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Why Democrats Are So Dangerous

By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 13, 2019

Democrats are dangerous. They will say anything
to win an election. They have run out of ideas.
They neither share in our founding fathers’ dream
nor believe in it. They are dangerous because they
are a dying party.

Why Democrats Are So Dangerous

Democrats are dangerous. They are not your father’s Democrats. They don’t believe in anything your parents believed in. They scream and yell or sit on the floor if they don’t get their way. What was once a small group of radicals in the sixties has now completely taken over the party. I don’t think there is a lucid member left.While the parents of today’s Democrat leaders worked hard, remembering the depression, many of their children were a bored and spoiled group. They never knew the urgency to leave school at 16 to help put food on the table or defend their very existence from nations like Germany and Japan. Bernie Sanders was kicked out of a commune for not pulling his weight. Who gets kicked out of a commune?
Like children with too much time on their hands, these sixties and seventies types that dominate today’s Democrat Party grew up hating the ‘system’…our form of government and its institutions. They shunned the Church, accusing them of being collaborators in their perceived oppression. Many of them found their answer in drugs, others in free sex or both. The dissolution of any moral code was certainly a sensed improvement for them.
This was a political generation that never counted the cost, or anticipated any unintended consequences. They wanted change, not because it was of value, but change for the sake of their advancement. They are the con men and women, the dirty rotten scoundrels who convinced millions that Republicans were standing in the way of grandma’s well-being. They devalued their parents’ ethics, but couldn’t with any intelligence tell you why with any amount of articulation. They saw their parents work hard and play by the rules, but saw no advantage to it. They claimed to not be materialistic, but became the most materialistic of any generation. How do people become multi-millionaires in government service or ‘advancing’ race relations?
They are an anti-religious bunch. They abandoned traditional religion for spreading a gospel that allowed everything and worshiped self, spreading their liberal theology to every child in every school in the country as established dogma.
How many grade-school students come home crying to their parents that we are all in danger of dying in twelve years if their parents didn’t support the global warming ‘crisis’? What parent out there had to tell their son or daughter that they could not go to school with their Make America Great Again hat lest they be assaulted or ridiculed, not so much by their classmates, but by their teachers?
Democrats are world-class hypocrites. They constantly tell us that illegal immigration is good. It is our strength. It is good for our economy. It makes us stronger as a nation. President Trump announced on Friday that he is considering sending illegals to sanctuary cities and the Left’s reaction could barely be understood for all the stuttering, yelling, and disbelief that he would do such a thing.
But we thought you said….The Democrat Party today is a conflict in values. They fought for freedom in their youth and now fight for those freedoms to either be restricted or taken away, as long as it protects their doctrine.
  • Who riots and demands that our freedoms and rights be cut back?
  • Who wants the First Amendment curbed? Who is it that wants the Second Amendment abolished?
  • Who wants carbon energy abandoned in twelve years? Who wants mothers to have the right to kill their babies before and after birth?
  • Who fights against any public display of faith and Christianity and can’t even decide if God exists? Who wants biological laws revised?
  • Who allows men, pretending to be women, to use women’s restrooms?
  • Who is it that demands open borders that would destroy our national sovereignty, spread disease and crime?
  • Who is fighting to do away with the Electoral College that would effectively eliminate the voices of the majority of states in the selection of president?
  • Who wants illegal aliens to vote?
  • Who wants to confiscate wealth and distribute it along racial lines?
  • What Democrat says stupid things to Black voters like ‘Vote for a Republican and they’ll put you back in chains?’…back in chains?
  • It was Democrats that put people IN chains.
  • Who wants socialism, a system, despite Democrat propaganda, that has never been successful in any country and has killed millions?
As of this writing there are eighteen Democrat presidential candidates. Every one endorses each of the deranged positions above.Democrats are dangerous. They will say anything to win an election. They have run out of ideas, so they are content to just force open everyone’s pocket and distribute the contents to any supporter who will vote for them.
They neither share in our founding fathers’ dream nor believe in it.

They are dangerous because they are a dying party.



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