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Friday, December 1, 2017

The Heritage Foundation
Member Briefing


Tax reform continues to move forward in Congress this week. My colleague Rachel Greszler put together several charts showing the impact the current tax reform bill would have on different income levels. I encourage you to read her report and find out how your family could be impacted in the first article today. Greszler also breaks down the current state of tax reform on this week’s episode of Mass Ave that you can listen to here >>

Your support continues to strengthen the future of conservatism through the preparation of young conservatives. I’m excited to share that six current or former Heritage staff were named in Forbes 30 under 30 list this year. Find out more about each one in the second article below.

Last week President Trump stated that North Korea would be added to the State Department’s list of states sponsoring terrorism. My colleague Bruce Klinger has been pushing for this move for years. Find out why he thinks this is the right decision in the third article below.

Finally, I recently had a conversation with my friend and colleague Lee Edwards about why he chose to be a conservative. It’s good to remember from time to time why we choose to believe the way we do. Edward’s decision to become a conservative happened during his service in the US Military after WWII and I know his story will resonate with you. Find out what caused him to become a conservative in the final article today.

Thank you for being a part of the Heritage family. Restoring America would beimpossible without you.


Ed Feulner

by Anne Mulrooney

Heritage is continuing the fight forward for tax reform this week.

Even though the complete details of the bill have yet to be finalized, both the House and Senate versions have enough in common to reasonably estimate its effect on the economy.

Last Wednesday, Rachel Greszler, a senior policy analyst in economics and entitlements at the Center for Data Analysis, published a report titled “In Charts, How These 7 Taxpayers’ Bills Would Change If Tax Reform Were Enacted” in the Daily Signal.

Each chart shows how different American families would fare under the proposed tax reform.

This is part of Heritage’s continual effort to make Congressional policies transparent to American citizens.

Read how your family would be impacted by the current tax reform plan >>

Even though the plan for tax reform isn’t as pro-growth as it could be, it significantly jump-starts America’s economy, and will lead to long-term growth.

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