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Archive for January 14th, 2020

From our friend…on the media and Donald TrumpHere is why Donald wins in Nov…

From our friend…on the media and Donald Trump
Here is why Donald wins in Nov…

“For the third time in three months, President Donald Trump has made a public appearance at a college football game. And for the third consecutive trip, he’s been greeted by raucous cheers.”

Unless Pocahontas or Biden or Bernie attended the Harvard/Yale game..no one would give damn if they showed up at any football game..And a Harvard/Yale game cannot put 75/100,000 people in any stadium…even if you gave away free tickets….At stadiums that seat anywhere from 75/100,000 people, Donald gets ..quote..” raucous cheers”..The media hate this image..these are NOT paid and bought  for cheers  like Democrats do at rallies…They are like the 20/25,000 that go to Trump rallies with 5/8,000 still waiting outside…The Left ..the NY/DC media cabal simply find these crowds an affront to their very existence.
 These crowds are why Donald will NOT lose in Nov. There is NO ONE running for President in the Democratic party who can remotely touch a response of this size…NOT EVEN A CLOSE CALL…Can you imagine the response for Michael Bloomberg if he walked into one of these stadiums…Ha!..that’s a joke!..And even Mr Bloomberg doesn’t have enough money..and he certainly has a lot…to get 100,000 people cheering like these crowds…
The media and Lady Nancy simply HATE  these crowds ..they hate them because these people vote..and they vote for Donald no matter how much garbage the people like Adam Shiffless or Nancy and her lying minions spew everyday from Washington..and Donald has made the media irrelevant…He has made the likes of Jim Acosta …hey, anyone remember who he is?..irrelevant ..Trump has out maneuvered the media by making himself available almost every single day to questions..But on his terms..not their terms..The media is used to ‘setting the table”.The problem they have with Donald is…there are no more dishes and silverware for the media when they sit at Donald’s table…He controls everything..He sent a twitter message of support to the demonstrators in Iran..in Farsi..and he got 200,000 likes in Iran…Almost as many Iranians read that message of support as watch CNN every day..What a brilliant move on his part to support those kids…While Democrats have basically said NOTHING to support those kids in Iran Donald goes over the heads of the media..around the media..and they are all apoplectic because the media in this country no longer matter..
Could not happen to a “nicer bunch” of biased, racist jerks…Funny about how Democrats have practically  ignored the demonstrators  in Iran who refused to walk on the ‘STARS & STRIPES”……Does anyone remember what Obama did when they demonstrated in Iran against the Mullahs…He did NOTHING..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!..And did you hear anything from the Democrats this week  in Congress except the word IMPEACH and the beginning of WWIII…..All you heard from the media and the Democrats was..Donald is starting WWIII….And as hard as they try in the media..that has simply not happened..These people simply have no clue…and when they lose, and they will lose badly in Nov..they will blame everyone they can find except the people they see in the mirror every day..In their twisted minds they are so full of HATE for Trump, those people in the mirror can do no wrong!..Just ask Hillary, after more than 3yrs she still has absolutely no clue…none..
Article written by friend of Floyd’s wants to remain anonymous
This is writing style and it gets the point across very well

Floyd Stern


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