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THE HILL – The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation

The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be entering the containment phase. Tens of thousands of Americans have died, and Americans are now desperate for sensible policymakers who have the courage to ignore the panic and rely on facts. Leaders must examine accumulated data to see what has actually happened, rather than keep emphasizing hypothetical projections; combine that empirical evidence with fundamental principles of biology established for decades; and then thoughtfully restore the country to function.
Five key facts are being ignored by those calling for continuing the near-total lockdown.

Fact 1: The overwhelming majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from COVID-19.

The recent Stanford University antibody study now estimates that the fatality rate if infected is likely 0.1 to 0.2 percent, a risk far lower than previous World Health Organization estimates that were 20 to 30 times higher and that motivated isolation policies.
In New York City, an epicenter of the pandemic with more than one-third of all U.S. deaths, the rate of death for people 18 to 45 years old is 0.01 percent, or 11 per 100,000 in the population. On the other hand, people aged 75 and over have a death rate 80 times that. For people under 18 years old, the rate of death is zero per 100,000.
Of all fatal cases in New York state, two-thirds were in patients over 70 years of age; more than 95 percent were over 50 years of age; and about 90 percent of all fatal cases had an underlying illness. Of 6,570 confirmed COVID-19 deaths fully investigated for underlying conditions to date, 6,520, or 99.2 percent, had an underlying illness. If you do not already have an underlying chronic condition, your chances of dying are small, regardless of age. And young adults and children in normal health have almost no risk of any serious illness from COVID-19.

Fact 2: Protecting older, at-risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding.

We can learn about hospital utilization from data from New York City, the hotbed of COVID-19 with more than 34,600 hospitalizations to date. For those under 18 years of age, hospitalization from the virus is 0.01 percent per 100,000 people; for those 18 to 44 years old, hospitalization is 0.1 percent per 100,000. Even for people ages 65 to 74, only 1.7 percent were hospitalized. Of 4,103 confirmed COVID-19 patients with symptoms bad enough to seek medical care, Dr. Leora Horwitz of NYU Medical Center concluded “age is far and away the strongest risk factor for hospitalization.” Even early WHO reports noted that 80 percent of all cases were mild, and more recent studies show a far more widespread rate of infection and lower rate of serious illness. Half of all people testing positive for infection have no symptoms at all. The vast majority of younger, otherwise healthy people do not need significant medical care if they catch this infection.

Fact 3: Vital population immunity is prevented by total isolation policies, prolonging the problem.

We know from decades of medical science that infection itself allows people to generate an immune response — antibodies — so that the infection is controlled throughout the population by “herd immunity.” Indeed, that is the main purpose of widespread immunization in other viral diseases — to assist with population immunity. In this virus, we know that medical care is not even necessary for the vast majority of people who are infected. It is so mild that half of infected people are asymptomatic, shown in early data from the Diamond Princess ship, and then in Iceland and Italy. That has been falsely portrayed as a problem requiring mass isolation. In fact, infected people without severe illness are the immediately available vehicle for establishing widespread immunity. By transmitting the virus to others in the low-risk group who then generate antibodies, they block the network of pathways toward the most vulnerable people, ultimately ending the threat. Extending whole-population isolation would directly prevent that widespread immunity from developing.
Fact 4: People are dying because other medical care is not getting done due to hypothetical projections.
Critical health care for millions of Americans is being ignored and people are dying to accommodate “potential” COVID-19 patients and for fear of spreading the disease. Most states and many hospitals abruptly stopped “nonessential” procedures and surgery. That prevented diagnoses of life-threatening diseases, like cancer screening, biopsies of tumors now undiscovered and potentially deadly brain aneurysms. Treatments, including emergency care, for the most serious illnesses were also missed. Cancer patients deferred chemotherapy. An estimated 80 percent of brain surgery cases were skipped. Acute stroke and heart attack patients missed their only chances for treatment, some dying and many now facing permanent disability.

Fact 5: We have a clearly defined population at risk who can be protected with targeted measures.

The overwhelming evidence all over the world consistently shows that a clearly defined group — older people and others with underlying conditions — is more likely to have a serious illness requiring hospitalization and more likely to die from COVID-19. Knowing that, it is a commonsense, achievable goal to target isolation policy to that group, including strictly monitoring those who interact with them. Nursing home residents, the highest risk, should be the most straightforward to systematically protect from infected people, given that they already live in confined places with highly restricted entry.
The appropriate policy, based on fundamental biology and the evidence already in hand, is to institute a more focused strategy like some outlined in the first place: Strictly protect the known vulnerable, self-isolate the mildly sick and open most workplaces and small businesses with some prudent large-group precautions. This would allow the essential socializing to generate immunity among those with minimal risk of serious consequence, while saving lives, preventing overcrowding of hospitals and limiting the enormous harms compounded by continued total isolation. Let’s stop underemphasizing empirical evidence while instead doubling down on hypothetical models. Facts matter.
Scott W. Atlas, MD, is the David and Joan Traitel Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and the former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center.


From Anonymous;

So Chris gets COVID-19 and decides CNN  will now become the focus of his existence for the world so they can witness his dire suffering. He exclaims his fever..sweats and “complete isolation” AS A RESULT OF HIS QUARANTINE in his home in the basement..For those of you who have witnessed his behavior on CNN…You know exactly what I am referring to ..He put on a real show..sweating in the camera and everything else..Such horror for Chris…hallucinations..all kinds of terrible symptoms ..Even sympathy from his brother…

EXCEPT..HE HAS BEEN LYING…he is  a FRAUD..He was NOT QUARANTINED in his basement as he claims..He was NOT protecting his family..wife and children..Actually, the guy should be under arrest for Child Endangerment. WHY you ask?…because at the height of his infection, good old Chris was out and about not as he claimed, isolated in his basement. He was out and about with his wife..his children,  surveying his property in the Hamptons..YEP..and screaming at some local guy who came riding by on a bicycle and  asked…”Hey, you are Chris Cuomo..you have COVID-19..How come you are not home in quarantine?” ..”Why are you outside with with people?”. “You are supposed to be sick”..OH..and this gets better..NO MASK..WHILE HE WAS SICK…AND CONTAGIOUS…and out and about.. ..And he was upset that some local guy even asked such questions.. Actually, the local guy should have called the police to arrest Chris for being a local HEALTH HAZARD…

Chris must be very good friends with George over at  ABC who was walking this dog after testing positive with COVID-19…When you stop and think..you really cannot make up such a fraud…And these frauds want us to believe them on TV..PLEASE..give me a break!..OH..Chris should indeed be arrested for Child Endangerment because he obviously was NOT protecting his wife and kids..His wife acquired the virus…AND SO HAS ONE OF HIS CHILDREN..I have a friend who spent 20 days closed up in his son’s bedroom..never leaving..while he was positive..Sounds just like Chris..that’s  a joke!  If you really want to know who and what Chris Cuomo and CNN are really all about..here it is..they are FRAUDS…CNN actually allows the fraud on TV every night…The biggest frauds on cable news..


Below is from unknown author (thanks Floyd) with whom I agree 100% and then some …..RAB III


Some people have a sickness but  NOT from the (Chinese Communist Party) VIRUS..Give a little thought to this…
This week, oil prices plunged to ..well, they are literally giving it away!. And that plunge in oil  prices could  lead to the loss of more than 65,000 American jobs ..maybe even more.
And guess what, there are DEMOCRATS who are not only thrilled with such devastation in job loss , they are actually celebrating.. Yes, you heard that correctly.. Democrats are celebrating that American’s are losing their jobs..I know..those of you who are Democrats on this “rant list” are going to say..no one American would celebrate the loss of good jobs..But that is simply not the case. AOC and her buddies are simply thrilled that oil is plunging and costing 65,000 American jobs….She wants a train to Hawaii and she figures this is the way to get it..
Responding to the loss of tens-of-thousands  jobs because of the plunge in oil prices she Tweeted she “LOVES TO SEE IT” ..Yep…that is what the lady said..Please keep in mind that if nothing else AOC is indeed consistent..She absolutely loved seeing  25,000 EXCELLENT PAYING AMAZON jobs get flushed down the East River in her “home district” in NYC..Yep..right down the river. So this “starlet” of the Democratic party has now said that she is thrilled when close to 100,000 jobs are going down the river so she can get a train to Hawaii…
And you know what is really sick..no, it is not the VIRUS..It is that no one in the MEDIA..NO ONE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY can find the guts to call this very sick lady what she really is…A disgusting example of politics..The left and the Democrats can scream about Donald Trump till the cows come home..Donald is the worst thing that has ever happened to America!..that is what the media and the Democrats scream..every single day..
But we know Donald Trump wants American’s to have jobs..pay their bills..and live without fear…He will do anything to get Americans jobs…And if you want to know what is really sick…Democrats DO NOT REALLY CARE about jobs…They care about POWER and they don’t give a crap how many people do not have jobs if it leads to getting their hands on that power…
Just ask them why…WHY they do not condemn the words and actions of AOC and her crowd… No one in the media or the wonderful Democratic party has said one bad word about her tweet..Anyone! ..Someone…please tell me why the media and her party make her their future..She is the one who is sick and she has infected the Democrats..and they love her..
COVID-19 will pass…AOC and her dreams are going no where and hundreds of thousands of American jobs are going out the window.. There is a vaccine for her sickness…but her party wants none of it..Democrats really do like it when Americans don’t have jobs..if Democrats  felt otherwise..AOC would get a shot of that vaccine..
Added Comment ; Royal Brown III;  conclusion at the end of above commentary:
The reason why Democrats don’t want people to have good paying jobs is so that they will be dependent on Big Government for their livelihood !  In this way the Democrats can control the people.  This is socialism/communism pure and simple. The answer to why Socialist Democrats (that would be all Democrats) don’t want to help the people; don’t want to solve problems is that then they would be out of a job and lose their POWER.
RINO never trumpists also don’t want to actually solve problems for the same reasons which makes them just as evil if not more so than Democrats.  This is why Paul Ryan and 39 other RINOs decided to quit the House rather than run for re-election in 2016 thus helping to bring back the wicked witch of the left coast, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.   RINOs will offer “shiney objects” like legislation they know will not pass or water down bills in compromise with Democrats only to make their constituents think they are helping when they actually aren’t.
Or in a recent example by accepting a non-quorum “voice vote” in the House on the largest spending  “CARE” Act in modern history fully knowing it was crammed full of Democrat wants not even remotely related to the Chinese Communist Party Virus (coronavirus).
Remember this statement from conservative sage Rush Limbaugh – “We should not ever compromise with Democrats…because they are never satisfied and will always want more.”

I agree with both individuals comments.

John Nelson
The Highlands Tea Party


This is an important notice of changes that have to be made
to our mutual activities of interest,
The Heartland Herald and We The People.

The last 4-6 weeks have produced dramatic changes across our Country and throughout the world, changes that will likely impact all of our futures.  We have been affected directly by being prevented from publishing the April issue of the Heartland Herald and from holding our weekly We The People meetings.

This is the fifth year (beginning in 2016) that we have published the Herald and gathered in local weekly meetings to discuss the issues of the day.  Our future is uncertain, but in seeking Godly wisdom, I have been impressed with two words: Steadfastness and Perseverance! These are relevant to all of us, but more on these later.

During this difficult time, it has become apparent to us, my wife Cheryl and myself, that I will not be able to continue the things that I have been doing due to health problems and advice of my doctors.  As a result, we reluctantly have made the decision to cease publication of the Heartland Herald at this time and to not schedule or plan any further meetings of We The People.

This was a very difficult decision to make, in particular when we consider all of the many friends and patriots that have supported us.   From the generous sponsors that have purchased advertising in our paper to all those people that have supported us financially with their gifts and support.  To those that have helped in preparation and assembly of each issue, and those that distributed the papers to the many locations in the Greater Highlands County area.  We thank those who have stuffed and mailed subscriptions to more than 20 states across the country.  We thank you all for each special contribution to our mutual effort.

We will never forget these, or the faithful participants in our weekly We The People Meetings as we gathered for food, fellowship and sometimes “intense” discussions of the issues of the day.   We examined and probed many of these issues, and became more informed and better equipped with wisdom to face our world as a result.  Surely this can’t all be over can it?  It seems clear that we are entering what I believe is a new and important time in all of our lives and in the future of our country including facing new challenges to be undertaken.

A New Heartland Herald Newsletter

As some of you know, I have sent out a weekly set of e-mail notes in preparation for the We The People meetings.  It includes my comments about the things going on, as well as a list of links to recommended articles to read, videos to watch, and other news I think you need to know.   I plan to continue to do that by expanding and renaming the email as The Heartland Herald Newsletter by the beginning of May.  In this new world of working from home and communicating on-line, we can still have an impact in this way.  We will still welcome opinions and input from other patriot researchers.

This newsletter will be available to anyone interested in being included in our email list and that includes those who had subscriptions.  If you are not presently on our e-mail list, you can receive the Heartland Herald Newsletter by sending an email to ourheartlandherald@gmail.com.  In addition, if you want a refund of your subscription money, please include that request in your request.

Notes on our new reality

When we consider the significance of what has happened in the shocking shutdown of 180+ countries because of this pandemic; think about what (or who?) could possibly close our schools, our government offices, our businesses, both big and small, and our churches almost overnight and why?  To me the only possible answer is God in Heaven.  And why would He do that?  Because, although He created men with a free will that do any foolish thing they might imagine, His desire was for men to use those choices to fulfill what He intended for mankind. He gave men dominion to make important choices on this earth that can affect everyone.  But we must never forget who is in control or holds mankind responsible for their choices.

We know God’s will through the 10 Commandments and the Bible.  Americans have been further informed by our own Constitution and Bill of Rights that paint a picture of what good choiceS looks like.   Nevertheless, the choices that we have made in the USA and other countries have not been very good.  Whether we like it or not, choices ALWAYS have consequences.  So perhaps we all have been “sent to our rooms” during this shutdown to think about the choices we have made, and determine whether we need to, and are willing to change.  Regardless of what we have chosen, we seem to be in a “time out” to consider our ways.

The Bible that has informed our Constitution and the Constitution itself still remain as the Law of the Land and the basis for God’s justice in America.  Expect to see God’s justice enforced in our near future. God’s message to me for you is to remain steadfast in your beliefs in first principles and persevere in your Christian and conservative views and what you know to be true.  And if you are not believer in a Creator God, this might be a good time to reconsider because He still loves all of His creation and wants everyone to have freedom of the right choice.

When we do something wrong, we can continue on that path or admit it and make the changes necessary.   Christians recognize this as confessing what we’ve done wrong and turning away from that wrong.  So I will confess to you that I was more caught up in trying to grow the Heartland Herald or increasing the attendance at We The People meetings than in doing exactly what God wanted to see done.   So that’s the challenge I have been facing. We all face our own challenges and I hope that we’ll all be able to see clearly and make the good choices we must make to receive God’s best for our individual and our nation’s future.

Continue to take the time to teach others in the truth and help them gain wisdom.  Be careful of negatively confessing,  “Things will never change”.   God is still on His throne and He loves us.  We probably have some difficult times ahead of us and we can either chose to give up, surrender, admit defeat, or we can reinforce each other as we face the anticipated struggle and prayerfully seek God’s strength and wisdom as we go forward.

I hope that you will take time to consider what I have said, then write back to me or call me with your thoughts.   In the meantime, I will be sending out a Heartland Herald Newsletter this coming Thursday and will include you on the list.   If you want to opt out, please let me know.   Please pray us, for our President, our soldiers, all the liberty-minded patriots, and citizens of this world as we face a very challenging future.  God bless you.


Dale Pflug
The Heartland Herald Newsletter

863-451-6054 Cell
863-658-1280 Home




From our friend AYNOMYNOUS …
If you have been  watching the news…reading the papers..all you hear over  the past week or so  regarding when we can start to go back to work..or some form of normal …is….”WE NEED TO LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS”…So the question one might think of asking is,  WHY??? We have been listening to the experts for neigh on 3 months..From the famous Dr Fauci in late January…”we have nothing to be concerned about”..Yes…that is “THE MOST FAMOUS EXPERT and he said..”NOTHING”..From the WHO in early Feb, “There is NO HUMAN TO HUMAN TRANSMISSION”…And then we started hearing the complete opposite. ..We got these numbers from ..none other than Dr Fauci..2 million Americans will die!  WOW! Weeks later we began to hear..240,000 will die and 2 to 3 million will get infected…And then we were all blessed with..60 to 80,000 will die..Have to admit, they are getting closer to reality.
Here are some more “tidbits” from the experts. Gov Cuomo was advised by his experts that he needed, desperately needed, at least 60,000 additional hospital beds in NYC..URGENTLY!..Well, as part that assistance, the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS built  2600 hospital beds in the Javits Center in a matter of days..of which approximately 1000 have been used…Less than half! And they are dismantling the beds built in Central Park as most were not needed…Turns out, Gov Cuomo only needed about 15,000 extra beds in NYC..A lot…but a very long way from 60,000.  Actually..the experts were not even close!…So think..all of this came from..THE EXPERTS…Yes sir..100% of those prophecies and projections came from ..THE EXPERTS..
Let me make a comment to put some of this into perspective ..If any of the people who made these projections had been employed by private industry. And if any of those companies had built their budgets and business plans on those quite sophisticated models…Every single one of those people would have been fired…all of them..And they would never find a another job doing that type of work..NEVER! The failures would haunt them forever. But we are now being told..that moving forward, it is critical that we listen to the EXPERTS!..Better yet..the very same experts who made all those projections!
Exactly why should we be listening to THE EXPERTS?..I really have no clue..NONE. They have failed us at almost every turn. They have led to 22 million Americans being without jobs. They may have taken us into the most serious recession in 75 yrs..They have bungled this in a terrible fashion and yet..WE NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM!…WHY? These people sit in their government jobs, immune to any normal criticism because they are..EXPERTS..I think it is time to stop listening to the experts..These people remind me of the great Nobel Laureate, Paul Krugman..who writes for the NY Times..He is an expert economist..considering so good that he won a NOBEL PRIZE for his wisdom in Economics..And this genius said..and I quote..”The week after Donald Trump is elected, the stock market will crash like the GREAT DEPRESSION and within weeks  we will indeed have a GREAT DEPRESSION”…Why do all these experts get so much  so very, very wrong??..And why do we listen to them?
Our anonymous  writer had a 40 year career in the newspaper industry, and has written several books, his article are to the poing and  as you
will find quite factual.  His comments eill truly make you stop and think.


Thanks go to Tea Party Manatee for this explosive information

Watch Explosive Video: Historian Greg Reese Exposes Bill Gates’ Ties To NAZIs And More

This video is stunning. For example, it shows Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is on the leadership council for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, saying in 2017, There will be “a surprise outbreak” during the new president’s administration.

It includes Bill Gates saying about mass gatherings…”until we’re widely vaccinated those might come back at all. Watch it to see the connections between the players.
Watch it here: https://banned.video/watch?id=5e8c9ef7475781009430c49d

From WND: Todd Starnes Calls on ‘Gun-toting, Bible-clinging Patriots to Rise up’

Democrats hope to tank the economy and take down Trump

“The new unemployment numbers are out, and there’s really no way to butter this biscuit, folks. Unless America’s economic engine is restarted, we will be plunged into a Great Depression.

“Since the global pandemic hit our shores, more than 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits.

And the only way to stop this economic death spiral is for every freedom-loving citizen to embrace their constitutional rights, take to the streets and demand that their state leaders reopen this nation.

“As I wrote in “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” the time has come for gun-toting, Bible-clinging patriots to rise up with a mighty voice and declare that this great American experiment is worth saving.”…

Read the complete article here:

Very interesting article; I do not know if I would call the Coronavirus a a “HOAX” for sure it is a real virus. it is no worse then the Swine Flu, SARS, or the Common Flu which kills more every year than any other virus.

As the Chairman of  The Highlands Tea Party for going on 10 years,  I personally have never heard of the “Tea Party Command Center”
The original and still very active granddaddy of the Tea Party is the “Tea Party Patriots”

Someone tagging themselves as the “Command Center” gives people the impression they run the tea parties Far from it, we are independent organizations who work in unison with the Tea Party patriots!
This article below was posted by by The Tea Party Command Center.
Why Is The Nation Shut Down?
Why is the country shut down? Donald Trump’s strongest campaign strength is his ability to marshall huge assemblies… The pictures of his gatherings alone are inspiring and MOTIVATING. These rallies serve to motivate and inform millions to vote for the DONALD. The Left knows this and attempted to go toe to toe with him using rallies last election cycle and lost big, … HUGE … as the Donald would put it. With the presumptive nominee being Joe Biden, the left would be nuts to allow him to speak to the public in any forum… He can’t put two paragraphs together without exhibiting serious dementia issues.
The COVID19 virus is a HOAX... it is no more deadly or contagious than the SARS and MERS Pandemics. However, the MSM and holdovers from the Obama Administration are playing the COVED19 virus up as a serious pandemic, in an attempt to destroy the economy. They also want to keep TRUMP INDOORS and away from the visuals of the support that compelled millions to vote for him… in the last election cycle. Restricting the numbers for assemblies keeps Biden from making public appearances, where his battle with dementia is obvious and debilitating. The Democrats can not let Biden out. They need to keep Biden under close wraps and will use taped video sessions and adds, as their centerpiece in his election campaign… CLAIMING BIDEN IS FIT AND THE VIDEO”S ARE NECESSARY DUE TO THE SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS associated with the pandemic. Don’t look for any public debates… if any debates occur, look for the debates to be short and conducted with the candidates at separate locations by video streaming. The Dems will likely insist the questions be approved in advance so they can give Joe the proper answers via teleprompter.
The left keeps changing the rules to return to work... raising the bar and numbers needed to return to normal economic activity. They are rigging the numbers reported as infected; redefining who is reported as infected. The CDC under Dr. Fauci’s direction recently changed the status for reporting he numbers infected from: “CONFIRMED to have COVID19′ to “PROBABLY has COVID19”. Of course, the totals reported as infected jumped and will continue to rise exponentially… based on this change alone. Today, every person tested with flu-like symptoms will be reported as ‘Probably Has COVID19). The Public just saw the numbers of infected zoom with more, much more testing done. However, with the huge increase in numbers tested it should be expected that more infected individuals will be discovered and reported. We will now see the numbers increase again, exponentially, as hundreds of thousands tested have their status changed from “confirmed to probably” infected with COVID19…
Why all this deceitful reporting by Dr. Fauci and his team... too, many disloyal, never Trumpers, and Globalist, on his team. The numbers game is being rigged, to keep everyone confined to their homes, and the economy on the outs… It should be obvious what is happening, but many will simply misunderstand that the left is cooking the books on the numbers needed to safely return to work.
Look there are potentially thousands headed for prison if Pres, Trump gets a second term… thousands more will likely be forced to resign or retire for their collusion in illegal and corrupt acts. The Deep State doesn’t want to see Trump reelected. They are willing to do just about anything to stop him… He had better higher his own security, along with screening the secret service detail on a regular basis. He certainly needs to review all of those in his secret service detail for globalist and leftist ties…
  • The nation is shut down because the NWO pushers realize that President Trump is going to win reelection in November and he’s going to continue dismantling their structures (Central Banks, trade policies, population migrations, slave, drug and human trafficking trades to the point of total destruction …. and he’s going to take their $ Trillions away.  So … they’ve stepped up their plans to create events that will hopefully (in their minds) cascade into the forced creation of their One World Government.  The forced vaccination of the world’s population is another one of their tenets, the confiscation of all private firearms is another.  The elimination of private property, the forced movement of people into living zones and out of natural preservation zones and other policies will be implemented as the OWG gains more power and has more Governors aligned with their edicts.  Consider the undeclared Marshal Law that many Governors have implemented and continuing against the will of the American People. .
    The Big Push is ON.  The Covid flu virus (magnified into a world pandemic) was just the first thrust.  There’s going to be others. THEY are still there and THEY have not given up.  What’s next?….. That’s what I’ve been wondering.  I don’t know.  Maybe an attack on America’s waterways.  Maybe another plague virus (perhaps they have another one ready to go).  Maybe a limited nuclear attack (a suitcase nuke of an American city).  Maybe an EMP.  …… WHEN?  My guess is in a year or two.  They’re not ready for their next one and can’t prevent Trump from winning in November, but also can’t allow America to fully recover from their first plague.  THINK – the Plagues of Egypt.
    If you’re not prepared, START.  And I don’t mean just planting a garden.  I take the contrived pandemic as a warning from God … and in that respect ‘a blessing’.  Ostriches will get run over.  But we CAN win.  I’m expecting to win because ………. Americans don’t know How to lose.


     All comments or views do not necessarily represent the opinions or views of The Highlands Tea party.  This is an election year; there will be articles like this both negative and positive regarding candidates that we will post as the road to 2020 moves forward. ‘The Highlands Tea Party’ does not endorse any candidates, we present them and their views on the issues confronting America, for the education of We The People.  We also present validated articles referencing the candidates stand for or against issues.  The Highlands Tea Party works very hard to validate the material we present, we do not fully rely on articles in the local of national press, which is critically important in the atmosphere of today’s one sided National Press Corps!.
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    It is the reader’s choice to open, read, donate, or delete,

BEST 2020 Campaign ad yet for @realDonaldTrump

Two Faced Democrats Under Obama
Want Illegals Out!

Wuhan Coronavirus: Will China profit from the outbreak? Mar 27, 2020

Gravitas: Wuhan Coronavirus: Will China
profit from the outbreak?   1,290,971 views


from our friend…heed his words…

Are Constitutional Rights are currently being
destroyed under the guise of…for the better good..

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ,”

The words above are the very first words enshrined in the U.S. CONSTITUTION under our “BILL of RIGHTS”..For those of you who have never read the Constitution..the BILL of RIGHTS are the FIRST 10 AMENDMENTS..For those of you have not read it in a very long time, I suggest that you take the time to read it now…Before it doesn’t exist any longer..Yep..it is being shredded right before our very eyes and we are doing nothing to stop it. This past week, many states issued “rulings”, “mandates”, “decrees”, etc that said, Christians and Jews (and anyone else) could NOT go to their ‘HOUSE of WORSHIP” and pray..This past week was an unusual week for Christians and Jews as it was Passover and Easter and yet those members of the 2 oldest religions on the planet were advised…Sorry..Church and Synagogue  are now closed.
But if you read those lines above  in BLUE from the Bill of Rights…No government in this country..City,  State or otherwise has the legal right to issue such decrees..such mandates…Yet they did it.

Last night on FOX, the Governor of New Jersey (which has been hit kind of hard by the Virus) was asked…”by what legal authority do you have the right to close the Churches and Synagogues in New Jersey?”…His response was simply staggering ..He said…“that answer is above my pay grade!”..WOW..the guy that commands the NJ State Police..the Governor of the State..The highest ranking public official in the state and his response …”I have no clue but I did it”..That is basically what he said…

Obviously we now have several governors who have no idea what the Constitution permits and does not permit..The Governor of Michigan has prohibited just about everything..and I mean everything..and shutting down Churches and Synagogues is one of the NO NOS…it is now forbidden and we are letting them get away with hi-jacking our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS..And worse…most of the media are encouraging such trashing of our Constitutional rights…
If you really want to understand how bad this really is and how corrupt the media really is..Just think..in the very same sentence of the First Amendment it says…(Congress shall make no law) abridging the freedom of speech or of the press , Yep…The media are doing everything they can to assist these thieves who are stealing our rights…Ladies and Gentlemen..if you think the VIRUS is a threat…you have missed the boat..The VIRUS has become the excuse to rob us of our most fundamental rights in this country…
The Left has been trying to do this for decades and now they have an accomplice. The ultimate excuse…“it is for the greater good”…Bernie is winning..Socialism is...”everything is OK for the greater good”...They  need to take away our freedoms so everyone can be healthy…Bull Shit…
If I want to go to Church..the LAW of the LAND says…I can go…and we need to start standing up for our rights before we have none…And worse,  the media are aggressively pushing the envelope…The guys that wrote the CONSTITUTION wanted a free press to help protect our rights..Instead we a have “PRESS” that is helping destroy our rights..Just listen to them…They have little to say of real import…There is silence..
It is not the VIRUS we should fear..it is  our government and what they are  doing to our freedoms and our  rights..BTW..think about this..most of the loss of theses freedoms and rights are being taken away by UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS (THE EXPERTS)...yes..people who are not accountable..They need to go…and go quickly…This is why we have elections..
The anonymous writer has been in the news business for over 40 years and written several book’s, these are his personal view but they are founded on the guiding principles of our Constitution. The Federal Government and State Governments have limited Rights and both are under the eye of the Constitution.


Growing Chorus of Educators Calling For Schools to Remain Closed For The Rest of This School Year.



Superintendents back closing schools until fall

Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho has joined the growing chorus of educators calling for schools to remain closed for the rest of this school year. “A physical return to schools this year is not only unlikely but imprudent,” he tweeted. Despite the Florida Department of Education’s current recommendation to shutter campuses through May 1, Carvalho’s counterparts in Broward and Monroe counties have said for weeks they didn’t expect to reopen until next school year – if then, while Palm Beach County has closed schools “until further notice.” Separately, Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna has commented: “It would be extremely disruptive, if not impossible, to shift back to finish the last few weeks of the school year in the classroom. Our teachers cannot effectively deliver education in two different modes, simultaneously operating live and virtual classrooms.” Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday that, with social distancing measures on track to prevent an overwhelming spike in cases, he would be establishing a task force to help map Florida’s return to normalcy.

Watch Entire Trump Wall Being Built:


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Must See: Vann delivers a powerful tribute to all Veterans by passionately personifying the U.S. Flag. He performed at North Carolina’s Reagan Round Up GOP 2020. Attendees included: U.S. Congressmen Rep. Richard Hudson, Rep. Dan Bishop, N.C. LtGov Mark Robinson (R. Nominee) and N.C. State Senator Sev Palacio. Vann is a unifier. He is a retired Navy officer with a beautiful message for all Americans. Contact Vann at: www.evangelomorris.com



This holiday weekend will look different than any other in our recent past, with forgone traditions and canceled vacations. In these times, faith and family are sources of comfort, support, and hope. We wish all those who are celebrating Easter and Passover a meaningful and fulfilling observance.
Democrats Block $250 Billion for Workers
On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader McConnell asked the Senate to approve President Trump’s request for an additional $250 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and we were supportive of this request.

The PPP is good policy because it is temporary, targeted, and has an immediate impact; it helps small businesses to continue paying employees, even if business has slowed due to a government-ordered shutdown. It prevents lay-offs, eases economic hardship for employees, and will allow for more of America’s workforce to immediately return to full employment as soon as stay-at-home orders are lifted or eased.
Senate Democrats threatened to object to further support of the bipartisan PPP unless their liberal policy wishlist was also included. They wanted:
$100 billion for hospitals and health care centers
$150 billion to bail out state and local governments
Increased funding for food stamps
Making good on their threats, Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) blocked the Senate’s $250 billion increase to the Paycheck Protection Program—money that would have kept American workers employed.
Once again, the Left doesn’t care about working Americans…unless they can be used as bargaining chips to push their liberal agenda.
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Resources for Small Business Owners
The Paycheck Protection Program is designed to keep American small businesses open through forgivable loans provided by the Small Business Administration. The SBA will forgive loans if all employees are kept on the payroll for eight weeks and the money is used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities.
Need help navigating the PPP? No problem! On Monday of this past week, Heritage Action hosted a special call to discuss resources for small business owners created by the CARES Act. You can listen in here:


Two Faced Democrats under obama want illegals out!


Jimmy Weldon turns 95 this year. He was born in 1923, the year that the
original Yankee Stadium was constructed, the Warner Brothers Studios
was created, and the world’s first portable radio was developed in America.
In the 1940s, he served as a combat engineer in World War II under
General George Patton.
After returning home from the war, he got a job on the airwaves as a radio
show host for four years. From there he moved on in the 1950s to help usher
in the age of television with his own TV show, The Webster Webfoot Show.
And that was just the start of an acting career that has now spanned over 60 years.
As an actor, Jimmy has appeared on numerous TV series including The Waltons,
The Rockford Files, and Dallas in addition to his voice-over skills in a host of
cartoons such as Tom and Jerry Kids ShowRichie Rich and Scooby Doo to name but a few.
But the voice he is probably most remembered for is that of the beloved Yakky Doodle

Dossier author Christopher Steele acknowledged he was desperate to stop the Trump campaign

FBI used Russian disinformation to
launch investigation into Trump,
audit finds
Dossier author Christopher Steele acknowledged he was desperate to stop the Trump campaign and prompt the FBI to ratchet up its investigation. (Associated Press/File) **FILE**

Dossier author Christopher Steele acknowledged he was desperate
to stop the Trump campaign and prompt the FBI to ratchet up its
investigation. (Associated Press/File) **
– The Washington Times – Friday, April 10, 2020
The Steele Dossier — key evidence the FBI used to justify spying on a Trump campaign figure in 2016 — was based in part on Russian disinformation, two top senators revealed Friday, citing newly declassified footnotes from an inspector general’s report.
Sens. Charles E. Grassley and Ron Johnson, both committee chairs and top investigators, said given the Steele Dossier was funded by the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign, that means they were actively responsible for spreading Russian disinformation, which plunged the country into political turmoil for much of the last three years.  While the work of former British spy Christopher Steele had long been suspected of being tainted by Russian disinformation, the new revelation is the first official confirmation, and it comes from the Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz’s authoritative report on the FBI’s bunglings.
The information was contained in several footnotes in the report, which had been redacted from the public release, but which were made public Friday.  “These footnotes confirm that there was a direct Russian disinformation campaign in 2016, and there were ties between Russian intelligence and a presidential campaign — the Clinton campaign, not Trump’s,” Mr. Grassley and Mr. Johnson said.
Footnote 350 says Mr. Steele’s reporting about the activities of former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen were “part of a Russian disinformation campaign to denigrate U.S. foreign relations.”  The footnote also says information on Mr. Trump’s 2013 trip to Moscow were falsified by Russian intelligence, then injected into the American political conversation.
An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment.
The FBI relied on the Steele Dossier as key evidence in its application for a secret warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on Carter Page, a Trump campaign advisor.  Mr. Steele was working for Fusion GPS, which was being paid by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to gather dirt on Mr. Trump.  The FBI learned that one of Mr. Steele’s sources for the dossier was linked with Russian intelligence, but the FBI failed to inform the secret court that oversees FISA when it asked permission to spy on Mr. Page.
Mr. Trump, enraged by the FBI investigation, would fire then-Director James Comey in the spring of 2017, spurring the Justice Department to name a special counsel to investigate. The special counsel found no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, but did ding Mr. Trump for trying to interfere with the investigation.  Mr. Johnson and Mr. Grassley said the FBI knew it had contradictory and exculpatory evidence, but engaged in “blind pursuit” of the president.
“Had FBI leadership heeded the numerous warnings of Russian disinformation, paid attention to the glaring contradictions in the pool of evidence and followed long-standing procedures to ensure accuracy, everyone would have been better off. Carter Page’s civil liberties wouldn’t have been shredded, taxpayer dollars wouldn’t have been wasted, the country wouldn’t be as divided and the FBI’s reputation wouldn’t be in shambles,” the senators said.
Attorney General William P. Barr last year tapped U.S. Attorney John Durham to review the origins of the Russia probe and whether any crimes were committed
Mr. Barr said Thursday the investigation has uncovered “troubling” evidence of possible abuses, hinting that criminal prosecutions could be coming.
“My own view is that the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just the mistakes or sloppiness,” he said in an interview with Fox News. “There was something far more troubling here. We’re going to get to the bottom of it. And if people broke the law and we can establish that with the evidence, they will be prosecuted.”  An FBI lawyer involved in the Page warrant applications is said to be under criminal investigation for altering an email related to the warrant renewal application.
Kevin Clinesmith had changed a document submitted to the FISA Court to make it appear as if Mr. Page was not working with the CIA, when in fact he was.  Last month, Mr. Horowitz released a broader review of the FBI’s FISA applications, uncovering even more flaws. Mr. Horowitz discovered an average of 20 errors in the 29 applications he scrutinized.  Missteps included the lack of documentation for accusations lodged in the warrant request, he said
The Justice Department also disclosed that an internal review turned up two FISA applications with “material errors or omissions,” according to court filing unsealed Friday.  However, the department maintains the errors did not change the probable cause needed to request a warrant.  The FBI’s missteps have drawn repeated rebukes from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Typically tight-lipped, the court has ripped the FBI twice for failing to follow proper FISA procedures.
Judge James E. Boasberg said last week Mr. Horowitz’s two reports undermine their confidence in the FBI’s accuracy.
“The OIG Memorandum provides further reason for systemic concern,” Judge Boasberg wrote. “It thereby reinforces the need for the court to monitor the ongoing efforts of the FBI and DOJ to ensure that, going forward, FBI applications present accurate and complete facts.”


From our  ANONYMOUS friend.. April 8, 2020

Last week, Chuckie Todd of NBC asked Joe Biden, does…”Trump have blood on his hands because of the manner in which he has handled the VIRUS?”…Let’s think about what the true damage to this country  really is in terms of FACTS and who really has “BLOOD on THEIR HANDS”..
We are now being told…that because of “mitigation” and other new rules of behavior ..along with the finest  medical establishment/system on the face of the planet that the new estimate of deaths from the VIRUS  is somewhere in the neighborhood of 60,000 Americans..Now every life is important and death is ugly…But these new numbers from yesterday’s Corona Briefing (that CNN doesn’t want to cover!!) are starting to shed the light that we have all been “taken to the cleaners” by THE MEDIA and…the Government Establishment…Does that sound harsh…Well…it is meant to be harsh..
A normal FLU SEASON in this country kills between 40/60,000 people…every yr…each yr…In 1957 it killed 100,000 Americans…So now..after being told that the COVID-19 was the new plague and that as many as 1 million or 2 million Americans could die…and then as recently as several days ago…the number dropped to between 100/250,000….and now (yesterday) it is…approx 60,000, where exactly are we?…Well…American’s “HAVE BEEN HAD…CONNED….TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS”..Yes..if the latest numbers are even close to the real truth…The people with “BLOOD ON THIER HANDS” are the media…and they have a ton of blood on their hands…
More than 10 million people do not have jobs because 60,000 people could die..Think about that equation..think very carefully about that equation..If I said to you that your chances of success in a new business venture  were only  30% (60,000 vs 2 million)..Would you wager millions of $$ if your failure was basically expected (70%)..I wouldn’t..and neither would most clear thinking people..Those numbers are akin to ..2 million deaths vs 60,000..So we have risked our entire economy…we have risked our entire well being as a country because 60,000 people could die…when in a normal FLU SEASON..40/60,000 people die (normal)…and that is AFTER FLU SHOTS...
SO… if it is after Flu Shots…it means COVID-19  is actually far less dangerous than a NORMAL FLU SEASON..Does that register?
And now our country is frozen..frozen in time..frozen in our homes…and more than 10 million have lost their jobs (BLOOD)...Over an event that the Media turned into the NEW PLAGUE..The daily hysteria coming from  the likes of MSNBC…CNN…WAPO…NY TIMES…all of them..That we needed to close everything down..WHY..If you really want to get into the weeds and be a conspiracy guy…This was the opportunity of a lifetime for the LEFT..THE MEDIA..THE DEMOCRATS ..
They have failed at everything trying to take down Donald Trump and now they all had their golden chance..A catastrophic event that would destroy his narrative..Full Employment..a robust economy…better trade deals..everything they simply could not beat with THE MUELLER REPORT..RUSSIAN COLLUSION..IMPEACHMENT..They threw everything at Donald for nearly 4 yrs and he was not only still standing..he was winning..And then ..”out of the blue” came THE VIRUS…
They laughed at Trump when he said he wanted to re-open the country around Easter…They laughed at him when he said…The Malaria Drug might help…They ridiculed him when he inferred that Andrew Cuomo DID NOT NEED 65,000 new hospital beds (turns out NYC only needs 14,000). They called him names when he shut the door from China..But guess what?..
They now say that maybe around May 1st we can start going back to normal…people might be able to go back to work by May 1st..We were  recently told by the famous Dr Fauci that this might not happen till Sept or October    ( Remember those projections?)..Guess what..Easter is a hell of lot closer to May1st that Labor Day…and Donald Trump is much more correct than Dr Fauci..In fact..Dr Fauci has been egregiously wrong...”Millions could die”…”Tens of millions could be infected”..anyone remember those numbers and who said them? .
The Dr was not even close after hearing the new projections yesterday  (his projections)..in fact..he was so wrong that IF he actually worked for a private enterprise and they based their business model on the good Drs projections…DR FAUCI WOULD BE FIRED…it would not even be a close call!..they would march him out of the building …But Dr Fauci, over the past 2 months or so fed the media exactly what the media wanted to hear..and together they have cost 10+ million Americans their jobs and it will get worse before it gets better..
Do you really want to know who has BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS?……It is most certainly NOT DONALD TRUMP..The MEDIA and the people who said we are having a new plague…they have the blood..they own the blood…every stinking drop of it…and none of them…not a single one of them has to apply for relief..unemployment checks!…help!…No..those people with BLOOD on the THEIR HANDS pay no price..they never do…Doesn’t seem very fair to me!
The anonymous writer of these articles, worked in the news media industry for 40 years, has
written several books on the industry.

His writing style is different, so be it, the article are spot on with the facts, the Truth, something
do not get much of in the National Press or National TV, like MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC. CNN,
and even questionable at times on FOX NEWS

We receive these writing from his Friend 
Floyd Stern

Dr. Fauci Knows Exactly What He’s Doing! REALLY? READ ON!

God Help Us All: Dr. Fauci Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

Last Thursday, the scientific mastermind behind the economic carnage and spirit-crushing isolation now constituting the two main pillars of America’s ingenious new public health strategy delivered some bad news.  Dr. Fauci says we’ll have to keep living like this until the virus is eradicated.
Even if “virus” isn’t his nickname for the American people, following his advice still means a long, grueling haul.  The economic shutdown and social confinement oppressing us have to continue for at least the minimum estimated 18 months it will take to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.  Longer, since the stipulation that our rights don’t get restored until new infections cease means we have to manufacture and distribute enough to inoculate 60% of the population.  All told, we’re talking God only knows how many years.
No remotely similar brutal experiment in tough love has ever been tried.  So it’s anyone’s guess how bad things will get.  The Great Depression saw just three consecutive years averaging around a 9% decline in GDP.  Unemployment peaked at 25%.  Much worse is already projected in just the coming months.
But even if our hardship snowballs into a catastrophe rivaling the crash of ’29, we’re at least likely to avoid its infamous breadlines.  Impoverished people lining up for food would wreak havoc on Dr. Fauci’s social distancing scheme.  So he’s likely to insist that any rations be delivered.  The upside to house arrest during an economic meltdown is not having to wear the malodorous rags to which your clothes will be reduced in public.
Nor, thankfully, will you have to worry about how Dr. Fauci is faring.  Rest assured: his high-level position in the federal bureaucracy provides ample insulation from any hardship inflicted on you.  He’s already acquired a security detail because some ingrates reacted to a suspension of our most basic rights, which makes the taxes George III imposed on our founding fathers look utterly minor, by subjecting poor Dr. Fauci to the same threats and insults literally every public figure gets.  If things get bad, his new bodyguards will make sure he enjoys the decent food he’s bound to have first dibs on undisturbed.  That’s probably why he remains so disturbingly cheerful whenever he has to push our faces a little farther into the dirt for our own good.
You needn’t worry about Dr. Fauci missing any paychecks as so many Americans already have, either.  Unlike us, in times of crisis, bureaucrats get to declare themselves “essential.”  No matter how much misery they rain down, we never have to worry they won’t be compensated.
Dr. Fauci, in particular, is guaranteed never to miss a penny of his very nice salary since he’s the most “essential” bureaucrat of all.  His three decades of no experience whatsoever outside the federal bureaucracy means that neither his record of wildly exaggerating the threat of AIDS nor the disastrous job he did crafting a response negatively affected his career.  In fact, results matter so little for “essential” people like Dr. Fauci that he still openly brags about his risibly false prediction that “AIDS would not stay confined to the populations where it first appeared” and become “a disaster for society.”  Dr. Fauci’s bold lack of concern for epidemiological reality is exactly what’s needed to guide us through this crisis.
He’s also understandably proud that, after years of being vilified by AIDS activists for “killing people with red tape,” he eventually realized that “much of their criticism was absolutely valid” and held off on killing any more.  Who said noblesse oblige was dead?
Dr. Fauci’s completely bogus scare-mongering and deadly policy recommendations the last time he directed our efforts against a new pathogen aren’t the only reason we need to blindly follow his advice about this one.  Though curing AIDS was his number-one priority, it was left to scientists in Europe to discover an effective treatment.  But you know what they completely failed to do?  Spend unimaginably large sums of money.  Their successful treatment barely cost a dime compared to the tens of billions of your tax dollars Dr. Fauci pried from Congress to fund his failure.  That’s the true measure of success for any “essential” bureaucrat.
Without Dr. Fauci, who’ll save you the next time some computer model produces scary numbers that its designers explicitly admit depend on “very large uncertainties”?  Who’ll destroy the economy and confine you to house arrest based on the work of people explicitly warning that it’s “not at all certain” such measures will even accomplish anything?
One shudders to think what someone lacking Dr. Fauci’s expertise might have done upon learning that the predicted number of hospitalizations solely responsible for generating the scary death rate he’s putting us through hell to avoid were inflated almost tenfold.  A lesser man might stupidly think eliminating any rationale for the misery he’s inflicting on us means we need to reverse course immediately instead of wisely insisting that his pointlessly destructive policies continue indefinitely.
Besides, despite Dr. Fauci’s lack of candor, the open-endedness of the dystopian nightmare he’s inflicted on us has always been clear.  Though who had time to bother looking carefully at the justification for peremptorily shutting down our businesses and confining us to our homes once we were given an awesome slogan like “flatten the curve” to mindlessly regurgitate?  Not since “Where’s the beef?” appeared to challenge and transform our conceptual framework has American intellectual life been so enlivened.  But if we hadn’t been diverted by the essential task of relentlessly barking “flatten the curve” at each other like trained seals, we might have noticed something.
Normally, this new coronavirus should start disappearing after a few months.  When the percentage of people who’d been infected, recovered, and gained immunity got high enough, there would no longer be enough carriers for it to spread.  So even those who hadn’t acquired biological immunity nonetheless would become protected through herd immunity.
Remember those researchers whose computer model is motivating Dr. Fauci’s restrictions?  You know, the ones who said their projections could be totally wrong, and, even if not, the certain misery Dr. Fauci is inflicting on us still might not accomplish anything?  Well, they’ve also repeatedly said one consequence of successfully slowing down the infection rate is preventing herd immunity.  Hence, they warned that restoring our rights before herd immunity is artificially created through vaccination would put us right back where we started, rendering the hardship caused by suspending them in the first place pointless.
Another related consequence Dr. Fauci has been careful not to mention is that, because we’re making the virus linger for many years instead of mere months, despite slowing down how fast it spreads, the restrictions strangling our lives won’t decrease the number of people ultimately infected.  We’re only decreasing your chances of becoming infected now.  Your overall chances of getting the virus at some point aren’t any lower than if we’d let the infection rate remain high and not vastly increased how long the virus will be active by treating it like the severe flu Dr. Fauci admits it’s likely to clinically resemble when addressing his peers
But perhaps your unaware that on March 26, Dr. Fauci himself said in the New England Journal of Medicine that “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%).”
So, don’t let what Dr. Fauci tells the inessential people he’s inflicting misery on fool you.  He’s known from the beginning that the measures he allowed us to believe might be short-lived make sense only if they’re maintained for at least several years and that they weren’t going to reduce anyone’s chances of catching COVID-19.  He’s fully aware that the projections about hospitalization rates justifying their implementation proved to be completely bogus and that we’re barreling toward an economic catastrophe because of a virus akin to a seasonal flu.
Dr. Fauci may have completely bungled our response to AIDS through incompetence.  But this time, he knows exactly what he’s doing.
God help us all.
Michael Thau is working on a book examining on the alleged Russian hack of the DNC.  You can find all his work at his website, Aclearerpicture.net.

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/04/god_help_us_all_dr_fauci_knows_exactly_what_hes_doing.html#ixzz6J4oE1S3s
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