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Archive for January 8th, 2021


Webmaster Comments below.

The majority of citizens who came to DC we normal Americans concerned about the direction of our country and to protest the the Electoral college.
They came on busses many from our central Florida area, the were dressed as normal people, did not being weapons, and were not the people who stormed the Capitol!
It was a known fact that ANTIFA had stated they were going to dress up as protestors and disguised as Trump protestors instead of wearing their normal cover.

Their actions were what gave them away, you have never seen conservatives do the actions that these terrorist did .Trump did nothing wrong at the rally, he only clarified what happened in the election, he did not direct people to advance on the capitol.

Yet the left wing press covers them and blames the peaceful protestors

So where does America stand now?

All legal cases that were being brought by the Durham investigation will be thrown out, no one again on the democrat side will pay for their crimes, the Borders are going to be opened, you can count on a million people to cross that Southern Border the day after Biden is sworn in, none of the fraud of this election will ever be resolved,  the democrats will control the U.S Government very possibly for Decades as they have perfected the process of completing Fraud elections.

By way, the left fake news press is going to cover for ANTIFA, they will put all the blame on Trump Conservatives.

Welcome to the start of Socialism!

Our Senate is totally useless, our Supreme Court no longer protects our Constitution, the Democrats will stack the court and make it even more worthless!

We have a vice president how was an Anchor Baby, neither one of Kamala Harris’s parents were ever citizens of the U.S at the time of her birth, one simple fact on immigration to become a citizen; You must reside in the U.S  as a Permeant Resident for five years,  to be eligible to apply for Naturalization, they were here 1960-1961  on Student visa’s which in that era did not grant Permanent citizenship. Kamala was born 1964, even a 2nd grader can add that up, and will not come up with 5 years.

So Called Legal Scholars who use the 14th Amendment to validate here Natural born status are totally wrong and have no idea what the 14th actually says.  It does not mention anywhere the issue of Natural Born Citizenship or the qualification to be the president, it states if you are born on American soil you are a Citizen, you have all the privilege’s of any American citizen, except you cannot run for the presidency. Our founders knew exactly what “Natural born meant with respect to the Constitution, our current day Lengel Scholars are totally ignorant!

Two Supreme Court cases have made statements that Natural born means born of parents who are citizen’s of the U.S.!

Also one of the creators of the 14th Amendment Rep. Bingham made the statement t0 the congressional meeting,  that Natural born meant what is stated “Born of parents who are Natural Born or Naturalized at the time of your birth”

You can check it out, do the research, prove me wrong beyond any doubt!

Comments are open, but don’t bother if you do not know the facts, they will be deleted.





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