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General information

WaPo’s ham-handed reliance on unidentified sourcing is eroding the news outlet’s credibility and rendering its printed version best suited for lining the bottom of bird cages or on the roll next to the commode.

Washington Post copies Operation Garbo

Juan Pujol Garcia does not write for the Washington Post. He once had the talent to, but he died in 1988, at age 76—a decorated hero of World War II.   Garcia’s code name within British Security Service MI5 was “Garbo.” Garbo was a Spanish citizen whose hatred of the European Communist and Fascist regimes of his time motivated him to volunteer, in 1939, to become a spy for the British.
He had no experience in the espionage business. What he did have, though, was a vivid imagination.
While he worked for MI5, his code name within German Intelligence was “Alaric.” After most of the German spies in Britain were compromised early in the war, Garbo emerged as Abwehr’s most reliable and trusted source of intelligence. Eventually, the German High Command decorated him with the Iron Crosss

Operation Fortitude: The Closed Loop D-Day Deception Plan

While living in Britain, Garbo assembled and managed a wide-ranging, compartmentalized network of pro-German spies within Britain. A display of Garbo’s spy network appeared in a paper delivered at the Air Command and Staff College, in 2001, entitled “Operation Fortitude: The Closed Loop D-Day Deception Plan.”  Don’t be concerned if you can’t read the descriptions of Garbo’s many agents and sub-agents. It doesn’t matter. None of them were real. Not one.   Garbo, with the assistance of his MI5 case officer—Tommy Harris—made them up. All of them. And, they also made up faux reports, coming from the faux spies, spoon-feeding German Intelligence with a blend of mostly fiction, sprinkled with enough fact to maintain credibility.

Garbo was, arguably, the most successful double-agent of World War II

Garbo was, arguably, the most successful double-agent of World War II.
The high point came on June 8, 1944, when Garbo (Alaric) sent a message to Germany that “had a tremendous operational impact on the movement of German Panzer reinforcements in the critical few days after D-Day.” (Source)  Garcia was awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire. And he kept the money the Germans paid to him, and to his fake network of spies.
If alive today, and seeking employment, Garbo might work for the Washington Post (WaPo).
Here’s an example of where his reporting skills might have been employed: See the article of July 11, 2017, entitled “‘Category 5 hurricane’: White House under siege by Trump Jr.‘s Russia revelations.” The words “hurricane,” “siege” and “revelations” offer hints to the tone of the piece—standard bash-Trump stuff.
Here are the named sources: (1) Josh Raffel, a White House spokesman; (2) Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s communications director; (3) Lindsay Walters, a deputy White House press secretary; (4) Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a longtime friend of the president; (5) Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the principal deputy press secretary; (6) Eric Trump, another son of the president; (7) Michael McFaul, the U.S. ambassador to Russia in the Obama administration; (8) Pence’s press secretary, Marc Lotter; and (9) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky).
Now the unnamed, unidentified, and unverifiable sources:
  1. 1·  ”…according to top White House officials and outside advisers”
    2·  ”…said people who have spoken with him this week”
    3·  ”…supporters of Trump Jr. who believe”
    4·  “One outside ally called it…”
    5·  ”…an outside adviser said”
    6·  ”…advisers privately speculating”
    7·  ”…more than a dozen West Wing officials, outside advisers, and friends…many of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity”
    8·  ”…according to two senior White House officials and one ally close to the White House”
    9·  ”…the officials said”
    10· ”…a White House spokesman said”
    11· “Defenders of Priebus have long said…”
    12  ”…according to people close to him [Trump, Jr.]”
    13  “One friend of Trump Jr.‘s said…”
    14· ”…undermine the legitimacy of his victory, aides said”
    15· “A handful of Republican operatives close to the White House…”
    16· “Their plan, as one member of the team described it…”
    17· “But one outside adviser said…”
    18· “In the West Wing, meanwhile, fear of the Mueller probe effectively paralyzed senior staffers…” (OMG, someone is paralyzed!)
    19  “Other senior White House officials were hesitant to talk about Trump Jr.—even on the condition of anonymity—for fear of exposing themselves legally…”
    20  “Some top officials, as well as outside advisers, had earlier suggested…”
    21   ”…officials were afraid to discuss”
    22   “One White House official went so far as to stop communicating with the president’s embattled son…”
    23   “The kid is an honest kid,” said one friend of Trump Jr…”
    24   “Critics of Trump Jr. counter…”
    25   ”…said one person familiar with the discussions”
    26   “Republican senators were becoming increasingly frustrated with the White House…”
    27   “A growing number of senators believe
This is what #4 and #5 contributed to the article: “One outside ally called it a ‘Category 5 hurricane,’ while an outside adviser said a CNN graphic charting connections between the Trump team and Russians resembled the plot of the fictional Netflix series ‘House of Cards’.”   The CNN graphic chart mentioned above by the reporters is found here. As a visual display documenting real and serious implications, the graph is as fake as Garbo’s intelligence net. But it is welcome eye-wash for the pre-convinced.   Below is WaPo’s web-of-connections visual applied to Donald Trump, Jr. There you go—proof positive—and Bob’s your uncle.

Point: Multiple citations of what unidentified sources say, believe, and feel has become standard operating procedure at the Washington Post. Meanwhile…
Several sources, who wish to remain anonymous, but who are editors of independent, news-based websites routinely visited by audiences of varying political persuasions across a wide geography (excluding Russia, of course), say that WaPo’s ham-handed reliance on unidentified sourcing is eroding the news outlet’s credibility and rendering its printed version best suited for lining the bottom of bird cages.

Since November 2007, Lee Cary has written hundreds of articles for several websites including the American Thinker, and Breitbart’s Big Journalism and Big Government (as “Archy Cary”).  His work has been quoted on national television (Sean Hannity) and on nationally syndicated radio (Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin).  He is quoted in Jerome Corsi’s book “The Obama Nation,” in Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny.”  His pieces have posted on the Drudge Report and on the website Real Clear Politics.  Cary holds a B.S. in Economics from Northern Illinois University, and a Masters and a Doctorate in Theology from the Methodist seminary at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.  He served in Vietnam with the U.S. Army in Military Intelligence. Cary lives in Texas.


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