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Archive for November 9th, 2020

Biden’s Disingenuous ‘Come Together’ Victory Message

Thomas Gallatin

Joe Biden declared victory on Saturday, dubiously calling for “a time to heal.” Let’s take a moment to appreciate the absurdity of Biden’s offer.
“To those who voted for President Trump, I understand your disappointment tonight,” Biden stated. “I’ve lost a couple of elections myself. But now, let’s give each other a chance.” That’s rich, given the chance that he and his party steadfastly refused to give Trump over the past four years. He called for putting “away the harsh rhetoric,” but that’s coming from the one who labeled Trump a racist on national television and repeatedly lied about Trump’s Charlottesville comments, falsely accusing him of supporting neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Remember too that this follows a campaign where Biden personally blamed and vilified President Donald Trump for the deaths of more than 230,000 Americans through his supposed “failed” response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Undaunted, Biden obtusely contended, “Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end here and now.” Who has done more to both instigate and push this demonization of the country — from its founding to its modern institutions — than the Left? Forgive us for believing that Biden’s call rings hollow.
In an attempt to set a magnanimous tone, Biden added, “Stop treating our opponents as our enemies. They are not our enemies. They’re Americans.” Well, thanks for finally acknowledging that, Joe, and deciding to call off the dogs. But where was this admonition months ago when leftist thugs were beating people in the streets because they dared to express their right to free speech and their support for Trump? Where was the condemnation of Black Lives Matter and antifa violence as they wreaked havoc across American cities by looting and burning down businesses in the name of “justice”? It wasn’t until the election drew near that Biden finally weighed in with weak repudiation of violence in general, all while he justified the anger and completely failed to identify the true culprits.
As a side note, where is the right-wing rioting, looting, and violence now that Trump has lost? It’s conspicuously absent. As the editorial board at The Wall Street Journal cogently observed, “All of this reveals the extent to which this year’s riots were part of a political strategy. They may have started as a protest against the death of George Floyd and police abuses against black men. But as the riots rolled on, the goal for many protesters and their cheerleaders was to show that the country had become ungovernable under Mr. Trump.”
The political party that exists by sowing division, discontent, and hate, that labels its opponents “deplorable,” “bigoted,” and “racist,” and that has set as its goal the fundamental remaking of the country it condemns as evil and systemically racist now wants the nation to coalesce under its puppet candidate? Fat chance.
What reason does any conservative or Republican have to believe the words coming out of Biden’s lying mouth?
Furthermore, the reason he won — if his victory is final, legitimate or not — is entirely on a platform of “I’m not Trump.” If he has any mandate, that’s it. Americans soundly rejected the Democrats’ extreme leftist agenda, as evidenced by down-ballot Republican victories. Most Americans want nothing of the Democrats’ socialist poison. And while many Americans may have tired of Trump’s “unpresidential” tone, there is little to indicate that they were unhappy with his America First agenda.
Offering simplistic platitudes that Biden has no intention of embracing is nothing but political pandering. Maybe the president-elect should focus on saving the soul of the wayward Democrat Party before he talks of restoring “the soul of America.” Honestly, the best advice we can give Biden if he wants any modicum of success is to reject the hard Left in his party and continue down the path Trump has blazed. If Biden truly wants to heal and strengthen the nation, he’ll reject the divisive demands of the “woke” social justice activists, climate alarmists, and Marxist race hustlers.
Sadly but predictably, he’s already instead sowing more division by promising a national mask mandate. That’s exactly the opposite of bringing the country together or preserving Americans’ freedoms.

Hannity, Tucker, Levin, Judge Jeanine, Gutfeld, Dobbs, Hegseth, Will Cain & Maria are the only ones who won’t sell out, I expect them gone a year from now.

Nolte: Backlash Against Fox News Explodes

chris-wallace-joe-biden-4-gettyJOE RAEDLE, ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images
Once the hysteria over the presidential election recedes, it should be interesting to see what the Fox News Channel’s ratings look like. Online, there is definitely a backlash growing against the disgraced outlet.
What should worry Fox above all is that they appear to have forever lost their core viewers, the people who were once the most loyal.
You never want to lose your base. Once you lose your base, you’re in serious trouble.
The backlash had been brewing for a while but really took off after Chris Wallace’s dreadful and dreadfully biased and dishonest role as moderator in the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.  The backlash then went nuclear after Fox News maliciously and erroneously called Arizona for Joe Biden on Tuesday night — a state that is still too close to call.
Fox News has stunk for years, but over the past few months it’s gone beyond stinking to out-and-out betrayal of its loyal viewers, especially with its presidential polls that are not simply incorrect, they are bald-faced lies.  If the ratio on the below tweet from Fox’s Special Report anchor Bret Baier is any indication, the backlash is nearing Defcon 1.
Here are some examples. Take a look for yourself.
On Saturday, all Bret Baier tweeted was “Join me + @marthamaccallum tonight 8pmET on @FoxNews,” and the responses were both brutal and hilarious.

Join me + @marthamaccallum tonight 8pmET on @FoxNews

— Bret Baier (@BretBaier) November 7, 2020

My good faith search of the replies shows 100-to-1 negative. They all ran along the lines of…

  • Uh…no way! @newsmax @SchmittNYC ALL THE WAY!
  • No thanks
  • Nope.
  • That’s a big negative
  • nope – done with Fox!
  • You have lost this loyal viewer! Trying to influence an outcome that is clearly not legitimate!
  • How about no! Done with Fox!!
  • I’d rather get another vasectomy without anesthesia sir
  • Done with fox! You sold out on us! Good luck!
  • Sorry Bret. Fox has jumped the shark. We won’t forget.

Yikes the ratio on this. May want to pass that along to Murdoch’s.

The problem, of course, is that in the form of OAN and Newsmax, Fox has legitimate competition now, and that’s just their broadcast competition. Online, Fox has all kinds of competition, including Breitbart News.
Juanita Broaddrick, I believe, speaks for many….
What’s so awesome about all this is that Fox News is now hated by everyone. The corporate media will always hate Fox, and now Fox has lost its base of support due to its own left-wing bias and a lot of flat-out lying. 
Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNCFollow his Facebook Page here.







President Trump is Singlehandedly Restoring Our Free and Fair Election System

President Trump is Singlehandedly Restoring Our Free and Fair Election System and the People Love Him For It!

“If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.” – President Donald J. Trump
“I’ve never had, I’ve been doing a lot of public things for a long time, I’ve never had anything that’s been as inspirational by people calling, talking, sending things to us. I’ve never seen such love and such affection and such spirit as I’ve seen for this. People know what’s happening and they see what’s happening and just before their eyes, and there are many instances which will be reported very shortly.” – President Donald J. Trump

Making Sure Each and Every “Legal” Vote is Counted
President Donald J. Trump has made it his mission that every “legal” vote cast by an American voter be counted. Sadly, what we are seeing is that the Democrats and their supporters in multiple states and, yes, even in the United States Postal Service, are working overtime to undermine our election system.
Yesterday I did an article titled Biden Has Singlehandedly Destroyed our Free and Fair Election System. Today’s column is giving a picture of a President who is singlehandedly working to restore our free and fair election system and the people love him for it.
Here’s a list of what President Donald J. Trump and his administration are dedicated to:
  1. Protecting the Electoral College..
  2. Supporting absentee voting, like in Florida, and in person voting.
  3. Insuring phony ballots to offset legal ballots, as we are learning in 2020, are exposed and expunged from the system.
  4. Purge voter rolls of the dead, non-citizens and those who no longer live in the state. For example, a lawsuit filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation found that in Detroit, Michigan there are: 4,788 duplicate registrations, 32,519 more registered voters than eligible voters, 2,503 dead people registered and one voter born in 1823.
  5. Supporting voter ID laws, thus insuring voter fraud is eliminated in all future elections.
  6. Stopping those voters who vote more than one time, i.e. those who are residents of two states and vote in each state illegally.
  7. Giving voter IDs to those who are certified as American citizens and legal residents in the state in which they vote.
  8. Insuring every legal ballot cast is counted.
  9. Exposing voter fraud in all of its forms and prosecute those who commit voter fraud.
This list insures, and is the only way, that Americans can have confidence that their legal vote is counted.
Democrats are Packing the Ballot Box to Pack the Supreme Court
The Democrat Party is desperate to win. They have over reached in the 2020 election. Every American, including Democrats, are seeing how badly the Democrats at every level are working to undermine the legal votes of American citizens.
Here’s the testimony of just one citizen.
RELATED VIDEO: Another Whistleblower Comes Forward, Says Orders Were to Back-Date Ballots In PA
One man and one woman voting is the bedrock of our election process. Without this we are no longer a free nation of free people who elect our representatives. As Joseph Stalin was quoted as saying, from The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary by Boris Bazhanov, published in 2002:

“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”

Sadly today the sentiment “The people who cast the votes decide nothing; the people who count the votes decide everything” that originated with Stalin has now been perfected by Joe Biden as the leader of the Democrat Party in 2020.
Newt Gingrich said it best saying this election is a, “crisis of our survival comparable to Washington on Christmas Eve and Lincoln at Gettysburg.”
If Biden wins then America dies slowly but surely. If you don’t believe it just look as history.
©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

THE STORM: America is at a tipping point!

THE STORM: America is at a tipping point!

Article 1, Section 4 U.S. Constitution:

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

I have been reading the many articles, Tweets, Facebook posts, media broadcasts and press releases from both political parties. I asked my Amazon Alexia to show me “articles about voter fraud” it quoted Nevada’s Attorney General saying that there is no voter fraud dismissing the Trump campaign’s lawsuit against Nevada. Try it!  I come away believing that in 2020 America is at a dangerous tipping point.
If this election does anything it will go down in history as the most contentious and disputed of any in my lifetime. 
The reason for this is that one political party is willing to win at all costs using every means available including voter fraud. The other political party is trying to save our time honored tradition of one person one legal vote. It comes down to this simple idea that only legal votes should be applied when electing anyone to office in America, from the President of these United States to the local school board member.
We are seeing on a daily basis the dismantling of our election system by the election system in particular states like Wisconson, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, California.
We are seeing our election system dismantled by our news media.
We are seeing our election system dismantled by the big tech social media, who are hiding the truth about the fraud and abuses of our election system.
We are seeing half of Americans so enraged that they don’t care if our election system is destroyed and replaced by a system of un-free and un-fair elections.  We are living in times where those who count the ballots, not those who vote, are determining who wins an election.
Finally, we are seeing the sovereignty of the individual, a bedrock of Western civilization, being dismantled at the ballot box.
We are seeing a great storm over Lady Liberty. A storm that will do one of two things:
  1. Expose and condemn the loss of our free and fair election system or…
  2. Embrace and condone an un-fair election system that takes away our individual right to choose our elected leaders, at every level.
Robert Spencer wrote:
The possibility that the Democrats could get away with this grand theft and install Joe Biden’s handlers in the Oval Office reminds me of an old joke: a man dies and goes to hell. Satan greets him at the gates and says, “You know, we get such bad media coverage. Hell really isn’t as bad as you’ve probably heard. In fact, you get to choose the eternal torment you prefer.” The miscreant was taken aback, and said, “All right, show me what you’ve got.” Satan showed him a room in which people were being tortured in fire, and another where they were encased in ice, and a third where they were sitting at tables drinking coffee and chatting pleasantly, although knee-deep in excrement. “This room doesn’t seem as bad as the others,” the man tells Satan. “I’ll take this room.” But as soon as the man enters, sits down, and orders his coffee, he hears: “Coffee break’s over. Back on your heads.”

That’s Joe Biden’s presidency in a nutshell.

Once Americans go over this tipping point it will be a long time before we get our freedoms back.
A government mandated hell will fall upon all of us. History tells us so.
©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

RELATED TWEETS: Be sure to scroll down for attached video to tweet


Did a ‘computer glitch’ flip 2,392,722 Trump votes to Biden?

Did a ‘computer glitch’ flip 2,392,722 Trump votes to Biden?

computer glitch is the failure of a system, usually containing a computing device, to complete its functions or to perform them properly.

“The presidency is chosen by electors from all 50 states, not news organizations riven with bias.” – Greg Jarrett
“If you count the LEGAL votes, I easily win the Election. If you count the ILLEGAL and LATE votes, the Radical Left can steal this Election from us.” – President Donald J. Trump

We first learned about what was called a “computer glitch” that flipped Trump votes into Biden votes in the state of Michigan. Watch:

But it’s much, much worse!

In one county in Michigan Joe Biden was well ahead, but the tally didn’t match with the past voting patterns. In the last 135 years the voters of Antrim County voted Republican in 32 of 34 elections. It turned out the software used in the voting machines had flipped as many as 6,000 votes. After the error was fixed, Donald Trump was 2,000 votes ahead of Biden.
Another computer glitch in Oakland County Michigan caused a similar flip. What are the odds? Strangely, it didn’t flip votes up for Trump, only down. Not so much a bug perhaps as a design feature?

The philanthropy group that worked with Dominion from 2014 – 2017  to provide “access to Voting Technology” for “emerging democracies”? The Clinton Foundation.

This voting technology may now be the largest automated system to steal an election in U.S. history.
Because of this the Republicans have asked for another 47 Michigan counties (of 83 counties) to recount their votes, but it’s worse than that.  Dominion Software is used in 30 other states across the USA, including every single “key” swinging state. Some of their machines were also reportedly faulty on the day of the election and voting hours were extended for those counties to try to help those who couldn’t vote due to the breakdown.
Watch: Gen. McInerney, Sydney Powell, Steve Bannon Project Hammer & Scorecard.

Townhall’s Beth Baumann in an article titled Paper Warned About the Software Company at Center of Ballot Glitches in Swing States; UPDATE: MI SOS Responds reported:
Spalding County Board of Elections Supervisor Marcia Ridley told POLITICO Dominion Voting Systems performed an update on machines. KnowInk, which makes electronic poll books to sign voters, also created an update. Both are something that is out of the norm, Ridley said.
“That is something that they don’t ever do. I’ve never seen them update anything the day before the election,” Ridley explained, saying she had no idea what was in the update.

What Our Research Found

Even though Dominion Software is used in 30 states across the USA we focused on just 10 of those states in our investigation.

Let’s look at the following 10 states that use this same software to understand the potential number of votes flipped in each state using the number of votes for Biden but taking away 3% of the votes cast:
  1. Michigan – 2,790,648 x 3% = 83,719 votes.
  2. Illinois – 3,056,219 x 3% = 91,685  votes.
  3. New York – 3,694,996 x 3% = 110,849 votes.
  4. New Jersey – 2,029,493 x 3% = 60,884 votes.
  5. Georgia – 2,463,889 x 3% = 73,911 votes. Biden leads in Georgia by 9,160 votes.
  6. Colorado – 1,753,416 x 3% = 52,602 votes.
  7. New Mexico – 496,826 x 3% = 14,904 votes.
  8. Utah – 489,469 x 3% = 14,684 votes.
  9. Nevada – 647,474 x 3% = 19,424 votes. Biden leads in Nevada by 27,550 votes.
  10. California – 9,163,752 x 3% = 274,912 votes.


These 797,574 votes, times 3 for 30 states, equals an estimated 2,392,722 “flipped votes” from Trump to Biden!

NOTE: We have sent an email to Dominion Voting to reply to these findings. When they reply we will update this column.

More Causes of the Chaos

But this isn’t all that is causing chaos in the 2020 election. Add to this the mail-in-vote fraud in multiple states, the ballots arriving after the polls have closed in multiple, including swing states, exclusively in favor of Biden.

Trump Campaign Pennsylvania News Conference

Shortly after the Associated Press called the 2020 presidential race for Democrat Joe BidenPresident Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani held a news conference in Philadelphia to cast doubt on the results of the election, focusing on the count in Pennsylvania. “Philadelphia is a professional place for voter fraud because you have a decrepit Democrat machine that you have had in power for 60 years,” claimed the former Republican mayor of New York City. Campaign adviser Corey Lewandowski and a couple of Philadelphia residents also spoke, alleging they were not given adequate access to observe ballot counting. Mr. Giuliani said “networks don’t get to decide elections” and vowed legal challenges to the vote count.

The media is desperately trying to cover up the #FlippedtheVote scandal. They are so desperate that Associated Press followed by CNN, ABC, NBC et. al. called the election for Biden on the morning of November 7th with other social media sites immediately chiming in.  The Trump campaign put out a statement [see below video] after the media frenzy to falsely install Biden as president saying that without a single one of the 50 states certifying their electoral votes, the winner of the 2020 Presidential election is, without a doubt, unknown.
Watch: The Trump campaign statement on falsely calling the election for Biden:

This election is not over by a long shot.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Biden-Harris and ‘The Art of the Steal’

Biden-Harris and ‘The Art of the Steal’

“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.” – Joseph Stalin, from The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary by Boris Bazhanov, published in 2002.

What Americans are witnessing is something we have never seen before. We are witnessing what I call “The Art of the Steal.” It is a parody of the title of a 1987 book credited to Donald J. Trump and journalist Tony Schwartz “The Art of the Deal.”
Today is another day where we find Democrats in large cities doing everything they can to steal the 2020 election. This is not about Trump, this is about fundamentally changing the ballot systems nationwide to favor one candidate over another.
This Art of the Steal began well before Donald J. Trump came down the escalator and announced his run for President. We are now learning that it began with groups intent on controlling the way ballots are counted and who oversees the counting of the ballots. The focus has been on three key Democrat initiatives:
  1. Use of software to count ballots e.g. the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 system.
  2. The push for states by Democrats to adopt vote-by-mail using the excuse of the Covid pandemic.
  3. Control who is in charge of counting the ballots particularly in key cities such as Atlanta, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Pittsburg, Detroit, and others.
 in an article titled With Locally-run Elections, a Handful of Big Dem Cities Now Can Control Entire U.S. warned:

Democrats have lamented how the Electoral College gives smaller states outsized influence over presidential elections. But consider what they’ve done via illegal means: given a handful of Democrat-run, major cities far greater influence over the current election.

That is, with vote-fraud being mainly a Democrat-big-city phenomenon, we now face the prospect that shenanigans in Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and some other leftist metropolises will be the deciding factor in who takes the White House next year.

Attempts to steal an election is not new. Voter fraud is not new. What is new is that for the first time in U.S. history stealing an election may actually happen.
In our article Biden Has Singlehandedly Destroyed our Free and Fair Election System we noted:
Voter fraud has now become the primary  “weapon of choice” of one political party.
Since the 2016 Presidential election the Democrats have taken the following public positions on voting in America:
  1. End the Electoral College.
  2. Implement a national popular vote system.
  3. Implement a national vote-by-mail system.
  4. Control the voting process by any and all means necessary.
  5. Control how the votes are counted.
  6. Create phony ballots to offset legal ballots as we are learning in 2020.
  7. Refuse to purge voter rolls of the dead, non-citizens and those who no longer live in the state. For example, a lawsuit filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation found that in Detroit, Michigan there are: 4,788 duplicate registrations, 32,519 more registered voters than eligible voters, 2,503 dead people registered and one voter born in 1823.
  8. Reject any form of voter ID laws, labeling them as voter suppression, thus allowing multiple cases of fraud.
  9. Over look voters who vote more than one time, i.e. those who are residents of two states and vote in each state illegally.
  10. Give voter IDs to anyone and everyone.
  11. Target Republican voters and cancel out their ballots.
  12. Emphatically say there is no such thing as voter fraud! While at the same time conducting voter fraud by all means available.
The final outcome of these Democrat Party policy positions is to enforce a popular voting system and then control that system at the ballot box.
Is 2020 the death of our Constitutional Republic?
Is it the final nail in our free and fair elections’ coffin? Are we entering a socialist state where the ballot box is totally controlled the state, and how the people vote be damned.
The sentiment “The people who cast the votes decide nothing; the people who count the votes decide everything” that originated with Stalin has now been perfected by Joe Biden as the leader of the Democrat Party in 2020.
We believe that we must trust in President Trump to get to the bottom of this Art of the Steal. Expose it for what it is. A blatant very public effort to steal an election.
©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.
We Must Have Election Results We Can Trust
Analysis: Illegal votes by non-citizens alone may have proved decisive in 2020
Did a ‘computer glitch’ flip 2,392,722 Trump votes to Biden?
THE STORM: America is at a tipping point!
President Trump is Singlehandedly Restoring Our Free and Fair Election System and the People Love Him For It!
Alan Ksays:

Dear Col. Swier,

This is a thorough analysis of the vote-counting issues facing our country today. It is curious how the Republicans were able to hold on to all their state legislature majorities and flip one or two other states Republican.

These results of Republican state victories are at odds with the Pres. Trump losing the national election. Logically something doesn’t add up.

Keep up the good work, Colonel.


Evil That Men Do: Is Defective Software Used on Swing States a Virus Meant to Flip Elections?

UNBELIEVABLE: George Soros Employee Owns
Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines

Stunning Facts: Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a George Soros lieutenant, whose company Smartmatic, is intimately tied to Dominion Voting Systems who flipped votes from Trump to Biden. Brown was also named UN #2 – Deputy Secretary General on March 3rd,  2006, and also former VP of the World Bank. His machine was used in all the swing states. Could this help explain the MI 200,000 vote sudden dump of Biden ballots, while WI got 100,000 late night delivery?

How did a close George Soros associate , a Quantum Fund VP, who lived in his NYC apartment get accepted for crucial voting machinery?

Soros Minion: How did a close George Soros associate , a Quantum Fund VP, who lived in his NYC apartment get accepted for crucial voting machinery? Especially after Soros’ unrelenting attack on the US justice system by funding leftist DAs? Brown was concurrently Vice-Chair of Soros Fund Management & Vice-Chair of Open Society Institute. Is Lord Brown George Soros’ favorite lieutenant?
Agent Provocateur Brown: So, what kind of person is Lord Brown? He secretly advances Soros’ goals. An adviser to billionaire Beny Steinmetz, Brown ruthlessly used his position to relay confidential information to Soros about Steinmetz’ company to ruin a business deal. Brown was sued and fined  €90,000. Brown is also Anti-Brexit and a climate zealot. When criticized about his friendship with Soros, and living on his colossal farm, Brown claimed he was “doing God’s work.” Brown’s subterfuge with the notorious UN program “oil-for-food” cost the UN $600 million and $300 mill cash disappeared.
Failed Vote Software Company: Dominion is associated with vote disasters, “Dominion “got into trouble” with several subsidiaries it used over alleged cases of fraud. One subsidiary is Smartmatic, a company “that has played a significant role in the U.S. market over the last decade,” according to a report published by UK-based AccessWire. Litigation over Smartmatic “glitches” alleges they impacted the 2010 and 2013 mid-term elections in the Philippines, raising questions of cheating and fraud. An independent review of the source codes used in the machines found multiple problems.”
Smartmatic & Dominion FailuresBloomberg criticized computer voter machines and software as inherently flawed in 2019. CBS News reported in 2019, “The voting machine lobby, led by the biggest company, ES&S, believes they are above the law,” said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. They have not had anybody hold them accountable even on the most basic matters.” Another concern is foreign ownership, and passive investors – like possibly Soros. Smartmatic’s figures were manipulated by 1 million votes in its 2017 Venezuela vote. Dominion failed in 2018 GA, but was retained, and failed again in GA and switched 6,000 ballots in MI this election, while PA, NV, AZ, WI, MN all used this. In 2019, GA citizens petitioned to have Dominion Voting Systems removed, as it failed in 2018 NV.

E-Voting Companies Run by Foreign Sociopaths?

“Elaborate election systems benefit company profit far more than taxpayers & voters paying for them.”
CONCLUSION: E-Voting Companies Run by Foreign Sociopaths? What do we really know about our voting machines and software? Hardly anything. For example, if a voting program was designed to throw 3% of the ballots to the opponent, how could that be detected? Writes the UK Guardian: “The fact is that democracy in the United States is now largely a secretive and privately-run affair conducted out of the public eye with little oversight. The corporations that run every aspect of American elections, from voter registration to casting and counting votes by machine, are subject to limited state and federal regulation. The companies are privately-owned and closely held, making information about ownership and financial stability difficult to obtain. The software source code and hardware design of their systems are kept as trade secrets and therefore difficult to study or investigate.” Let’s go back to hand written ballots and use electronics as a backup. That’s the only safe way versus electronic records.
Kelly OConnell — Bio and Archives
Kelly O’Connell is an author and attorney. He was born on the West Coast, raised in Las Vegas, and matriculated from the University of Oregon. After laboring for the Reformed Church in Galway, Ireland, he returned to America and attended law school in Virginia, where he earned a JD and a Master’s degree in Government. He spent a stint working as a researcher and writer of academic articles at a Miami law school, focusing on ancient law and society. He has also been employed as a university Speech & Debate professor. He then returned West and worked as an assistant district attorney. Kelly is now is a private practitioner with a small law practice in New Mexico.

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