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General information

Call Out for TNT Reviewers Please read below and respond by writing to tnt.textbook – (Best copy I can put of with their tabled format.

Call Out for TNT Reviewers

Please read below and respond by writing to tnt.textbooks@gmail.com



Texas State Board of Education Testimony

Truth in Textbooks representatives testified at the Texas State Board of Education on Sept 11 where the SBOE heard testimony on removing items from the  Texas Essential Knowledge Skills.

There were many recommendations that were strongly opposed to by TNT and other groups.  Here are just a few:
1. Removal of the term “Judeo-Christian” from the standards
2. Removal of any references to Moses and the influence of Mosaic law into the forming of America’s legal system
3. Removal of the term “religious” from the list of influences on America’s founding
4. Removal of Arab countries resistance in recognizing Israel as a country as the major contributor to the current Israel-Arab conflict
5. Removal of the term “concept” and replaced with “theory” when it comes to describing “a free market system”
6. Removal of any references to the Verona Papers related to the McCarthy hearings in the 50’s
7. Removal of the identifying Taiwan and replacing it with the term that the Chinese have forced countries/companies to use, Republic of China (Taiwan). 
8.  Removal of multiple Founding Fathers that have been traditionally taught to students. 
9. Removal of the term “heroic” in Texas history books when discussing the men of the Alamo. 
10. Removal of the term “identify the positives and negative effects of cultural diffusion” (this allows multiculturalism to go unchallenged)
….and much more.  
Over 60 individuals testified during the hearing. Many progressive groups were represented speaking in support of some of the changes that would remove all references to Christianity. 
I’m pleased to report that so far the items addressed by TNT and other conservative groups may survive this first review and the items that were to be removed will remain…at this time.   
The SBOE is making changes to the proposed changes (adding back items that were removed) and will have one more public hearing on November 13 before any permanent changes are made. 
TNT will continue to monitor this and ask for support in making sure items of interest remain within the TEKS. 
 With Texas textbooks being purchased by other states, this victory will benefit children in many other states that choose Texas textbooks as their standard in the future.

Lt Col (ret) Roy White, President/Founder
Truth in Textbooks
Boerne, TX

Florida Seeking Help – Please Respond


TNT  will be reviewing 5 social studies textbooks covering elementary school social studies, middle school U.S. History, world history, u.s. government, and High School U.S. History.   

We need 20-25 reviewers to begin reviewing the online books.  We would hope to begin the review by the end of September and will complete the reviews by the end of October.   

If you are hesitant to sign up because you haven’t reviewed textbooks for awhile or are afraid you have forgotten our procedures, the information below will allow you to review the TNT protocols and regain your currency and familiarity via YouTube videos with how to conduct the training.  

TNT is providing the Florida Citizens Alliance with this information in order to push back against the progressive agenda found in many of these textbooks.  Because of past efforts, a lawsuit has been brought against one of the Florida school districts for failing to abide by Florida state standards.  Without the effort of past TNT reviewers, this would not be happening.    

If you can help out, please email tnt.textbooks@gmail.com and indicate your particular area of interest and we will send out a Basecamp invitation to get everyone organized.   

Exciting News – Truth in Textbooks Moves Training to YouTube 

TNT is excited to announce a new training regime that will allow volunteers to complete their training in a far more efficient and expeditious manner. 

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, this video will tell you how.  

 Click the YouTube video below.    

 TNT has been training volunteers as textbook reviewers since 2014 using conference calls primarily with assigned readings between each call.  

These conference calls occurred over a period of 2 months which stretched out the training which led to many people dropping out.

Audio problems, inevitable technical problems along with scheduling issues such as availability (along with my flying schedule)  added to the frustration felt by some. It was less than perfect but it was all that we had.  

Thanks to Dr Alfonsi who traveled to Texas earlier this month to record the videos, a series of 18 YouTube training sessions totaling a little under 5 1/2 hrs of instruction, TNT is now happy to rollout this training. 

At the conclusion of the self-paced training each person will still conduct a “mock review” as has been our practice in the past which will consist of 4 weeks. This will allow persons to condense the training from the previous 3 months to as little as 5 weeks or less!
We believe the quality of the training is superior to what was done before so we urge you to share this video with your friends who maybe interested.  Overview and FAQ about Truth in Textbooks (click on)   


If you attended any our training in the past and are considering volunteering again in the near future, please consider writing to TNT at truthintextbooks@gmail.com to request the list of video links to the training.  This list is only available to those who have gone through the training previously so please indicate in your email when you attended training.    

We apologize for the delay in getting back to those who have expressed interest in becoming a volunteer or who wanted to start training in July.   We will be in touch with you personally and will send you the first link to begin the training.  You do not need to complete another survey to start your training.   

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