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“One more time – the utter hypocrisy of the left about the seriousness of aberrant sexual behavior, depending on the political persuasion of whomever is accused.” BILL CLINTON NO BIG DEAL – ROY MOORE A TRAVESTY!

Sex, Lies, and Hypocrisy
by John Knapp

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is on the hot-seat because 40 years ago, as a young bachelor in his early thirties, it is alleged he was interested in dating several teenage girls, the youngest of whom was fourteen at the time. Moore isn’t accused of any egregious sexual misconduct with them. Nevertheless, it is to wonder what he was thinking. Perhaps he was a late bloomer, basically shy around the opposite sex, not able to connect with women his own age.
Shall we stipulate here, that young women – in the flower of young womanhood – have the power to turn most men’s heads?

I’m not defending Roy Moore. A 16 year-old girl looks great from a distance, until she opens her mouth and starts talking, even if your ears can keep up that torrid pace. Roy Moore didn’t marry a child bride, and he didn’t sexually assault anyone, not that I’ve read. But the left, and some of the right, is attacking him like he was nearly a Ted Bundy.

Roy Moore has been in the public eye in Alabama for over 40 years, and this issue never came up until a few days ago, just prior to voting day to replace Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who was pulled up to be President Trump’s Attorney General. The people of Alabama have every right to wonder if there’s anything substantive here, or whether to dismiss it all as typical political effluvium from the left and their mainstream media comrades. Then there’s also this : the Washington swamp is adamantly opposed to having Roy Moore’s politics inside the U.S. Senate.
 Now, it is well worth noting – one more time – the utter hypocrisy of the left about the seriousness of aberrant sexual behavior, depending on the political persuasion of whomever is accused.
 Where was the left screaming for Teddy Kennedy’s head when he left a young woman to drown in his car in a Chappaquiddick tidal basin, while he scurried back home to sober up before the accident was discovered by the authorities? (Roy Moore was not involved.)
 Where was the left when John Kennedy, and then later, brother Robert Kennedy, were having their affairs with Marilyn Monroe? (Again, Roy Moore was not involved.)
 Where was the left when Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas, and then Governor of Arkansas, during which time he raped Juanita Broaddrick, and had multiple other instances of criminal sexual behavior? Or when he was President and continued this tawdriness against other women, including having oral sex with a 21 year-old Monica Lewinsky when he was 50? In the Oval Office, no less! Where was the press calling him out for being the utterly sleazy pig that he was? They were telling America that oral sex is not really sex. Oh, really?
 Where was the press screaming for Hillary Clinton’s head when she was fully in charge of the Bimbo Eruptions Unit, a group designed to smear and crush any woman who had the audacity to come forward about Bill’s many unwanted sexual advances? Where was the leftist press calling Hillary Clinton out for her own little War on Bill’s Women while she was trying to convince Americans that Republicans were the ones conducting ‘A War on Women’?
 Where has the press been for several years, while the evidence of corruption and sexual depravity of New Jersey Democrat Senator Robert Menendez has been piling up? Why haven’t they been screaming for him to resign? How much time and space will the mainstream media designate to cover the trial, which is finally in progress?
 And where was the press all these years (up until a scant few weeks ago) while Harvey Weinstein, – et. many, many al. – were conducting their sexual war on young up-and-comers to the Hollywood entertainment industry? Harvey Weinstein’s (and other’s) money, in political donations to the left, kept it all hushed up. Hillary Clinton still has some of Harvey’s money, which she’s refused to give back. Call it spoils from the War, eh, Hillary?
 So, it turns out the War on Women was real, but almost exclusively conducted by Democrat politicians and their cronies – those lying leftist hypocrites – and their slavish media lapdogs. In a right-side up world, not one of these people would ever get their credibility back. Any of it. Ever.
 And, Alabama’s Roy Moore, for whatever bad judgements he may have exhibited early on, wouldn’t even get a lousy participation ribbon in the real War on Women.
 John Knapp      November 13, 2017


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