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On 9/11, Trump Boldly Placed Blame Exactly
Where It Belongs, Scorches Islamism

One of the many things about former President Barack Obama that caused great consternation among many Americans was his apparent inability to utter the words “radical,” “Islamist” and “terrorist” all in the same sentence, much less strung together as an apt descriptive term for violent jihadists waging war against the West.  Whether Obama’s refusal to say that particular phrase — and Lord knows he had ample opportunities to do so throughout his tenure in office — was due to an affinity for the Muslim faith or because he was beholden to the orthodoxy of liberal political correctness may never truly be known.
But while that accurate description of Islamic jihadists rarely, if ever, crossed Obama’s lips, President Donald Trump has no such qualms about using the term, especially when speaking about the atrocities committed by “radical Islamist terrorists.”  According to Breitbart, Trump used the phrase to describe the 19 hijackers who commandeered commercial airliners and crashed them into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and an open field in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001.
In a presidential proclamation designating Tuesday as “Patriot Day 2018,” Trump honored those who were killed and those exhibited incredible bravery and sacrifice on behalf of others on that horrible day in 2001. He also made sure to point out exactly who was responsible for that terrible tragedy.  “On Patriot Day, we honor the memories of the nearly 3,000 precious lives we lost on September 11, 2001, and of every hero who has given their life since that day to protect our safety and our freedom,” Trump wrote.
“We come together, today, to recall this timeless truth: When America is united, no force on Earth can break us apart. Our values endure; our people thrive; our Nation prevails; and the memory of our loved ones never fades,” he continued   “Although that fateful Tuesday 17 years ago began like any other, it erupted into horror and anguish when radical Islamist terrorists carried out an unprecedented attack on our homeland,” wrote Trump, using the descriptive term that Obama so studiously avoided.
“In New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, the enemies of liberty took aim on America, but their evil acts could not crush our spirit, overcome our will, or loosen our commitment to freedom,” he added. Trump wrote about the “heroism” displayed by the passengers of United Flight 93 who fought back against the terrorists and forced the airliner to crash in an open field in Pennsylvania.   He also paid homage to the first responders who rushed into the burning buildings of the Twin Towers and Pentagon to help rescue the trapped and wounded, and noted all of those who risked their health in the weeks and months after the attack to dig through the toxic rubble in search of survivors and the bodies of those who had been lost.
“The noble sacrifices of these true patriots are forged into the great history of America,” Trump wrote.
Thus, in memory of those who were lost and those who have since fought back against our nation’s enemies to defend freedom and our way of life, Trump referenced a Dec. 2001 joint resolution from Congress that had designated Sept. 11 of each year hereafter as “Patriot Day” in honor of those brave individuals who sacrificed so much.   Trump ordered “all departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the United States” to fly the American flag at half-staff on Sept. 11 in their honor, as well as observe an official moment of silence to mark the moment the attack first occurred — 8:46 a.m. Eastern time — and encouraged the governors of the various states and territories to follow his lead and call for the same.
Obama, for reasons known only to him, refrained from ever placing the onus of terrorism on the “radical Islamist terrorists” who ruthlessly commit terrorist acts, which made it that much more difficult for our nation to defend and fight back against the known but unnamed enemy.  But Trump has no problems calling the jihadists exactly what they are, and there is no disputing that “radical Islamist terrorists” will be called out and mercilessly dealt with by this president.
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