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MUELLER TAKING OVER: Former FBI Chief to oversee Russia election investigation as special counsel

Special Investigation, for what reason?

Comey said he was not investigating Trump, they now know that the Murdered Rich Seth was the person sending the information to WIKI LEAKS just as Julian Assange stated many times over, “I am not getting my information from the Russians”.  The Clinton campaign is somehow involved in this Murder of Rich Seth;  people generally do not just wander around in the middle of the night, walk up and kill someone for no reason.  Nothing taken from his body, this was a contracted killing, why aren’t they looking into to that. Where are the body camera pictures of the investigating officers?  Why is the Washington D.C. police not doing an investigation?  The Clinton campaign found  out Rich Seth was the culprit but wanted to quiet him so they could keep the Russian conspiracy going to blame Trump, this you could almost take to the bank.
Why didn’t the Clinton campaign allow the FBI to look at their computer that was hacked? They had a private company do it,  then told the FBI it  “looked like the Russians did it”, reason was the fact that they already knew it was Rich Seth, but had not done anything about it.
The FBI nor any other intelligence agency ever did an independent assessment of the organization’s breached servers. Instead, they alleged, the FBI relied exclusively on information from private digital forensics company Crowdstrike   Whether the DNC was hacked is not in doubt. On that point the DNC and FBI agree that the hack happened.  Really?  How can the FBI state that a Hack happened if they never had access to the system to investigate it??  CrowdStrike revealed an intrusion,  had no identity as to who or where it came from,  they did not make a statement that it was a Russian hack..
Comments likeplausible that Russians hacked“,   “There are good reasons to believe Russians had something to do with the breaches into email accounts”,  “remains possible that Russia itself ordered it”  “No one has actually proven that group is the Russian government (or works for it)”  We should also bear in mind that private security firm CrowdStrike’s who cited findings of Russian responsibility were paid for by the DNC, it’s highly unusual for evidence of a crime to be assembled on the victim’s dime.
Look more closely at the information quoted above, and you can’t help but notice all of the qualifying words: Possibly, Possible, appears, connects, indicates, Good Reasons, they alleged. looked like,
These  kind of  statements  are not what you base a World wide investigation on, you have to have facts first the proceed. This Independent investigator business is a total waste of American money and in the end will most likely  come to the conclusion  there is no data to support that the Russians had anything to do with it. 
Time will tell, but when; t the end of the trump Term? it seems it takes to government years to investigate these thing, take the Clinton servers,, Benghazi, Fast & furious gun running,  years of investigation and no one was ever charged  for the crimes committed, and people were killed 5 to be exact..  Appears that Washington D.C government employees are above the laws of the normal American citizen.
This is all very suspicious, a major Cover up which D.C is famous for,  this needs to be looked into by the special Prosecutor more so than the Far out possibility of Russian hacking, or Russian involvement into the election, which probably did not even exist..
Even Clapper has stated many times there was no collusion on the part of the Trump team with the Russians .
Webmaster Commentary
Mueller is a former FBI director; John Roberts has the roundup on 'Special Report'
The Justice Department announced Wednesday it has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to oversee a federal investigation into the probe of alleged Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election.
The appointment came amid a growing Democratic outcry for someone outside the Justice Department to handle the politically charged investigation.
“In my capacity as acting Attorney General, I determined that it is in the public interest for me to exercise my authority and appoint a Special Counsel to assume responsibility for this matter,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a statement. “My decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or that any prosecution is warranted.”
The appointment gives Mueller, who led the FBI through the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and served under presidential administrations of both parties, sweeping powers to investigate whether Trump campaign associates colluded with the Kremlin to influence the outcome in his behalf, as well as the authority to prosecute any crimes uncovered during the probe.
“I accept this responsibility and will discharge it to the best of my ability,” Mueller said in a statement
The broad mandate, beyond any specific Trump-Russia connection, also covers “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”  Senior DOJ officials told Fox News the White House was informed of the decision for a special counsel after the order had been signed, through the White House Counsel’s office, about an hour before the decision went public.
“As I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know – there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity,” President Trump said in a statement in reaction to the DOJ announcement. “I look forward to this matter concluding quickly.  In the meantime, I will never stop fighting for the people and the issues that matter most to the future of our country.”




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