletariat are the poorest class of working people, and they make up the majority of the masses under socialism.
Furthermore, history shows that the National Socialists in Germany (Nazis) redistributed wealth by stripping Jews and dissenters of their wealth and placing them in concentration camps as slave labor. (That’s the same thing socialists Democrats want to do to white Americans.) Only those who were able to work as slaves were allowed to live. The rest were euthanized or executed.
And instead of using the stolen wealth to help the most vulnerable and poor in their benevolent socialist utopia, socialists euthanized anyone who could not contribute to the state, exclaiming they were an economic burden on society; a waste of money and resources. In fact, older people, the sick and the disabled, who could not work, were euthanized because they were considered a burden on the society. Instead of using the money they stole to help people, they used it to make tools of war and take lives. That’s the real Democrat socialist’s benevolent utopia.
Furthermore, socialist Russia did the same thing to Christians that the Nazis did to Jews. The communists destroyed Christian churches, arrested Christian leaders and executed them by the thousands. Many Christians were sent to gulags, the Russian equivalent of Nazi concentration camps, as prisoners or slave labor. Between 1917 an 1941, it’s estimated that between 20 and 60 million people were murdered by the socialist state of Russia.

Democratic socialism is a system where godlessness, heartlessness and evil reigns supreme

For those who are confused about the difference between Communism and Democratic Socialism, a New York Times article from 1925 titled, “Hitlerite Riot In Berlin: Beer Glasses Fly When Speaker Compares Hitler and Lenin”, should clear up any confusion. The times quoted socialist Joseph Goebbels as saying, “Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and the difference between communism and the Hitler faith is very slight.” In other words, the difference between democratic socialism and communism is like the difference between an ebony car and a black car.
In conclusion, socialism is not the benevolent utopia that Democrats and academics claim it is. Democratic socialism is a system where godlessness, heartlessness and evil reigns supreme. As history has repeatedly shown, tyranny, oppression, death and destruction are the end products of democratic socialism, regardless of whether it’s called democratic socialism or communism by it’s promoters. In reality, they are one and the same.


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