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Benny Johnson from the Daily Caller reported on the remains of American heroes being returned from North Korea and showed us a picture of the boxes draped in UN flags. This became a problem for some as those who fought and lost their lives during the Korean War, who is finally now returning to America should be draped in American flags. Seeing the boxes of remains covered in blue UN flags was bothersome for many and some may have felt as though their long-lost family member or friend was disrespected.  (the reason was the fact that they do not know for sure if they are American, South Korean, French, Norwegian,  as this was a United Nations conflict, plus chances are North Korea did not have 55 American flags. How about we just be thankful that they sent them home wherever that may be)
One of the most important results of President Trump’s negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is the return of the remains of American troops who perished during the Korean War half a century ago.  The remains of over fifty U.S. servicemen arrived in South Korea in accordance with an agreement made between Trump and Kim Jong Un last month.
The remains were transported from North Korea to Osan Air Base at Pyeongtaek, South Korea, where a formal acceptance ceremony for the remains was performed.
U.N. honor guards carried the boxes containing the still unconfirmed remains of U.S. servicemen killed during the Korean War. The date the remains landed in the South happened to be July 27 — the 65th anniversary of the armistice that ended the open hostilities of the Korean War.”  Thanks to talks between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the heroes are finally returning to their friends and family. However, it was Mike Pence who took matters into his own hands and made sure that all 55 of the presumed American casualties were properly draped in American flags.
Dozens of cases believed to contain the remains of missing American soldiers who died during the Korean War have finally returned to US soil – as President Trump praised North Korea’s ‘kind’ Kim Jong-un for keeping his word to return them. In an emotional and solemn ceremony, Vice President Mike Pence welcomed the remains of the presumed casualties on Wednesday after they were flown from South Korea. American flags were draped over the 55 cases as they arrived in Hawaii and were escorted off an aircraft by military honor guards.
‘Some have called the Korean War the ‘forgotten war.’ But today, we prove these heroes were never forgotten,’ Pence said at the ceremony.
‘Today, our boys are coming home.’
Each of the 55 containers was accompanied by one Marine, one sailor, one soldier and one airman. They set them gently on risers lined up inside the hangar as Pence stood alongside Admiral Phil Davidson, commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command. Hours later, Trump took to Twitter to praise the ‘beautiful ceremony’ and to thank the North Korean leader for keeping his commitment after they reached an agreement during their recent summit.”
President Donald Trump later thanked Vice President Mike Pence and Kim Jong-un for their involvement on making sure the supposed remains of the 55 American heroes were returned and the ceremony was beautiful.  It’s very interesting to see an American president communicating peacefully towards a North Korean dictator. Is this a sign that times have changed for the better and two countries who were once a finger snap away from demolishing each other (not really) are not bosom buddies?
All the talk about Russia and here’s Trump making deals with North Korea instead. Will this make Vladimir Putin jealous?
How will this story be spun to fit a narrative of the mainstream media?

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